No more Xi Jinping (5)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-13 11:17 ID:3aXTc/p4

Ciro Santilli 新疆改造中心 六四事件 法轮功 top 0.03% this year
Homepage || StackOverflow 2.0 || Necromancer #2 in 2016-06 || Vote Fraud Script

The Chinese characters on my username and profile picture are censored by the Chinese government:

Profile picture: satirical photoshopped picture of China's president that got artist Dai Jianyong arrested
新疆改造中心: Xinjiang re-education camps
六四事件: Tiananmen square protests of 1989
法轮功: Falun Gong, 70M follower religion banned in 1999. Christians also persecuted. I'm agnostic. Gay rights? No minority is safe.
Censorship circumvention:

Why I'm doing this:

spark: in March 2015 my girlfriend's mother was kept 15 days in jail for doing Falun Gong.
fuel: censorship aversion

increase the cost of censorship. Using the Great Firewall GFW to block political keywords? Then lose money with worse IT. If you know better words tell me. Good word lists.
promote freedom of speech, religion and politics
meet more Chinese to better understand China. Contact me on Twitter or Weibo or GitHub. Public contact preferred, even if anonymous. Read the FAQ first. If you really need privacy, [at]
I am against violence. I love China.

Anti-commie info:
Other dissident users.

Can I do this?

User's political display name triggering government action against users who view it - what should I do?
Are political profiles that could possibly affect the participations of other users allowed?
Are political avatars and profiles OK?
Can a username be considered spam?
But not in China :-(

Music! Joan Baez - China || Phillip Morgan - Blood is on the square

Random pics of beautiful and ugly things mixed up:

2 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-17 11:29 ID:Heaven

Are you a legitimate dissident of China? I can see signs of this post being a copy-paste spam job.

3 Name: Ciro Santilli : 2018-08-15 08:16 ID:D+qgRyBK

Hi, I'm the real Ciro Santilli, but no patience to prove with public key now.

I didn't post this thread, someone else did, it is just a copy paste of my stack overflow.

I'm a dissident depending you your definition of dissident. Extensively explained on profiles.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-15 12:57 ID:IiFfz8q/

Why did they censor your name?

5 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-16 14:01 ID:/gmJZ0TB

down with xi jinping!

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