[Consultation] Board banner (2)

1 Name: bps!!+u1+mB+S (Admin) : 2014-04-12 16:10 ID:Heaven

Hello 日本語@4-ch!

Seeing as this is a mildly active board on the site, I would like to trial adding a banner to the board with the consent of you, its users. The motivation comes from this thread on the suggestions board.

In terms of what kind, I see two options:
  1. like DQN - a narrow banner that comes after the board title and rules
  2. like the AA Bar, /code/, etc. - a taller banner right at the top, centered

This is up to you of course. The questions I have for you are:
  1. would you like a banner?
  2. if so, what would you like to see featured in it? design ideas?
  3. would you be willing to create one?

My skills are limited but I can probably make up something simple if nobody else does.

This is a trial since /nihongo/ is quite a good test subject in terms of board traffic. Let's see how it goes! If it's successful then we'll do the same on other active boards.

If you have any more general suggestions, I really encourage you all to check out the Requests/Suggestions board every now and then. If you want to see any other changes to this board or other boards, just make a thread and I will work on a solution.

(This thread will be autosaged once the consultation is over.)

2 Name: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 : 2014-04-23 18:12 ID:Heaven

maybe we should wait until there are a few more users here

as long as we have ba.gif, it is pretty enough for me

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