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889 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-5738 23:16

Imagine a big island, with a lot of earths features on it. That is, it has mountains, deserts, beaches, forests, ponds, rivers and other shapes. A lot of the known and recent (not prehistoric) animals would be there too. Let us assume a fresh generation of humans, say, those who were born in the year 2009, that they were all raised in that island. Now imagine invisible powers that took care of the humans until they're able to think in sequence and surive themselves. The humans would not be aware of these powers. Those humans would be cave men; they'd have zero knowledge, no ability to communicate with each other, and they'd be unaware of many things that are known for many generations, even though they're raised in equivalent environments. Now assume that the generation that gave birth to this generation was at the peak of human advance - that is, the brightest minds. What seperates these two generations is the awareness of previous generations, the knowledge of each, and the teachings of the previous generation to the next generation.

To ensure the continual of our existence, we must realize these factors and start acting immediatelly. Awareness of previous generations means honest history, that is written the day it occurs. It means a history with no holes, no missing pages, unlike what we have so far. Who wouldn't want to read Aristotles teachings as he had written them, and not as they are found today, to witness this river of gold that Cicero wrote about? I think the biggest barrier between early generations and present ones is communication. Because this is not attainable, present generations must ensure that the future generations will be able to know the most about them. But really, doesn't the same problem still hold for the present generation with itself, or the present generation with future generations? As humans, we must realize that we're not part of this generation, not that we're part of this generation and previous ones, but that we're part of human history, and we should be aware of all generations, past, present, future. To the past, by reading what's been documented, to the present, by being open minded and fair with every idea and every person, to the future, by ensuring the fair documentation of the present.

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