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830 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-5722 02:16

Thinking again...

For humanity to be saved both the individual and the community must believe that their goal is to advance humanity and to exist for the longest possible. Because to have humanity advance, humanity must exist, and to ensure something stays the longest alive, one must keep it healthy and prospering. To exist the longest means be able to forsee the most consequences and to take precautions for them, humanity must ensure that such men exist, which carry out such task. To ensure optimal results of those men existing, each and every child should receive proper education and have access to the same information resources, like all humans. Now we need to figure something else, who will be responsible for our children receiving proper education. Having access to the same information resources is easier to do than it sounds. An internet connection and nullified copyright laws should be all that is needed.

Ignoring what the individual needs to take care of what the community needs seems to be in favor of the community over individuals, however, the community can exist for as long as the individual exists. It doesn't seem possible to suggest a functioning community without functioning individuals. Therefore, if the individual suffers, the community suffers, and vice versa. Taking care of the community needs takes care of the individuals needs, we must only convince the individual that his needs are a subset of the community needs.

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