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"ゴリゴリ(gori gori) "     → Synonym "コリコリ(kori kori)   gori gori>kori kori

I thought "gorigori" and "korokori" are only onomatopoeic word which came from
the appearance with hard touch (stiffness).
   Word that repeats the same sound is called 繰り返し語(畳語) .in Japan.
   *繰り返し語(畳語) =kurikaeshi go (jou go) → repeatedly a word

>And from where does ゴリ/gori come from?

This question is very difficult in reality.
Perhaps, it is likely to have to go back even to the origin of "Repeatedly a word " in Japanese.
As I am not a linguist (only an engineer), I searched the web site about this and found this.
I hope that you have a good translation soft wear.
The site explained comparatively politely with Japanese repeatedly word dictionaly.

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