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950 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 22:32

Not really, but at least you are consistent.

951 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 22:40


yeah, and actually he was shot by american soldiers, right after the end of war..

for me, Webern is a pure nazi. and he openly supported hitler

don't liek Schonberg though...

952 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 22:42

yeah dude you are right. YOu must be a completely degenerate to call his STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL symphony op.21 degenerative

that's the spirit of ... like the real old teutonic lands


953 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 22:43

Webern is hated only because he is nazi

954 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 22:45

injecting heroin during a sunny winter day in 1942

955 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 22:47

Webern is like heroin, but free and without strong and deadful addiction

956 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 23:03

toothache was probably the only fear in the life of ancient aristocrats

957 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 23:04

yeah, Webern was not Tschaykovsky

958 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 23:06

Anton Von Webern: a Chronicle of His Life and Work
Hardcover: 803 pages

959 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 23:09

that damn crowd

960 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9079 23:15

Trump impeachment, new black president and a civil war in the USA

also general chaos in the old world

961 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 00:33

uty~ru~~u }s - yx.}p. ~p{y

962 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 00:54

Fallout 3
PC Microsoft Xbox 360 Sony PlayStation 3
Action (Shooter)

963 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:10

slavo gospodu, chto poyavilsya odin Geroy

964 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:17

}wu tpwu }uu))) ~ ~y ru pr~ qt t}p, {yz y . q|ury{y ~u uruy ))))

rup, p{p wu ~uuy}p {p{ y|p}. } t}p|y stp, r 1995 st y} sr~} ~prustp wu {~u~

~ p~py{y rp|y

965 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:19

|p~rp {~}y{p, wu|ux~z xp~pru, u~xp, "p|yru" ru{u qur - ru y|p}.

pqp{~ sr, r 20 ru{u y y~|p y|p}

966 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:20

tu|p r p{yp~u ru~y{p}y - wu y~p{}|y}y r

ytyu ~pz r{ q|ty

967 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:22

t~y{y }y~yur wy| rqu}-

y ~y wu |p{p|y

968 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:28

uty~ru~~p yy~p {z }{ryp} |utrp| rty ~p q|~ |pt r 2012 st - x~p~yu s, p "pqy|~" uz{ y xpryy ~p u~ ~p ~u. p{ r }{ru ru} q| wy pq|~ ~}p|~. w yxry~yu xtu xy}p 5 }uur y }p| |~p u~

969 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:36

Atu |y pxtu| T{py~

970 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:40

^r|p - tpu{, {z }up| ~p ru} py{pyu{} ywtu~yy ||

p{z uuy~z py{p-tpu{ yx {}utyz

}u~ yxu~yu{yz qut yp

971 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 01:54

I fart a lot and I poop like 2-3x a day. How can I fart less and poo less often?

972 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 02:59

~y{stp ~u ru }w~ ry {ypz{yz
y |prp p r {ypu ry}

973 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 04:55

imagine getting mad about quoting on a textboard lmao

974 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 05:10

Imagine getting mad people won't buy into your snake oil about the date really being 25 years in the future.

975 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 05:14

Atlanta is the most powerful city in the world

976 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 05:42

I decided to finally kill myself. it is the best thing for me.

977 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 05:44

Suicide is wonderful

Death is blessing

fuck all this bullshit

978 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 05:46

please don't do it
let's talk about it instead, ok?
what is upsetting you?

979 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 05:46

The thought that Russia and Slavs exist... just fucking drives me insane



980 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 05:55


our civilization died due to google, facebook and A.I.

learning languages is not obsolete due to automatic translate tool

I dont want to explate space, I want to live a normal ordinary life without all that bullshit.

giving internet to the bydlo masses was a big big big mistake

I can't imagine what kind of life will be from this point

981 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 06:07

I feel the same way in a lot of ways. Modern life sucks sometimes. But I'm not giving up just yet. I'm hopeful that things will improve, or maybe I can make a difference. I at least want to stick around so that maybe I can see improvements in my own life. I think you should stick around too, because you might not feel depressed forever.

That probably isn't the most convincing speech ever, but I don't really know what to say. I know times can be tough, but I think you're strong enough to be able to overcome these feelings.

We're all in this together.

Do you have goals? I have some goals. I want to finish my degree, get a good job, and have a family. Goals can help you get through bad times because you have something to look forward to in the future, even if shit sucks right now.

982 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 06:11


all jobs will be obsolete in 20-30 years. I mean every fucking single type of occupation. Dude I was so fucking happy in 2003, thinking about the wonderful life ahead. but it is all ruined now because of Mass Internet, Facebook, Google, A.I., I-phone,kgb and putin and NSA

we all may be having free food from now and full welfare...
but it won't be happy times

actually it will be very depressing

983 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 06:14

A.I. is not the new electricity.

it is much much more powerful thing...

984 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 06:26

People have been saying AI would replace all jobs for decades. Still hasn't happened yet.

986 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 06:30

clickbait FUD

987 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 06:34

nah, it's real

goodbye world...

988 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 06:41

don't do it!
let's be internet friends

989 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:04

Hitler will save us all

990 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:07

modern gaming is shit
you can't call this vidya

991 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:10

09:54 Yzs xpry|, }s ru~~s |{~ru~y T{py~z ~u qtu

09:54 Yzs xpry|, }s ru~~s |{~ru~y T{py~z ~u qtu

09:54 Yzs xpry|, }s ru~~s |{~ru~y T{py~z ~u qtu

09:54 Yzs xpry|, }s ru~~s |{~ru~y T{py~z ~u qtu



992 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:19

y } |q|tuz {y~|y :D :D :D

993 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:22

|y~ }~u ~u NIK@KOCO tu|p t s qtu {py~z.
tp ru s|t t~, }~u

994 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:31

995 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:33

B~u~ |yy{ B|pty}yp Py~p u~ tq.

996 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 07:39

insomnia sucks

997 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 08:28

japanese TV and Japanese RADIO are like two different worlds

998 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 09:52

"T} r Sp||y~u": ^~y utu{|p syqu| yz{z p}yy
Os~ yz{y} ru~~} qtu { yx-xp {pwts s|p

999 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9080 09:55


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