Hello ANUS. (3)

1 Name: killsushi : 2024-04-30 05:14 ID:5eVLg22U

1. On Wakaba I want to be able to click on "No" to get a
permalink to the relevant post (like on contemporary
imageboards). Right now there is only link that creates a reply
to said post. This is stupid and I hate you.

2. Wakaba needs to have a catalog like 4chan, 8chan, danbooru,
711chan, soyjack party and all the other cool trendy image
BBS have. When I keep clicking "next page" and mashing page
down to scan the index, my wrists get pain and then I have to
drink the pain away.

3. Why is there no default formatting selected when making a new
thread on Kareha, while we're talking about your issues? You
should probably make it Text art by default because the user's
of youre website are weeabo.

These are my complaints for now. You will be hearing from me
again. The gangstalkers are digging through my garbage again
and they must be dealt with

2 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2024-05-30 08:39 ID:DcrK3rc4

Those are all terrible ideas! You suck! Go back to one of your trendy fuckwit contemporary imageboards if you love them so much.

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2024-05-30 13:11 ID:Heaven

 ( ´∀`)< all board must be same
  Λ_Λ  \\
  ( ・∀・)   | | Gah!
 と    )    | |
   Y /ノ    人
    / )    <  >_Λ∩
  _/し' //. V`Д´)/
 (_フ彡        / ←>>1
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