HELP! I am in a relationship and I feel like I'm trapped! (11)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-07 21:19 ID:N3C4AVWT

I've been living with my girlfriend for 2+ years now. We're both worthless NEETs who leech off government welfare. It was really fun for a while, but recently I've been feeling a weird sort of unease. We're both friendless so we've been together for basically 24/7 this entire time. I love her, yes, but I think back to my days of living with my parents and I feel a weird sort of... nostalgia, I guess?
I remember driving out at 3 AM to drink beer in some abandoned parking lot or whatever. Or just masturbating to all my favorite hentai without feeling guilty about it. Now I can't really do anything like that. I feel like a 40-something guy experiencing a midlife crisis.
What do I do to make these thoughts go away?

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-07 23:25 ID:Heaven


3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 00:37 ID:N3C4AVWT


I. DO. Almost every day. And I'm tired of it! I just want to masturbate in peace.

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 05:13 ID:Heaven

masturbate at 3am

5 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 08:11 ID:hhJD0j/k

I came exactly at 3:AM

6 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 18:27 ID:Heaven

Take a short break from each other? Get a job?

7 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 22:43 ID:N3C4AVWT

>Get a job?

If you work you die.

8 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-09 00:33 ID:Heaven

>Now I can't really do anything like that

You might if you try.

9 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-05-08 07:57 ID:Bt5tI7rn

Make your GF cosplay as your favorite waifu or something

10 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-05-12 01:10 ID:JhqGC3WP

Why don’t you get a hobby or try making some friends? I’d recommend dunk driving to random parking lots at 3AM to jerk off together aka urban sexploration. Or you could push her into getting a hobby and some friends either way works.

11 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-07-19 02:31 ID:Osudo99n

You should really get a hobby. Maybe smithing, it sounds comfy.

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