New Gikopoi server dropped (12)

1 Name: 409 - Name Conflict : 2022-10-15 05:54 ID:vipeJqie

A new Gikopoi server dropped, , repo overviewing changes/additions on github:153/gikopoi-illegal

No huge changes yet, but any characters/maps submitted will be approved.

The first real problem for the community to handle: how should stream slots be allocated? We can see in the github:iccanobif/gikopoi2 repo (see also: tanasinn wiki sortable table) that the rooms' stream slots are allocated in semi random ways; many rooms have 0 stream slots, while some of the larger rooms only have 2 or 1 slot.

Some ideas:

  • Give all rooms a handful of stream slots, and give some other rooms a bunch of slots. Means anyone can stream as-needed no matter where they may be.
  • Keep gikopoi2 default stream slots; why fix it if it's not broken?
  • Only give stream slots to 1 or 2 rooms, to encourage streamers/voice chatters to assemble in common spaces, and to give the rest of the server
    a break from streamers

I'm planning for now to have the default room, train, have 10 stream slots available, and maybe assigning another 10 slots (and forced anonymity) to the secret "lost lounge" room. One of my motivations for this is considering that in "oldpoi", streaming was rare; and in new poi, most people gravitate to where slots are anyway, and competition for slots can get hostile.

Let's have some discourse and decide together how we want "another gikopoi" to evolve.

2 Name: 405 - Name Not Allowed : 2022-10-17 12:59 ID:ElCyIn+I

Some code I added in index.ts that warps a user to a room (in this case, bad end):

if (msg == "#die")
const targetRoomId = "badend"
const targetDoorId = "rip"
currentRoom = rooms[targetRoomId]

stopChessGame(roomStates, user)
userRoomEmit(user, user.areaId, user.roomId,
socket.leave(user.areaId + user.roomId)
const door = rooms[targetRoomId].doors[targetDoorId]

user.position = { x: door.x, y: door.y }
if (door.direction !== null) user.direction = door.direction
user.roomId = targetRoomId
user.lastRoomMessage = "";


socket.join(user.areaId + targetRoomId)

3 Name: 401 - Unauthorized Name : 2022-10-17 13:00 ID:Heaven

this was to index.ts btw, right by the function #ika that turns a user into a squid.

There was also a #bee function added that turns the user into a Sageru Bee.

4 Name: 410 - Name Gone : 2022-10-17 13:10 ID:Heaven

Needs these lines too, or a bug happens when a streamer tries to #die:


5 Name: 406 - Name Not Acceptable : 2022-10-17 19:47 ID:GReyR675

why though, giko is dead enough as is

6 Name: 403 - Name Forbidden : 2022-10-23 18:26 ID:FAFAIoAx

100+ users isn't dead

7 Name: 415 - Unsupported Name Type : 2022-10-29 19:00 ID:qm/U5JdL

Ok your right gikipoi isnt dead but why making a new server

8 Name: 403 - Name Forbidden : 2022-10-29 22:46 ID:Heaven

same reason why altchans exist

9 Name: 405 - Name Not Allowed : 2022-12-28 01:46 ID:fvJBck/9

Looks like New Years Eve should be popping! We had over 100 people in the English gikopoi last year.

Same time as usual, 2022-12-31 @ 23:00, UTC -0500 (4chan time)

Feel free to use this link to get the time/date in your local time or add it to your calendaring software. Make sure to invite all your cool NEET/otaku friends to come party !

10 Name: 409 - Name Conflict : 2022-12-28 11:10 ID:Heaven

11 Name: 408 - Name Request Timeout : 2022-12-31 21:59 ID:k66PMlXX

this still doesnt explain it

12 Name: 409 - Name Conflict : 2023-01-03 05:49 ID:Heaven

He wanted iccanobif to add his bee and Islamic giko characters and bif refused. Now he is on an angry crusade.

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