Chuuni Fears (10)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-07 16:44 ID:H4s5MCA0

Most of my thoughts seem cynical, mostly due to my own personal history - people, events, experiences, and life lessons - but they are only truly just what I came to expect from human nature because of my experiences, not an unreasonable predisposition to be nihilistic. Some humans are nice and wholesome, which I appreciate and acknowledge. But some humans are greedy, lustful, and absolutely horrid. Those who’d step on others just to feel good about themselves. I am not talking about petty shit like school / university / workplace drama. I’m talking about actual geopolitics, tyrants, capitalism, consumerism, echo chambers of society, and how I fear World War III might just be looming around the corner - as well as other fucktons of impending apocalypse scenarios.

First of all, my fears are not unjustified. As an example, the moment news broke out of the "Wuhan" Virus, I was already expecting of the goddamn "global" pandemic (and it doesn’t take a fucking genius to see that coming - especially with how out of touch politicians are, not to mention cultural aspects of nations and lack of trust in science, and the echo chambers of social media). Need not me remind you, people died because of absolute negligence of those people with "power'.

Then also came the Russian invasion of Ukraine - this happening already shatters the illusion of peace in this world (I know of Iraq and Afghanistan, but this happening to a European country is just too bizarre).

The title of this thread is Chuuni Fears. Because maybe I am just overthinking a lot of things. Maybe Social media is not really destroying the future generations by siphoning the dopamine of the populace - as the capitalist pigs want. Maybe I am just overreacting with how consumerism will not only destroy the planet, causes suffering to the abused workers, cater a new generation of consumeristic individualism (such as the American dream, or Netflix, or Cars) at the expense of other people and also of future generations. Maybe I am just overthinking how megacorps such as Google, Amazon - or the elite families of Earth that wields significant influence and power, such as those who controls the Oil, the black markets, the political lobbying power, and even the purses of entire nations. Maybe I am just overreacting regarding China’s belt and road iniative and how deep its tentacles has sunk deeply to 3rd world countries lead by yet again, the powerful yet corrupt elite of their respective damned nations. Maybe I am just overreacting about the increasing belligerence and hypocrisy around NK, SK, Japan, Tawain, Russia, China, and USA. Only good knows whether the future will be peaceful, or filled with nukes, or filled with autocratic assholes who wants to control every facet of our lives for the sake of their egos, or filled with consumeristic huzzah giving the big money to capitalists who only want money for the sake of fucking money.

It is just tiring sometimes to think about.

This thread is, again, named Chuuni Fears.

I am not here to argue about politics nor idealogies.

I am just here to vent and to ask other people, how to cope or what do they do with such Chuuni Fears. Am I crazy? Am I justified? Or am I just talking out of my ass? Depends really on one’s foreknowledge, stance, outlook, and worldview I guess.

Also feel free to rant tangentially about Philosophy regarding this as well, but please not only argue in absolute intangible bullshit that doesn’t truly help anyone in the real world, or phenomenological shit that only applies to your own self-centric perspective but necessarily to others as well.

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-08 08:00 ID:Heaven

Chunni Fears.

>Am I crazy?

No. Most people are so tunneled vision and will dismiss what they do not want to hear or believe and will write things off as consipiracy theories or "fake news".

>Am I justified? Or am I just talking out of my ass?

It isn't hard to see the patterns or connect the dots and do some research here and there so most will be true.
However, there are other people who believe and see the same patterns and dots, but start to go cynical and pull things out of their ass and missguide people.
Kind of people who "wake up" and then feel they need to go tell the world about it on YouTube (Google) in a hour long video that could be done in ten minutes.

So as long you aren't the person to misguide or mislead people and aren't pulling everything from your ass then I see no reason to see how your own speculations are unjustified.
However the line of speculations and ideas crossing reality and events will be need to noted so that you don't become the person to always 'pull things from their ass' because obviously there is going to be events unreported and what not.

>how to cope or what do they do with such Chuuni Fears

I am quite sure a World War Three, Great Leap Forward of America , or something quite far worse is around the corner but not within immediate distance.

I think some people panic themselves too much and other people are too lax about the situation. I think the best thing is to pace yourself with how you handle things.
Doomsday is not too far and yet not too close.

3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-08 11:08 ID:fqLAt80b

>...I think the best thing is to pace yourself with how you handle things. ...Doomsday is not too far and yet not too close.

Thank you especially for this.

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-09 18:52 ID:mlQaxrp1

I think you are autistic and worry too much
just live life

5 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-10 03:43 ID:Heaven

Rather than overthink and watch in horror as would be avoidable happenings inevitably happen I just tune it all out. Life's too short for me to believe I can make a difference as a broke neet shitposting on the internet. I just... oh that's gonna happen in a couple years... Okay, guess I'll stock up on some things before they get more expensive... Not much else I can do, I can't prevent it so try to make the best of it by pretending everything is fine. If I die I die, better enjoy the time I have now if that's the case so no time spent worrying, that's not living.

6 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-11 03:13 ID:V7s2KL4g


> Am I crazy?

No. We live in a world gone mad. Where cooperate execs can pay their way into becoming astronauts, cities have more empty luxury skyscrapers than houses, and social media has brainwashed an entire generation. There are no jobs and endless wars.

How do you deal with chunni fears? Embrace them! Accept that you don’t have your hand on the wheel, there’s very little you can do to change the world and it’s out of your control. If your not responsible you can free yourself from any guilt or pressure to do or feel anything. If I can’t stop a war from happening what’s the point worrying everyday about it? There’s an old saying, “you can’t fight fate.”

In Afghanistan, a lot of people love to keep gardens and would keep them despite the chaos of war going on around them. They’d go out amid the shootings and bombings to collect water for their roses. Why? Well, what else is there to do? I have no power over what goes on out there, but I do have some control and responsibility over my flowers. So what if I die? At least I died doing something worthwhile, no matter how small it is. Point being, just let the world take it’s course, embrace the madness, and don’t give a fuck about it, focus on the small things that you enjoy and don’t let the world keep you down.

7 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-29 03:02 ID:uyFNN95Z

I agree embrace the chaos anon. Fuck it we’re all gonna die anyway we might as well die with style instead of being worthless fucks.

8 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-12-01 00:41 ID:8GuJM82m

>Chuuni Fears

I wish I could go back to being a stupid middle schooler still full of piss and vinegar and hope for the future who actually seemed to be able to enjoy everything without a sense of dread or a sense of "you're wasting your life!" or a sense of "you'll never be good enough!" looming overhead like the sword of Damocles.

9 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-21 07:20 ID:tgtnKKoM


> You can’t fight fate.

Thank you for reminding me of this.

10 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-06-22 20:05 ID:rrYA1bj4

The apocalypse already happened a long time ago. We're living after the collapse.

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