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749 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-17 07:51 ID:HmLvkkaB

are you telling me that facebook,instagram, snapchat, reddit and pretty much most of the social network(which are the addictive stuff used by kids nowadays), games with predatory tactics and slot machines mechanics, advertising that at this point you can even find in everyone's butt, abuse of the dopamine and attention system in the web, all of it was created by boomers?
Now THAT's a new to me, cause I remember that, while Steve Jobs and boomers created the devices and the technology, it was the millennials that developed and defended all the development of the predatory tactics I mentioned before. Hell, a lot of the youtubers( which unironically kids today watch more than anything else),"gameplay" youtubers keep posting and DEFENDING the gambling of the games they play, they basically reccomend and advertise gambling to kids. Are you telling me that even browser companies like google and mozzilla aren't designing browser to be more 'coinvolgent'( read "more difficult to stop the dopamine hit with the information flow")? Are telling me all of this is made by boomers and not by millennials????

Honestly, all of this is to say that the generation is not the problem, but it's the victim of what the previous generations create and do in the world. Same went for the millennials and boomers that ended up watching too much TV ( which is addictive stuff too) and having their worldview fucked up.

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