[Spam] Moderation requests [Cleanup] (851)

753 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2020-12-21 13:31 ID:Heaven


>Muh gatekeeping

This site is dead anyway, do expect anything else? It's been shit forever, I don't get it. People like you think that text boards will ever come back and the "early days" of the internet you faggots LOVE to have wet dreams about is EVER going to come back. Face it, in 20 years sites like this will be gone and all the gen-z fags will be gawking about the "old days" of discord, tiktok, and fortnite.

Go ahead, tell be i'm a "newfag", or a "normalfag", cause let me tell you, you better hold on tight to what you still have and gatekeep harder cause websites like these will be fucking extinct. I mean they already are to be honest look at all the emojis spammed across every board.

Oh wait, I forgot to ask you to tell me to "Lurk more". Ahahahahahah your fucking funny as hell.

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