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900 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7241 22:59

He plays the games because that's his job.

If you still have a hard time activating your suspension-of-disbelief circuits, I offer two separate interpretations:

  • Fictional companies tend to have flawed business strategies anyway. Weyland-Yutani, OCP, Umbrella, etc. all exist to do nothing but evil, rather than business. There are also non-evil companies that also have no realistic profitability, and Game Center is one of them. It's artistic license for the sake of comedy, much like Futurama is full of gag products where part of the joke is that they're sold at all.
  • The show may be set in an alternate timeline near-post-scarcity economy where people are paid to do quantifiable but unproductive tasks like playing video games because the economy has been reconfigured to allow this to be a career, but hasn't yet been reconfigured to work without consumers buying stuff.
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