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35 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7183 14:54

>>31 well, 3 is a prequel; have you played 2? I'd just play them in order, though i never properly played 3, just watched my brother play through it, I think I saw most of it. I recently went back to 2 after finishing 4 a second time, because my not-really-into-games girlfriend really liked the story so we decided to play 2. It's interesting going back through it after so long since last time I played it, with the full knowledge of not only what happens in the game but also the further background gained from 4, I notice more things that happen early on and things make more sense.

If you only played half of it, there's some great stuff happens later on, and I'll think you'll appreciate it even more than me if you've just finished 3. Stuff in 3 they refer to, I only half-knew what they were talking about and I was still like "woah yowza holy shit cool"

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