book recommendation pls (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Techie : 2021-06-23 12:12 ID:7xNTqn6H

looking books that talks about making system like this specifically [Open]
or something liek sega arcade stuffs (power drift, space harrier, air rescue, aqua jack so on etc) especially the physics model and how stuff sticks and not fall thru the floors despite the gaps between things and maybe lack of polygon meshes?

perhaps the behind the scene/making of logic...
hopefully includes several model/solutions of troubleshooting the same thing of why and whynots

Thank you!

2 Name: Anonymous Techie : 2021-06-27 18:44 ID:Heaven

The answer is always SICP.

3 Name: Anonymous Techie : 2021-06-28 00:13 ID:7xNTqn6H

>>2 page?

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