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819 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-5720 00:20

I'm contemplating my significance to this world. To answer this question first we must find the unit to establish a comparison method. Which brings us to the next question, "what is significant?". I'm still trying to find something that is significant nobodys POV.

Then I wonder the reason we care for others. Some might say that feelings that designate to honesty are noble, superior to greed and self-centeredness, for example, and that these people have a higher sense of justice. I wonder about that, and then I wonder about this: When these people do something "good", aren't they doing it because if they didn't, they'd be sad? For example, if I believe that one should always help those in need, and I was given the opportunity to help someone, if I ignored him, it'd haunt me psychologically; however if I helped him, I'd be in most acceptance with who I am, thus happy. I'm acting according to my own good. This is a form of self-centeredness. Why do I do this? A man is aware of the dangers of something, only if he has previously experienced them, or been told about them. All these people don't seem to share something specific in common, so we can cross the latter.

It is the former, so that means they must have experienced them in great deal, great enough to leave a permanent mark to their subconcious.The conclusion is that such people are haunted with mental scars, but they're considered by others the ideal.

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