[Spam] Moderation requests [Cleanup] (1000)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-06-15 12:32 ID:4tY/FN8M

If you spot something that needs moderator attention, post about it here.

Specify the exact thread and post number(s) if possible.

701 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-05 03:58 ID:OWZwQt67

702 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-10 00:19 ID:OWZwQt67

703 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-10 07:50 ID:OWZwQt67

http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1586498124/ It's our old free college buddy again (probably)

704 Post deleted.

705 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-10 19:21 ID:OWZwQt67

706 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-11 14:08 ID:Heaven

Not a cleanup request, but I don't know where I'm supposed to post this.
This thread http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1247184946/ has had quite a few replies since 242, but when I open it I can only see up to 242. I don't know if it's just me or the thread is simply glitched.

707 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-11 22:43 ID:Heaven

It looks fine to me. Have you tried opening it in a new tab (so there's no 4-ch sidebar,) then holding the shift key and reloading to clear any cached versions?

708 Name: (ใ€ƒฯ‰ใ€ƒ) : 2020-04-12 13:50 ID:Heaven

Clearing the cache worked. Thanks!

709 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-21 22:14 ID:OWZwQt67

710 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-04-30 00:42 ID:OWZwQt67

711 Name: Free Business Listing Sites List In India : 2020-05-10 08:19 ID:OWZwQt67

712 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-05-18 09:34 ID:OWZwQt67


Gotta admit I replied to some of these threads but a new one every day is gonna get old fast. If nothing else they belong on /politics/

713 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-06-05 02:51 ID:OWZwQt67

715 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-06-07 06:40 ID:JfeGRQjD

717 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-06-07 21:42 ID:Heaven

Thank you whichever mod cleaned up /general/. It may be DQN Lite even at the best of times but that's better than being 4chan /pol/ lite.

718 Name: ssz : 2020-06-09 15:43 ID:vLToTP8Y

Deleted and/or permasaged.

Seconded, this applies to >>683,685,709 as well. I guess I've made an exception for the stuff in /general/; I've left some of the threads permasaged for now, please let me know if I should un-permasage any of them (or any other threads for that matter).

You're welcome.

719 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-06-21 22:35 ID:wbDKbRRg

There's a guy/bot spamming the games board with some Minecraft server bullshit.

720 Name: vc: balfass : 2020-06-24 22:44 ID:OWZwQt67

721 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-07-10 08:41 ID:OWZwQt67

722 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-07-14 22:49 ID:OWZwQt67

723 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-08-01 20:05 ID:OWZwQt67

724 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-08-07 09:07 ID:vENVSO3v

725 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (Admin) : 2020-12-06 20:45 ID:vLToTP8Y

726 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-13 14:24 ID:pCSB20lx

Can someone ban that one kid who is spamming emojis on here.

727 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-13 16:29 ID:+/bEc6JL


728 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-13 23:33 ID:Heaven

Eye second >>726.

729 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-14 04:12 ID:g9dFlKBl

I don't care that he's spamming emojis but I do care that he just bumped the oldest thread on every board with one.

730 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-14 05:19 ID:pCSB20lx

It ruins the quality.

731 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 00:44 ID:Heaven

Same fag.
Also cry moar.

732 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 02:31 ID:pCSB20lx

Get the fuck out you're too young to be here.

733 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 08:26 ID:FzY33nQ3

Imagine gatekeeping with age a website.

734 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 10:25 ID:Heaven

Why are you defending an emoji spammer?
That guy should change his ways right away or get banned for bumping threads for no apparent reason.

735 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 12:13 ID:pCSB20lx


736 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 12:17 ID:pCSB20lx


Uggh not the imagine meme again i hate when kids use this meme because it shows a attitude of smugness and not giving a fuck about lurking and learning about internet culture because they think 4chan is 4chan everywhere you go and that they belong everywhere newsflash kids you don't lurk more and read up on the history of text boards before posting.

737 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 14:35 ID:Heaven

Please ban >>734 and >>736 for stinking up the place with their diaper-shitting baby whining, thank you!

738 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 14:48 ID:pCSB20lx


You're the one causing trouble here GTFO.

739 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-15 15:57 ID:LhYTcZXA

I'm not defending anyone. I too think he/she should be banned.
I was referring to the part of being too young to be here. I don't understand why someone should be banned for being too young if he isn't causing trouble(not referring to the emoji spammer, I'm talking in general now). It's an attitude I saw other times in this site.

I've lurked enough and been on this site for enough time.
I don't even use 4chan. Maybe you should expand your horizons a bit instead of putting everyone in the same pot.

740 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (Admin) : 2020-12-15 21:49 ID:vLToTP8Y

I'm just going to hand out a warning and clean it up, and leave it at that. No need to make a big deal out of this.

741 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-16 01:20 ID:pCSB20lx


Because you're too young to remember the old internet and your generation ruins everything it touches.

742 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-16 03:47 ID:pCSB20lx

Okay someone ban the soyjak poster on general and delete the thread i am kinda getting pissed that the quality of this site is going downhill because of these kids.

743 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-16 07:01 ID:HmLvkkaB


> your generation ruins everyrhing it touches.

Ironically it's the same accusation brought against every new gemeration every time. How ironic that millennials like you became the very thing they disliked so much. I guess it's just the proccess of growing up. Also, literally new generations are fed the contents older generations have created, so take it out to the people that created all the trash content that is threw in the face of today(or tomorrow) kids.

744 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-16 08:08 ID:Heaven


>it's the same accusation brought against every new gemeration every time

And every time they're right.
t. greek philosopher

745 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-16 11:34 ID:pCSB20lx


>. How ironic that millennials like you became the very thing they disliked so much.

If you mean smartphone addicted trigger happy faggots well i am absolutely not one of them and those people are not the majority of millennials kid go outside and actually talk to someone but i guess you don't know how since your genration is socially withdrawn.

746 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-16 12:45 ID:6EX2KGUS


> since yout generation is socially withdrawn.

Keep living in you bubble. Also, isn't it yours generation that created all those addictive stuff in the first place? But sure, let's give fault to the victims.

747 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-16 13:04 ID:7rWGkD7u


748 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-17 01:45 ID:pCSB20lx


>Keep living in you bubble. Also, isn't it yours generation that created all those addictive stuff in the first place?

I don't live in a bubble kid and no it was actually Steve Jobs and the boomer generation that created all of it.

749 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-17 07:51 ID:HmLvkkaB

are you telling me that facebook,instagram, snapchat, reddit and pretty much most of the social network(which are the addictive stuff used by kids nowadays), games with predatory tactics and slot machines mechanics, advertising that at this point you can even find in everyone's butt, abuse of the dopamine and attention system in the web, all of it was created by boomers?
Now THAT's a new to me, cause I remember that, while Steve Jobs and boomers created the devices and the technology, it was the millennials that developed and defended all the development of the predatory tactics I mentioned before. Hell, a lot of the youtubers( which unironically kids today watch more than anything else),"gameplay" youtubers keep posting and DEFENDING the gambling of the games they play, they basically reccomend and advertise gambling to kids. Are you telling me that even browser companies like google and mozzilla aren't designing browser to be more 'coinvolgent'( read "more difficult to stop the dopamine hit with the information flow")? Are telling me all of this is made by boomers and not by millennials????

Honestly, all of this is to say that the generation is not the problem, but it's the victim of what the previous generations create and do in the world. Same went for the millennials and boomers that ended up watching too much TV ( which is addictive stuff too) and having their worldview fucked up.

750 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-17 07:56 ID:LTg7Ev4o

I also add generation X somewhere there.

751 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-17 21:14 ID:W7yih3OA

Blows marijuana smoke on the screen. I'm smoking a blunt and reading this retarded thread on the toilet. True millennial here.

752 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 11:44 ID:pCSB20lx

Where are all these kids coming from? please just ban them already they are ruining they quality of this site with the emoji spam and lack of lurking and being that they are too young to remember old internet culture they shouldn't even be here.

753 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 13:31 ID:Heaven


>Muh gatekeeping

This site is dead anyway, do expect anything else? It's been shit forever, I don't get it. People like you think that text boards will ever come back and the "early days" of the internet you faggots LOVE to have wet dreams about is EVER going to come back. Face it, in 20 years sites like this will be gone and all the gen-z fags will be gawking about the "old days" of discord, tiktok, and fortnite.

Go ahead, tell be i'm a "newfag", or a "normalfag", cause let me tell you, you better hold on tight to what you still have and gatekeep harder cause websites like these will be fucking extinct. I mean they already are to be honest look at all the emojis spammed across every board.

Oh wait, I forgot to ask you to tell me to "Lurk more". Ahahahahahah your fucking funny as hell.

754 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 13:44 ID:Heaven

Awww does babby need a diaper change again?

755 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 14:01 ID:Heaven

Yes, baby does
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ไบบ
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ๏ผˆ๏ผฟ_๏ผ‰
ใ€€ ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โŠ‚(ยดใƒปโˆ€ใƒป)ใค-ใ€
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ๏ผ๏ผ/ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€/_/:::::/
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ |:::| โŠ‚โŒ’ใƒฝ๏พ‰|:::| ๏ผใ€
ใ€€ ๏ผ๏ฟฃ๏ฟฃๆ—ฆ~~๏ฟฃ๏ฟฃ๏ผ|
๏ผ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผ | |
| |-----------| |

756 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 14:39 ID:pCSB20lx


Get the fuck out you obnoxious gen Z faggots there is nothing wrong with gatekeeping and if you think there is you need to go back to reddit get banned and stop ruining the quality of this site. You kids will never experience the magic and fun the internet once had in the 90s and 2000s and i honestly feel so bad for your generation growing up with shitty corporate SJW internet now piss off and get the fuck out.

757 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 15:39 ID:toqCaLjU

ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€/โ—Ž))๏ผ‰
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ /ใ€€/ใ€€ใ€€๏ผš
ใ€€ ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€poop!!ใ€€ใ€€ /ใ€€/ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€๏ผš,
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€/ใ€€/ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€๏ผš,
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€๏ผˆ๏ผฟ_๏ผ‰ ใ€€/ใ€€/ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ๏ผš,
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ .๏ผˆ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผ‰ /ใ€€/ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€๏ผš,
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€.๏ผˆ,,ใƒปโˆ€ใƒป๏ผ‰ใ€€ /ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€ ๏ฝคใ€€.ไบบ
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€|/ใ€€ใคยถ๏ผฟ_/ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใƒฝใƒฝใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ๏ผˆ๏ผฟ_๏ผ‰ใ€€ใ€€๏ฝถ๏พž๏ฝฏ! >>756
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€Lใ€€ใƒฝ ๏ผ.ใ€€|ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใƒฝใ€€ใƒ‹ไธ‰ .๏ผˆ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผ‰ใ€€..ไบบโˆง__,โˆงโˆฉ
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€๏ผฟโˆช |๏ผฟ__|ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€ .๏ผˆ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผ‰<ใ€€ >๏ฝ€ะ”ยด๏ผ‰./
ใ€€ใ€€ [๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ]๏ผฟใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ .V/ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ /
ใ€€/๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ_ใƒฝ_ใƒฝ ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ /ใ€€ /ใ€€./
ใ€€|๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ|๏ผฟ|ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ๏ผˆ๏ผฟ_,๏ผ‰๏ผฟ๏ผ‰
/โ—Ž๏ฝกโ—Ž๏ฝกโ—Ž๏ฝกโ—Žใƒฝ= /๏ฟฃ/

758 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 16:59 ID:V62a1Zly


> You kids will never experience the magic and fun the internet once had in the 90s and 2000s

Looks like someone can't fit in society and keeps having wet dreams about his "closed ever friendly group that never existed".
Grow up man, it's time to stop being a teenager.

759 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 18:40 ID:GBJce42g

We should make this guy mod

760 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 19:04 ID:toqCaLjU


Finally someone that isn't a fucking shit head that gatekeeps a fucking text board because "The Gen Z's!!!1!1 ZOMG!!1" and "Have you seen Fortnite and Tiktok!! WOW what I had back then was a fucking stick, my dogs shit and an old windows xp browser!"
Like what the fuck is wrong with you old man, this site is dead, stop sticking with your outdated 2000's slang like "Lurk more" and new fag. Jesus Christ YOUR talking about how Gen Z sucks? Your still talking like a 2005 teenager that hates his mom! OH and don't get me fucking started with Your generations internet culture. You know what it was? FUCKING SHIT! All YOU did back in the "Good ol' days" was shit post on text boards too! HAHAHAA WHAT A FUCKING FAGGOT! Your just "nostalgic" for an age where you could get away with anything because the internet was still young! Shit post nazi stuff on myspace? DONE! you could have done that, got away with it, and no one would care! (maybe you could have got a 13 year old girl on facebook to kill herself because you sent death threats lol) Oh... what about... hmmm I don't know plan mass shootings, buy guns online with ease, lie about your age! Like WHAT THE FUCK! The ONLY reason your nostalgic is cause the internet was "Young", you where an edgy 2000's teenager, watched MTV, you hated your parents, and you've NEVER GROWN OUT OF IT MOTHERFUCKER!

761 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 19:17 ID:wY8L0aUO


> this site is dead

Mind explaining why you think so?
Ignoring the quality, I still see plenty of posts. And no, just because there aren't hundreds of post a day or a month or a year doesn't mean that the site is dead. To me, it looks like it is pretty alive. I mean, you wouldn't be replying to some rando on the internet if this site was dead, would you?

762 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 19:27 ID:toqCaLjU


By that I meant the "Old internet culture" and quality of this site is dead, not that the quantity of posts are low.

763 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 20:10 ID:GBJce42g

( ยดฯ‰`) Back in my day, we used to "gatekeep" actual gates, you kids don't know shit

764 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 20:18 ID:Heaven

Did it say "Arbeit macht frei"?

765 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 00:49 ID:pCSB20lx


Normalfag zoomers spotted get the fuck out.

766 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 01:00 ID:pCSB20lx


Nice pasta now get out kid kids like you have no right to kill the last few good places on the internet go back to social media.

767 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 01:30 ID:Heaven

What is gatekeeping anyway

768 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 01:39 ID:toqCaLjU


>Nice pasta


>kill the last few good places on the internet

A single zoomer? not likely. I've posted here on other threads and you fags never seethed like this before. I don't have the exact intention to destroy this place anyway, go after the emoji spammer for that.

>go back to social media.

No. Every gatekeeping faggot thinks I was born yesterday and flock to social media. Hey news flash dumbass! Why am I on here? to shitpost? Please, if I was here to shitpost I would've left to another shitchan/shit-ch the second you hive mind fuckers told me the same line of "go back to social media" or "muh internet culture is so precious! don't touch!"


>Normalfag zoomers spotted get the fuck out.

Again, i've posted here before and been here for months and you couldn't spot a zoomer if your moms next paycheck depended on it.

769 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 02:12 ID:pCSB20lx


> Why am I on here?

You're here because you desperately want to fit in with a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings who grew up with a completely different internet culture than you. Like that other anon said it is like a little kid hanging out in a retirement home for elderly people instead of hanging out with his own peers his own age lol.

770 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 02:34 ID:Heaven


Oh no

771 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 02:39 ID:toqCaLjU

Nice selective quoting, it was a rhetorical question.

>desperately want to fit in

Nope, I already fit in. As stated before I've made posts on multiple boards and threads, without being a complete zoomer, and you've fallen for it. And no I don't post here for your acceptance, or to shitpost.

>it is like a little kid hanging out in a retirement home for elderly people instead of hanging out with his own peers his own age lol.

hanging out with my own peers? too bad, none of them care about text board culture, nor ever heard of such thing.

772 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 02:41 ID:toqCaLjU


seethed is a zoomer word now?

773 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 02:50 ID:W7yih3OA

Please ban everybody that posted in this thread within the last 24 hours

774 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 02:55 ID:toqCaLjU

Go on, cry to daddy ssz.

775 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 03:15 ID:pCSB20lx


>Nope, I already fit in. As stated before I've made posts on multiple boards and threads, without being a complete zoomer,

Just because you know how to blend in doesn't mean you belong here your generation ruins almost everything it touches and has 0 respect for actual internet culture and has this smug arrogant attitude of oh i automatically belong here because le meme site which i hate about your generation you need to lurk for months or even years before posting newfag also what the hell makes you think a kid fits in with 20 30 year old adults? you don't because there is a huge generational difference there.

>hanging out with my own peers? too bad, none of them care about text board culture, nor ever heard of such thing.

Trust me kid you will be better off hanging out with kids your own age you will regret it when you're older don't hang around 20 and 30 something year old failures who stick around on sites like this because we miss a long gone era.

776 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 03:58 ID:W7yih3OA

Trips acomin'

777 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 03:58 ID:Heaven

check 'em

778 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 04:16 ID:pCSB20lx


This isn't 4chan go back.

779 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 10:49 ID:Heaven

This isn't 4chan, you can just concatenate the post numbers like this.

780 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 10:53 ID:Heaven


781 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-22 12:45 ID:pCSB20lx


GTFO go back to 4chan

782 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-23 03:32 ID:Heaven

im threadshitting

im threadshitting

fuck yeah im threadshitting

threadshitting threadshitting threadshitting

oh yeah

threadshitting pissssss threadshitting

hell yeah fucking threadshitting

oh yeah fucking pissssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssss

783 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-23 16:21 ID:ocLFy+Um

โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“ โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€
โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–’โ–’โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–‘โ–‘โ–„โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–„โ–“โ–’โ–“ โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆ
โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–’โ–’โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–’โ–’โ–“โ–€โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–“โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–“ โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆ
โ–“โ–ˆโ–€โ–„โ–’โ–“โ–’โ–’โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–’โ–’โ–‘โ–‘โ–€โ–€โ–€โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–“โ”€ โ”€โ”€โ”€โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆ
โ”€โ”€โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–’โ–’โ–’โ–“ โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ”€โ–ˆโ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆ

784 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-23 23:43 ID:pCSB20lx


Fuck it i am out the mods clearly don't give a shit about this site just let it fucking die let the zoomers kill it who gives a shit fuck you faggots ruining one of the last few good places on the internet.

785 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 00:28 ID:7Fodw0/s

ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โˆง๏ผฟโˆงใ€€ใ€€ใ€€๏ผ๏ฟฃ๏ฟฃ๏ฟฃ๏ฟฃ๏ฟฃ
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€๏ผˆใ€€ยดโˆ€๏ฝ€๏ผ‰๏ผœใ€€>>784 is and idiot.
ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€ ๏ผ >โ€ใ€€ใ€-ใƒฝ ใ€€๏ผผ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ๏ผฟ
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€/ไธถ๏พ‰๏ฝค_ใ€‚.๏พ‰ ._๏ฝก๏ผ‰.
.ใ€€ใ€€ใ€ˆ ใ€ใ€ˆYใ€€,ใƒผi๏ฝฐใ€ˆใƒˆ ใ€‰
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ |ใ€,๏พ‰ | ๏ฝค_๏พ‰
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ ใ€€ ใ€ˆใ€€!ใ€‰ใ€ˆใƒŽ/
ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€(๏ผฟ) (๏ผฟ_)

786 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 00:33 ID:Heaven

Good riddance.

By the way I'm one of the emoji spammers (though not the first one, nor the one who bumped old threads on every board.) I think it's pretty funny when done in moderation.

I'm also in my late 30s and have been posting on 4-ch since 2007 or so, when it was part of the WAKAchan network.

Just mentioning this so that if/when you crawl back, you fully realize you're a retard for whining about "zoomers."

787 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 01:36 ID:pCSB20lx


Well you're the idiot if you use god awful grammar like that lol.

788 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 01:38 ID:pCSB20lx


I don't believe you we are all anonymous here and we can larp as whoever and whatever we want you should know that also you're a pedophile if you like zoomers.

789 Name: sage : 2020-12-24 08:12 ID:BPRttFfG

Are you aware that zoomers have already reached 20+ years right?
Probably not... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

790 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 09:17 ID:pCSB20lx


No they haven't most zoomers are born after 9/11 1997-2010 are zoomers 1981-1996 are millennials now fuck off with the emoji spam zoomer GTFO.

791 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 10:07 ID:uhPSwh1N

Have I ever said said most? No. Also 2020-1997=23
Learn some math. ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

792 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 10:21 ID:pCSB20lx


You typed said twice you should pay attention to the keyboard when you type also that doesn't matter almost all zoomers are post-9/11 babies and still underage now get the fuck out and stop ruining this site get banned zoomer you're not funny with your emoji spam you're just pissing anons off.

793 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 10:53 ID:J35zVjh7


>you're just pissing anons off.

Except you ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I haven't seen any anon ๐Ÿง๐Ÿง saying that he was pissed ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

794 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 11:39 ID:pCSB20lx


If you're gonna troll at least be a good troll this is just sad and pathetic at this point not giving you anymore attention after this because that is what you want and you are a attention whore.

795 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 15:58 ID:toqCaLjU

Hello, my name is anon, and i'm pissed.

796 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-24 16:42 ID:Heaven

Why is it that whenever someone spergs about newfags, they also reply to each obvious bait without fail, and they don't even recognize extremely common older memes?

797 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-25 16:04 ID:Heaven

blows marijuana smoke on the screen

798 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-25 18:24 ID:W7yih3OA

I had a feeling the emoji spammer was an old timer. You are a classic poster. Keep posting please.

799 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-25 18:58 ID:pCSB20lx

Just because he says he is doesn't mean its true.

800 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-25 19:00 ID:pCSB20lx


And that doesn't justify his behavior either i don't care how long he has been here he is ruining the quality of this site.

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