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I am Japanese.
Most Japanese people are not good at English, so if you can speak Japanese,
your chances of getting a Japanese boyfriend will increase dramatically.

The characteristic preference of Japanese men for women is that they like cute women.
They want kawaii in their makeup, clothes, gestures, thoughts, and behavior.

They do not expect women to be sexy like Americans do.
Fashion that shows breasts is also not common in Japan.
It is better to expose more of your legs than to show your breasts.
Caucasians have stronger body odor than Japanese,
so it is necessary to take measures to make body odor less noticeable.
Japanese people are very neat and clean, and many of them take a bath every day,
so people who are unclean or have smelly body odor are most disliked.

The Japanese place great importance on not offending others,
and they speak in a roundabout way. They may speak more like the British than Americans.
Be especially careful when saying critical things about the other person.
Bragging about yourself is also taboo in Japan. If someone compliments you on your work,
either say thank you or reply with a word of humility.

Japanese men are shyer than Americans, and many are less aggressive toward women.
If you approach them, you may have to be more aggressive than you would be with American men
in order to get the desired results.

If you watch movies, dramas, or anime that take place in modern Japan, you may be able to
get an idea of what Japanese men tend to like. Since it is fiction, some aspects are exaggerated,
but it is probably not far off the mark.

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