Densha Otoko ( 2channel real story ) (624)

1 Name: 返信 2005-05-28 01:27 ID:HoZnHXLW

The movie "Densha Otoko" (Train Man) is to be shown in several countries in East Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, following sales efforts at the recent Cannes Film Festival. The movie is based on a supposedly true story that played out on the Channel 2 web site, Japan's most popular BBS. It tells of an "otaku" (nerd), played by Yamada Takayuki (21), who comes to the rescue of a woman (Nakatani Miki, 29) being groped on a train. Not knowing how to pursue his newly found love, he turns to the Web for help and advice. The love story was turned into a best-selling book and has the subject of a lot of publicity over the last year, and has publishers scouring the Web looking for the next big hit. The biggest question that remains is whether it's really a true story of innocent love triumphing or just a clever marketing ploy. The movie opens on June 4.

575 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-01-07 00:22 ID:zVbb3m1K


I too loved the book and the TV drama.
The movie was good, but to be honest the Drama was better. Because of the length of the series it had alot more time to play the story out and, while some may argue that the dramatization was awful, it also allowed them to include those quirky comedy moments that made the show so memorable. (With the help of the new characters Jinkama and Kazuya. There's only so much the residents could provide.)

576 Name: No name-san : 2009-01-17 05:57 ID:N5Ugfzyi

I miss watching that drama. :]]
I watched it twice. Still gave me tears in both times.

577 Name: Anonymous : 2009-01-19 06:00 ID:Em2w2DO6

I just finished watching the TV series....It was sugoi!

578 Name: Haku : 2009-01-29 14:05 ID:qmtGds5r

I just finished to!! now Densha truly give me hope and courage..

579 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-02-02 15:30 ID:i/ew+9Ae

>>575 i agree, the drama is way better. but it is way off from the original story. haha.

580 Name: ScaryKidScaringKids : 2009-02-21 06:35 ID:EWpdSTCR

loved the drama :)

581 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-26 22:36 ID:Nl+cStzg

Where is the thread to be found. Someone give me a link?

582 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-02 14:19 ID:Nl+cStzg

Anyone? Please gimme link?

583 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-03-02 15:09 ID:Heaven

Now stop bumping this.

584 Name: Lonely man : 2009-03-04 13:43 ID:50t/nk9z

elow im fan of DENSHA OTOKO i like it bec he gave me hope and courage i want to find the tread.... plzz help me

585 Name: Lonely man : 2009-03-05 00:38 ID:50t/nk9z

hi every why is der no one answer my question i found this thread
but plzzz answer my question!!!!......

586 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-03-05 04:54 ID:SWld0hhF

cry more

587 Name: Shades : 2009-03-07 04:09 ID:KeuUSZqH

what do you need? the origin thread is in ch2... it think it's difficult to read them (i can read japs T.T")

but if u want the translate of the thread then i can redirect you to here below:


h is missing by as intended, add it urself.

588 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-07 10:39 ID:Nl+cStzg

Thanks a bunch Shades :D :D

P.S. I wasn't bumping this, it was at the top when I first saw it.

589 Name: Shades : 2009-03-08 01:05 ID:LWUkiB1W

i just realize i mistyped.... i mean "I can't read"
lol pardon me for my mistake... and such a late post of realizing it >_<

590 Name: gen3 : 2009-03-25 13:33 ID:BbeZLhpD

i just finish watching the drama. I first read the manga accidentally and tried to look if it has an anime or a live action drama. Im also done reading the englishversion of the original post.
I hope i can find an information on what really happens to their relationship. If they are still together.

591 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-03-27 12:53 ID:HJlAY3m3

wow a thread from 2005 to 2009. cool! awesome! incredible!

592 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-04-02 02:13 ID:Heaven

If people stopped necromancing the thread, maybe this pain would stop.

593 Name: karubi : 2009-04-13 04:03 ID:axH8uafE

Hi! I just finished the drama recently and was watching the "making of" interview.

I was looking for an english translation for it and came across this channel. I'm pretty amazed that this style of forum exists in english!!! Sooo excuse me if I'm breaking any rules...I could say I'm busy writing a paper but really I am just so excited to write in the same kind of forum (!!)

Anyways, I found the drama first. And I am really interested in the entire phenomenon. But should I stay away from reading the original (translated) posts? I don't want to end up like Couch Potato, who seems to have become so cynical towards this inspiring story...(no offense to ya)

594 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-04-14 13:18 ID:Heaven

Couch Potato is the default name in the Film/TV boards of 4-ch.

You're not breaking any rules, it is a cute and inspiring story, but imagine if like everytime someone heard a song from the beatles there was a post "oh wow guys this band is so great" in the music section. Except this happens in film, anime, manga, literature, romance, personal, general, whatever. It gets boring after a while, especially when no more input has to be added to the subject. This thread (amongst many others) is FOUR YEARS OLD for fuck's sake!

That said, welcome here, enjoy yourself amongst us!

595 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-08-09 07:40 ID:Qiwjencr

regarding the authenticity of densha otoko, i really like to believe it's real but even if it's not we got to see the world's most miraculous love story. i read on wiki that

"Densha Otoko's posts continued for awhile longer, but on May 17, there were posts about being on the verge of having sex, forum members made inappropriate comments (they had been expressing their opinions and thoughts about him). Later that night, Densha Otoko left the boards."

this makes me think that densha otoko is not a marketing scheme, if it were, the ppl behind it wouldnt be so stupid to destroy the "nice guy" image of densha. Anyways, it makes me a bit sad tho, there are certain things that shouldn't be posted on the internet when you're in a relationship like that

596 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-08-09 07:41 ID:Qiwjencr

interesting, the name automatically became couch potato even when i left it blank

597 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-08-09 07:43 ID:Qiwjencr

i thought 4ch encourages user to not leave names, the default name should be no name like 2ch or Anonymous

598 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-08-09 19:38 ID:qoZ9hLFw

Couch Potato is Anonymous for this subforum. Almost every subforum has a specific default name, to better fit the mood. It's like Anonymous, only flavored. I don't see what's wrong with that.

599 Name: J : 2009-12-01 19:28 ID:E/tp/2rP

Look. If it was a work of fiction, the Japanese users of 2-ch would respond to the publishing of the novel. Since they did not, i'd assume it to be true. You think too much, thread starter.

Anyhoo, i'm still going to watch the movie.


600 Post deleted.

601 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-12-12 11:20 ID:I6fZH1yk

epic story. if true or not. it let's us hope.. ;_;

602 Name: jazz : 2009-12-25 16:38 ID:cuQ5okDq

here's a link to a translation of the original densha otoko posts.

603 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-02-14 09:42 ID:XCB8DMs+


That's really fun to read after watching the movie. They did a great job being faithful to the actual thread, train man's emotions, etc.

604 Name: フェロファクス : 2010-02-26 10:38 ID:nt98mZCA

oh wow. this board is just plain awesome. plain, but awesome. hehe.

i tried to disregard the spoilers, as i'm currently at the 7th episode... but it seems the F2 special never got any sub... any idea if there's anything out there?

605 Name: フェロファクス : 2010-02-26 10:43 ID:nt98mZCA

oh wow. this board is just plain awesome. plain, but awesome. hehe.

i tried to disregard the spoilers, as i'm currently at the 7th episode... but it seems the F2 special never got any sub... any idea if there's anything out there?

606 Name: フェロファクス : 2010-02-26 10:48 ID:nt98mZCA

dbl post

607 Name: Sa : 2010-03-06 04:29 ID:bdzjQ8vN

Yeh, I've actually seen the drama. But there's a movie, not sure if that's any good.

608 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-04-10 08:24 ID:Vg4ZqBJ6

i really enjoyed the tv series, along with the specials.
I want to know if we can find out if anything else happened to them or if there is a site or something to see an update. Please tell.

609 Name: f : 2010-04-21 17:57 ID:oDwRSGl/

i always want to be like densha otoko..his courage to love someone
that imposibble to love..

610 Name: f : 2010-04-22 08:55 ID:fkKfoUu5

who wants to be an otaku?

611 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-04-24 06:21 ID:+PQL2j51

watch 'otaku no video'.
I really envy them.

612 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-04-27 20:27 ID:rMHcKJZ4

I liked the movie more than the TV show. Even though the woman felt a bit flat/unemotional in the movie, the characters were all around more believable I felt.

613 Name: densha's fan!!JJYYs87i : 2010-05-12 07:06 ID:tMJI9COU

this is the best drama i ever watched!!!! it reminds me of myself 3 years ago...hmmm...very touching indeed!! densha!!!

614 Name: Wonderfelt : 2010-05-14 13:01 ID:uRSdsFBO

yep .. one of the best drama .. but Nobuta wo Produce is the best for me .. lol .
Actually the reason I go to websites like this is because I watched Densha Otoko .. and I truly admired how those unknown people who hav never met Densha helped him so much .... it was just simply amazing ...
If ever there are still some otakus out there !! try becoming like Densha ..!!

615 Name: SY : 2010-09-22 22:32 ID:aPGUNgkD

by the way what happened with the real densha right now ? does anyone know ...

616 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-09-24 02:58 ID:BKk4mV74


617 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-10-22 19:47 ID:JNmMyVla

I'll skip the usual superlatives, expressions of conviction that it must be a true story, and wishes for updates (though I share them....) but:

Has anyone else noticed that the story is a remake (in real life) of the 1924 movie "Girl Shy", and that in the Fuji drama Ito and Ito match Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston in character, mannerism, and --- no less -- in FACE?

Dont't believe me? Look here:

It's freaky. Right down to dogs and trains.

618 Name: Couch Potato : 2012-01-11 02:39 ID:pO5xhnNZ

Still alive.
The dorama's good, although it's very factitious, just like any other dorama.

619 Post deleted.

621 Name: Couch Potato : 2012-05-16 12:32 ID:px+BJfKk

622 Name: Couch Potato : 2012-06-17 15:32 ID:7IaSQTD7

623 Name: Couch Potato : 2014-10-16 19:57 ID:qrXreJs2

it was just a hoax created by japanese TV producers...

624 Name: win : 2017-01-13 10:08 ID:0W/7oA83

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