Anyone here using the Go programming language? (7)

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What kind of Go projects are you working on?

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I use it at work for the heavy lifting parts of Rails projects. I play around with it a lot at home too I don't have any personal projects.

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What do you think of the language?

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it's very easy to pick up. i like how small the language spec is. code is readable. the documentation is excellent. performance wise it's a massive improvement on our usual Rails backend setups and far easier to understand and maintain. much like Ruby, i actually enjoy writing Go.

the simplicity has some drawbacks, unlike Ruby, Go is fairly rigid in how it does things and you will need a much better theoretical background to get the most out of it i think.

the way it handles object orientated programming might look strange to those who've seen conventional approaches (prototype/class based inheritance).

the standard library is okay but it's not like the third party options out there are any better, also packaging/vendoring is in a really weird place and it's hard to see how the community are going to solve that.

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