Weird Girl Calls Herself "Asexual" (8)

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I am familiar with this girl who lives not too far from where I live. We encountered each other in a D&D group some time ago, although that D&D group stopped being a thing fairly quickly. Still, we kept in touch, occasionally sending each other phone messages about random stuff. I have no issue with talking to her about my obsession with Japan and my morbid dreams for some reason and she doesn't seem to mind. As it turns out, despite not caring for anime, she goes to some anime conventions, so whenever those happen I go together with her. Being with her makes being around all of those annoying people kind of bearable.
As it turns out, I kind of enjoy being around her. She speaks in a weird way, as though she doesn't know exactly what she wants to say. I find that to be moe. She finds the fact that I have absolutely no friends and am okay with that to be very interesting. She also claims that the fact that I'm extremely honest is a positive trait which I shouldn't regret having and the fact that I always wear the exact same clothes to be very strange. But all that being said, as we sat on the bus together and I was telling her about the complex emotions I feel towards the world, she informed me that she is asexual. I'm not sure if that means that she's not into boys, isn't interested in sex, was just saying that as a defense mechanism or is actually some kind of alien creature that reproduces by itself, but I still want to try. As it turns out, I've always found the idea of sex to be kind of disgusting while still being interested in girls, although I missed my chance to say that. I felt like it might come off as me attempting to lie to her in order to make her like me, even though she already acknowledged that I'm an unusually honest person.

Anyways, my plan is as follows:

  1. Find a way to properly explain to her that I'm also not interested in sex.
  2. Convince her that we should enter a relationship, as even without sex, two people are better-equipped to survive within this world than one.
  3. Live a fulfilling life with this girl, even though I will treat her kind of more like a sister than a girlfriend/wife.
  4. Still get to be a wizard.

The next anime convention is soon and I'm not sure what to do yet. Do you have any ideas? I have almost no real social skills, but so far she doesn't seem to care.

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2019-10-14 04:57 ID:eHnyZgGk


3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2019-10-21 16:44 ID:zBlbNHRp

ok virgin

4 Name: 9 : 2019-10-23 10:13 ID:u1A8MdGg

Never mind. She revealed her true nature of being really messed up in the head and actually feels dangerous to be around. At least I learned a bit about relationships. I still haven't given up on my plan though, and will try again the next time I find myself in a similar situation.

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2019-10-24 00:00 ID:gVY7/KIF

Tell us the story behind it. We want the dirt. All four of us.

6 Name: 9 : 2019-10-24 10:49 ID:u1A8MdGg

At the most recent anime convention, I took note of all of the girls cosplaying as male characters and decided to talk to her about my favorite male anime characters. I had a feeling that talking about that might allow me to understand how she really feels about men and was exactly on point. As I explained why Toki from HnK was so awesome and inspirational, she cut me off and told me outright that she actually HATES men while making a pretty serious face. I didn't expect her to be so direct. She then brought up another male from the D&D group, explaining how he was very bad to her without going into detail. This triggered something in my brain. I knew that the D&D group stopped being a thing fairly quickly but I didn't know the specific reason why the DM suddenly informed me that the group split, but now I have sufficient information to understand roughly what happened. At that point I also remembered how I read on the internet that certain girls accuse innocent men of rape for nefarious purposes and realized that this girl who openly hates men would have a pretty reasonable motive for doing something like that. While I mostly act fairly mellow, my goal was to marry a girl, which is one of the manliest things one can do, meaning that it would trigger red flags for her no matter how interested I actually am in sex. I figure that at best she would just distance herself from me.
At the convention I also saw some weirdo wearing a communist uniform and she informed me that she "believes it". I'm not a political person, but I know full well that communism killed loads of people and has no upsides beyond holding back overpopulation.
After these two events and a few more minor ones, I informed her that I'm going on a "personal journey to find myself" and went to a place where she wasn't. In truth, I sort of felt threatened. Maybe I'm just a coward, but I can't honestly see myself living with such a person.
After that, I encountered a lonely girl at the convention who looked nice and struck up a conversation with her, being free from the clutches of the asexual demon. We talked for a bit and exchanged phone numbers. Nothing ever happened as a result of that but I realized that I need to be assertive if I seek a girl. I always thought that I had some sort of unsolvable social problem and can only form connections with others through insane amounts of luck, but it turns out I was simply a coward.
Through this recent experience, I have acquired both useful knowledge and precious courage.

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2019-11-02 17:28 ID:a2LECeF/

I meant to say somethig earlier (I swear I posted something but I must not have actually hit reply) about the fact that anyone broadcasting their lack of sexual desire in public has some screws loose, but I'm glad you figured it out on your own. Even though I avoid women on principle and wouldn't go near one willingly I hope you have good luck with the other girl. Make sure to listen to a few Patrice O'neal videos on relationships, it's going to be hard to control a woman without sex unless you get incredibly lucky somehow or just have really good fingerblasting skillz.

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2019-11-27 20:29 ID:sv8EczXq

So what happened with the first girl? Did you simply ditch her at the convention? Did you simply stop talking texting/returning any texts? Seems odd that someone would basically mutually ghost each other without prior agreement.

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