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760 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 19:04 ID:toqCaLjU


Finally someone that isn't a fucking shit head that gatekeeps a fucking text board because "The Gen Z's!!!1!1 ZOMG!!1" and "Have you seen Fortnite and Tiktok!! WOW what I had back then was a fucking stick, my dogs shit and an old windows xp browser!"
Like what the fuck is wrong with you old man, this site is dead, stop sticking with your outdated 2000's slang like "Lurk more" and new fag. Jesus Christ YOUR talking about how Gen Z sucks? Your still talking like a 2005 teenager that hates his mom! OH and don't get me fucking started with Your generations internet culture. You know what it was? FUCKING SHIT! All YOU did back in the "Good ol' days" was shit post on text boards too! HAHAHAA WHAT A FUCKING FAGGOT! Your just "nostalgic" for an age where you could get away with anything because the internet was still young! Shit post nazi stuff on myspace? DONE! you could have done that, got away with it, and no one would care! (maybe you could have got a 13 year old girl on facebook to kill herself because you sent death threats lol) Oh... what about... hmmm I don't know plan mass shootings, buy guns online with ease, lie about your age! Like WHAT THE FUCK! The ONLY reason your nostalgic is cause the internet was "Young", you where an edgy 2000's teenager, watched MTV, you hated your parents, and you've NEVER GROWN OUT OF IT MOTHERFUCKER!

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