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842 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-5725 19:44

I'm wondering, is anyone reading my thoughts or should I stop posting them? I wish I had some more input.

a direct contradiction in our societies standards is that while
a woman that has sex often with guys is considered a whore,
the lifestyle of a man that has sex oftenly is desired and
appears to be a reward to something. (be rich, score chicks,
be famous, score chicks, et cetera)

This might lead someone to conclude that the man that often has
sex is also a "whore" and disrespecting himself. But how can this
act, which is our only way to survive, be condemned? If ones body
belongs to him, why is sex frowned upon? There's no need to answer
these questions if we accept that both females and males own their
body and that sex is natural. Accepting that ones body belongs to
him brings up more topics for discussion, for example, drug consumption.

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