Am I very specific? (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-04-02 02:44 ID:Kz/8UFnN

I know that many people have a latex fetish, but in my version of it, the latex is slowly tightening around the person's body, hugging them more closely as they are teased around the edge of orgasm. No, it isn't a breathplay thing, I would very much prefer if the person was still able to breath during this process, just the tightening. I usually either see the breathplay previously mentioned or the exact opposite(inflating the latex) and very rarely my taste on it. Are there any others on the board who share this sentiment?

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-04-02 21:49 ID:l9gWngra

latex is heinously anus

3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-04-03 12:24 ID:Ds4PLF+C


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