Sean Kinnier Sex Offender (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-07-11 22:19 ID:+jno0sM5

Name: Sean M. Kinnier
AKA: Sean Kinnier
Age: 30
Date of birth: 4th June 1984 [06/04/1986]
Ethnicity: Mixed race Hispanic/Caucasian
Address: 108 S William St Johnstown, New York 12095-2420
Modus Operandi:
Offense Description: Sexual Intercourse
Promoting/Possessing Sexual Performance by a Child
Sexual Contact Deviate Sexual Intercourse
Relationship to victim: Stranger
Weapon used: No weapon used
Force used: Immediately and physically overpowered
Computer used: No
Pornography involved: No
Sentence: Term: 3 Year(s) State Prison (2006)
Risk Level: 4
Designation: Sexually Violent Offender

Jurisdiction Agency:
Agency Name Street City County State Zip
Yonkers City Police Department SOR Unit Community Affairs Division,36 Radford Street Yonkers Westchester New York 10705

Date Arresting Agency Victim Sex/Age
May 10, 2006 Westchester County Department of Public Safety Female , 4 Years

Sexual Abuse-1st Degree

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