Is 4-ch still under Australian law? (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-13 03:03 ID:UfLGymRh

I clicked on the rules and they say "1) Do not violate any Australian or American law, directly or otherwise."

Will we get banned for posting porn of Lisa Simpson on the imageboard?

2 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (Admin) : 2021-03-13 23:33 ID:WcpNBQei

No it's not, and it's about time it was updated.

And yes you will, but that is mostly because I will personally come after you.

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-14 04:01 ID:UfLGymRh

ルールをクリックしたところ、"1) オーストラリアやアメリカの法律に違反するようなことを、直接的であれ間接的であれ、しないで下さいね。"とありました。


The new Rule 1 in Japanese should be "欧州連合の法律に違反するようなことを、直接的であれ間接的であれ、しないで下さいね。"

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-15 01:36 ID:J/MOCwLD

Posting from the Aussie town of Eromanga. HAHAH

5 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-18 01:37 ID:Heaven

Seems like our new new admin is from Somalia a country in EU, or the servers are, for that matter. Interesting.
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