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207 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9061 18:44

The American Dream is dead and buried.

The American dream:
A man gets married to a woman. They have 2-3 kids. They have a house with a yard and a fence. They have a dog too. They make enough money to pay for rent (or a mortgage I guess), utilities, kids going to college, and so on.

Men are becoming increasingly submissive. Betamale cucks. Soyboys. Nu-males. Whatever you want to call them. Also, most immigrants are male, so there is an imbalance between the genders here. Some dudes knock up women and then don't stay involved in their kid's life. Family values are being eroded and liberals think this is actually a good thing.

Women have been "sexually liberated" by the media, so they sleep around on Tinder and aren't interested in monogamy. Women get impregnated, some abort, and some just raise their kid(s) by themselves. This is bad for everyone involved. The mom is stressed out and poor, the kid doesn't get a father, and is less likely to succeed.

The middle class is declining, so more people are renting, having roommates, and so on. Very few millennials will own homes. "Mortgage" is not in millennials' vocabulary, since it's essentially out of reach for most.

The media is demonizing white people and encouraging population replacement.

Climate change and pollution are fucking up our planet.

Crime is increasing in many areas. There's a lot of violent crime and drugs too. Many people's lives are being ruined by opioids. It's more widespread than you might think.

The cost of living is going up, but thanks to mass immigration, people aren't making more money. So people have less purchasing power than in previous generations.

Many people are becoming increasingly antisocial. Incels, feminists, gay and transgender people, and so on. White birth rates are declining. Leftists are celebrating this, because they hate white people.

The media is intentionally making race relations worse.

Degeneracy is being normalized. LGBT and drugs are "progressive" and cool now, being pushed by the media and in universities. Young people are being indoctrinated.

College degrees went from being optional to being pretty much a necessity if you want to ever make more than minimum wage. So being in massive amounts of debt at a young age has become the norm. But many people are studying useless majors. And even if you do get a useful degree, it's not as good as before, because everyone else has a degree too. So the requirements even for entry-level positions are increasing. You can be very smart and well-educated and still stuck in a shitty position.

College is no longer just about education. It's also about political brainwashing. You can't even study STEM without having liberal ideas being shoved down your throat.

Oh yeah, and affirmative action means whites will be passed up for jobs. It's funny, I live in an area that is more non-white than white, but affirmative action and minority initiatives are still a thing. This is discrimination.

Leftists are know starting to advocate for violence against whites. This kind of rhetoric reminds me of pre-holocaust Germany.

People would rather believe elaborate conspiracy theories about Russia than admit that some people have a reason to be upset.

The American experiment has failed. Millennials are fucked.

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