Introvertism and love (10)

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Tldr;How to get a girl to know that you're only interested in a introvertic relationship?

I am an introvert, I always preferred spending my free time alone or doing something with 1 friend than going to crowdy places like clubs.

I really don't want to put my effort attention or patience for talking with group of random people at a bar, each of them talking about different meaningless normie topics while I can't even hear myself (because the shitty music is so loud)
I've noticed that people usually don't seem to talk honestly with each other because they don't talk in 4 eyes, they talk in group and they're being affraid of peer pressure.

I don't want to be part of this unorganized pointless shit.
I want to sacrifice my time for doing things I love with the person I love.

So the cute quiet girl I know from work seemed to be interested in me, told her straight away that I'm introvert and not outgoing but she wanted me to go to the bar and I did for the first time in few years.
Everybody talking and me sitting quietly drinking beer, sometimes adding something to the conversation I pretended to be interested in.
Told her I'm not going out again any soon, she was upset and persuaded me to go.
This time again few coworkers and her but in a club, again talking not to much.
Drank 7 beers and one shot of vodka so they got me into dancing.
I lasted like 10 minutes, danced also with her for a while but couldn't deal with shitty music and wasn't getting any fun of it, finally decided to go home.

I'm giving her clear signs that I'm not sociable yet she still seems interested in me.
Next time im staying at home to give her a better sign.

I don't want to be loved or friendzoned by extrovert.

Can't avoid contact with her either, I see her everyday.

I'm not sure if she's introvert or extrovert, she rarely speaks but she likes going out and dancing.

I don't want her to think that I'm not going out with her because I don't like her or because I'm shy that's why I went with her 2 times.

So how to subtly get her to know I'm only interested in introvertic relationship?

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