Board archival and merge thread (71)

8 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-02-12 00:04 ID:BJnzq0n1

I agree with >>4 and >>7. I think >>7's name is probably better, it allows for nazi & pedo discussion threads to be removed as off topid if you are so inclined (except when nazis & pedos are in the news)

I also agree food is an odd fit for a hobbies board but it was fucking dead except for joke/troll threads anyway, even more so than the rest of the boards. Looks like the last time actual recipes were posted there was today (probably as a direct result of this thread,) on 2021-01-06, and then on 2019-07-11 in the "Chicken Tendies" thread (sort of, it was a link.) I'm in favor of merging and starting a single recipes thread on the new board.

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