I'm making another song thread because I want to record another one (340)

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That's a huge challenge... none of us have the same style, the same tools, and we don't even know how many we are (probably at least 4 if I remember correctly the amount of recordings of All Alone for Christmas).

A collab would probably be either:

  • 1 or 2 guys working on a long background track fairly consistent throughout, and singers adding their lyrics (can't have the backing really reflect the lyrics if we go this way). And because of the huge scale of the task, there's no way bad singers can get their lyrics fixed by the arranger(s) if they can't do it themselves. I doubt we can get dedicated and organized enough to do it.
  • A succession of unrelated songs that we would just consider to be 1 really long song. We would probably split it so each song is 1 verse + the chorus. Maybe we could make it work by having someone make an official a capella chorus, and everyone else must reinterpret it or remix it in a way that is strongly reminiscent of the original. But this way, there's no helping the fact that every 2 minutes, the genre, the quality, and even the volume of the songs would drastically change.

Also, we would need some kind of actual organization. At the very least we should all agree on a few rules and on which part everyone would do. Maybe a wiki page on scratchpad.wikia.com or something would be better than a thread that could quickly become way too long and intimidating for people who would otherwise consider joining the project.

I'd definitely participate anyway, whether we go for complete DQN style, actual music, or a succession of very different parts.
Are there more people who would participate? (if so tell us what sort of music you would do)
I make mostly electronic music with horrible vocoded vocals (can't sing), spoken parts, and speech synth.

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