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Ten thousand!

10000 September 1993

I hope you're having a happy 10,000th! For the occasion, or rather because of the convenient timing; the imageboard has been brought back, as well as the frying pan counter on DQN and some new (old) stylesheets for all boards.


...and change in management

05 October 2020

Due to being too busy to keep running it, bps has decided to pass the site on to me. You may know me from (???) and moderating the boards for the past two years.

I have a number of features I've been wanting to implement, as well as several things I want to fix: Head over to the /req/ thread to discuss them.


Recent downtime

20 September 2020

The site experienced a period of downtime following a hard disk failure. All data has been successfully recovered and posting should be possible once more.


New server

15 March 2017

The site has moved to a new server. Posting should be much faster now. If you notice anything unusual, please let me know.



29 September 2015

A new images board has been added. Please make yourself at home!

More generally, if you have thoughts and opinions about the website then I encourage you to voice them on requests board.


Recent downtime and change in management

02 January 2014

Following the recent downtime, Squeeks has moved Channel4 to this new server and handed responsibility of running the site over to me. I am open to ideas and suggestions for how to improve or rejuvenate the place. You can find me on the IRC channel.

The emergency mittens have also returned to DQN.


Channel4 mobile

25 October 2007

All boards now have a "mobile" version, which is designed for people who want to browse the boards with phones, PDA's and other capable handheld devices. Simply point your device's browser towards

You can talk about all this in support and request thread.


IRC moving

12 July 2007

Thanks to the collapse of ZiRC, we've moved onto a new IRC network. You'll find the sparse lot of idlers and regulars now lurking in #4-ch on We'll leave the other channel on ZiRC open for a little while longer.


DQN Archives are here

15th March 2007

Due to the massive size of DQN going past 1800 threads, we've had to put them in a special place, mostly because it was straining the server too much everytime someone posted. So, if you are looking for the DQN threads of yesteryear, you'll now find them all in the Forbidden Garden.


New here? Have a quick read...

18th January 2007

There has been in the past few months a lot posts happening from new, inexperienced users unfamiliar with the site and the way that boards operate. Whilst I encourage new users, I also encourage you all to read our rules, read any board specific rules at the top of each board, and to only post if it is going to be of benefit. So far, quite a few users haven't bothered doing this, and might now be wondering why they are getting trolled and flamed.

read the rules please.


A quick update...

11th October 2006

A few new things have been added, a new board so you can talk about your personal issues, the navigation at the top has got some links, the wiki has been improved somewhat, and advertising (at the request of our current host) is also enabled on most boards. Whilst a fair bit of stuff has been done, there is much more coming, and my list gets longer and longer. You're welcome to give me any suggestions if you wish.


A fresh look for spring. Or autumn.

6th September 2006

In some sort of attempt and burst of energy, I decided to do a lot of work on the site and try to jazz up its appearances. Whilst a lot has been done, more is to continue. Boards have been upgraded and most of the issues should have been ironed out by now. Hopefully.

Shortly we'll begin creating and trialing services that will allow your cellphone/PSP/Nintendo DS/PDA to access and read the boards, and people with one or more of the said devices that are willing to help us out beta testing would be much appreciated. Say tuned, details on things will be up soon about it.