I have a plan to stop being a NEET (20)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-06 00:25 ID:457ISoe1

I'm a recovering hikikomori. About which, let's just say I was born into a dysfunctional family.

I'm currently a NEET, I've been one since I last dropped out of highschool years ago, and I've never really worked, except for something very informal months ago and which only lasted a couple of days, because I messed it up.

I have a plan to socially recover and sustainably stop being a NEET. Not that I think one "should" work, I'm critical of work, but I do think it can be advantageous to do so.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-08 07:18 ID:Heaven

What might it be, if I may ask? I could use such a thing myself.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-10 05:12 ID:GnsGzhKT

My plan is having two jobs on the same days, both customer service and at least one with co-workers. I think it's of the highest importance to have "two worlds", not just one.

It's a big mistake to think any job will do. For someone who has been socially withdrawn for extended periods of time, it's important to quickly expand one's "social reference points", and to have more than one.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-10 05:39 ID:GnsGzhKT

But overcoming social withdrawal is full of subleties. I'm ashamed about having no clothes, so I've been thinking about first getting a job in cleaning or something where I was paid in cash each day, and so being able to buy clothes sooner. But it's difficult to get a job like that, so maybe I'll have to make do with what I have.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-13 12:40 ID:72oshT8o

This is only an idea though. My actual plans keep moving.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-18 04:43 ID:CE5AssDi

Good luck. I really and truly hope this works for you.

7 Post deleted.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-19 05:19 ID:26kzuYBb

Thank you.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2017-05-11 05:18 ID:FDjgc51A

So how did this all end up? I've been a NEET for 20 straight years now and I want out but don't know how to do it. I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-06 12:13 ID:02McTTrc


20 years? could you write a quick story? what even happened

11 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-15 08:51 ID:XwP1QyX8

Any tips on staying sane?

12 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-14 02:31 ID:UWW3fMk1

Best of luck, trying to get out of NEETdom myself right now. Fucking sucks but I have to do it.

13 Post deleted.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-26 06:09 ID:O17/tC35

At 13 I wanted to stay at home and not go to school any more so that's what I did. Both my parents worked so everyday I pretended to go to school then come back home once they've left. When I couldn't do that I'd take my bike and ride around the huge park near my house and explore or if I had some money I'd spend it playing some street fighter and house of the dead. Some days when it was nice outside I would catch a train to somewhere I've never been to and explore on my skateboard until it was time to go home.

When my parents found out what I was doing it was too late and I had to repeat the year which I sure as fuck wasn't going to do. So I just stayed home again. After a while when my parents found out again the school sent some counsellor for a chat. I don't really remember what was said because I zoned out through the whole thing but basically my parents said they didn't know what to do with me. Eventually I was kicked out of school and I've been at home doing whatever I feel like ever since.

What do you mean by this exactly?

15 Name: J : 2017-10-26 09:54 ID:Y/F03mnQ

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16 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-26 15:36 ID:dJRzryUD


>have to leave the house for a trip
>actually having a job in the first place to be able to "earn more"

Spammer really knows his audience.

17 Name: Anonymous : 2018-11-30 01:07 ID:FGIkqeQq

I enjoyed your story. Brings back some memories of my own.

18 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-28 04:15 ID:PZFsO7TH


>My plan is to be an oversocialized cringie that takes on twice the amount I'm potentially prepared for
>Adopting the working and socializing habits of typies will bode well for me, a self-described NEET with a lower threshold of interaction and experience with the outside world than (((polite society))) deems acceptable

<ah, the temerity of youth.

Good luck with that, by the way. You're obviously in a better position than half the rest of us if you are in any position soever to pooh-pooh a perfectly good job offering, assuming you are not just another normie-by-day/NEET-LARPer by night (a rather charitable assumption nowadays).

19 Name: Anonymous : 2020-09-05 06:32 ID:ty05okJZ

I haven't worked since March and I really don't want to get another job but I will have to soon.

20 Name: Anonymous : 2020-09-11 08:51 ID:auK2W3C+


I have been a NEET for 6 years at this point i am sick of it after codvid ends whenever the fuck that is i plan to return to society again and find a job.

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