I want to fuck, but all of you are too far, also I need to find a job first (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-02-18 20:06 ID:nKzTV/km

Pretty sure girls can get away with never working quite often, life sure isn't fair.

I need to whine on social networks instead of dead forums, there are usually city local groups around. Never visited those though.

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-02-19 15:23 ID:Heaven

>girls can get away with never working

The (at least mildly) good-looking ones, sure. Have you considered starting an onlyfans?

3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-02-19 15:50 ID:Heaven

ossan's belly flashes and headpatting services, for 49.99, call today!

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