Smoke weed everyday (10)

1 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-07-01 13:43 ID:CUP9EvwS This thread was merged from the former /code/ board. You can view the archive here.

It makes programming less annoying

2 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-07-10 10:33 ID:tMNdxDbd

Nope. You have to use your brain when you're coding. If you are annoyed by coding, then you should consider quiting.

3 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-07-10 23:06 ID:T/GlYzfb

yeah everyone knows that coders are into speed and adderal and like substances.

The networking guys seem to like weed a lot. Maybe you should consider crossing the divide.

4 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-07-14 01:33 ID:m0Fr78vN


It's a /prog/ joke.

5 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-07-28 19:40 ID:dVV/8eC7

i'm a coder and mostly just do weed. does wonders!

6 Post deleted.

7 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-08-11 05:10 ID:Heaven

It's really not.

8 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-08-12 03:22 ID:+FXaTri4

Yeah im a network IT and we all smoke tons of weed, I can see where programmers like to use speed and shit

9 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2010-08-18 08:29 ID:Heaven

it's actually a failed /b/ thing that has just been spammed all over /prog/ by the same idiot who tried to spam it on /b/ and failed. you're probably that idiot, and should go back to b, please.

10 Post deleted.

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