Rant about Lawson Property Management in California (1)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-08 22:29 ID:/U1kWaY6

If you live in Yolo County, California, there is only one company that does all the landlording, which is Lawson Property Management. There seems to be some law preventing them from raising rent more than a certain amount each year and I've lived at my place a very long time so this year they started doing a constructive eviction. First they had maintenace constantly harassing me. Each week a maintenace inspection or a day-long remodel, things unnecessary that I beg them not to do but they don't care. Lawson normally is very, very bad with maintenance and their emergency maintenance is a voicemail that takes 3 days to respond. Beside the months of maintenance hell, the lawn that I spend 10 hours a week taking care of and spending lots of money taking care of, Lawson sends me a threatening letter saying I am not. So I get maintenance to confirm I am taking care of it and he even takes photos. Then I regularly call Lawson and on the phone they keep saying they are fine. Then out of nowhere during their yearly rent increase, they increase it a lot more than before and their excuse is that they are hiring a gardener now. The gardener will come early in the morning and despite there being no trees that shed leaves, the gardener will run a leafblower to torture me with noise for hours and get small debris inside my home. That notice came on a Friday which was less than 30 days from the next month. That Saturday, the property owner brings dozens of giant vehicles, each as loud as a helicopter, and has them revving, spinning, and doing work starting at 7pm Saturday night and continuing all night, all Sunday, all Sunday night, and finally stopping Monday afternoon. About 48 hours nonstop so much noise I couldn't hear anything in the cottage I rent.

Here are photos of what the owner did Sat 7pm through Mon afternoon nonstop. Photos are all in the middle of the night like 2am, midnight, 4am:


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