Dating a grieving girl (3)

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We met several years ago and connected. With school and our lives we drifted apart for a few years, only to reconnect recently. We were in different cities and talked for about five months before we met up and had a date. We both had a great time, I gave her a flower, talked about all kinds of stuff late into the evening, finishing each other's sentences... We even agreed on having the same favorite house in that city. By the end of the night, I could tell she wanted me to kiss her, but I didn't. I knew I was leaving and I didn't want to lead her on.
Throughout this past summer, we continued talking and my feelings for her grew. I came to fall in love with her. In fact a couple days after our date she sent me that article about Bill Murray giving advice to bachelors about when you find "the one" because she remembered I love Bill Murray.
So, this past September I returned to where she is living, although due to some miscommunication on my part, she had her week planned and we didn't see each other. Despite this, she seemed very excited for me to be there (a lot of smilie emojis) and I told her I would be back, and that I think she is cute (I save the serious stuff for face to face).
It couldn't have been a week later that some of the most unexpected news that could have happened, happened. She lost a very dear family member, and it was after a couple weeks of silence before she was able to tell me. I did my best to comfort her and tell her I am here for her, but she understandably seemed to want her space. I wasn't able to send flowers or the like.
Now she has returned from being overseas with her family, and we haven't talked much since before she left. She is a very sensitive girl and I would hate to spoil anything by forcing myself into her life or trying to understand what she is going through (I can't).

Why I am writing is I am hoping someone can relate or possibly had similar past experiences and can help me rekindle what we had. Unfortunately I do not think she wants a relationship right now. I am more than willing to be patient with her grieving.
However, I am concerned that if I reach out too soon, it will give her resentment towards me/us. Yet I want her in my life and I want her to know I care.
Basically, do I wait for her? As the guy should I reach out? How should I handle it?
Thanks for reading.

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3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2015-01-03 21:56 ID:YrMzwehu

Explain to her that you can be there for her if she needs you

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