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Gave myself a close buzzcut and now I can't handle it. (4)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-09-02 22:07 ID:6ei9Nez7

For nearly my entire life I've had really shaggy hair. For about half a decade up until today it's been below my shoulders. Today on a whim I decided to cut it all off. So I did and then took an electric clipper with a 1mm guard and cut all the hair off of my head. I've had short hair but never anything shaved. I'm really not liking how it feels. My ears and head feel so cold, even worse becasue winter is coming up fast and it gets really cold where I am. The wind feels extremely harsh against my scalp, and I can't touch my head with anything without noticing the lack of hair between it and my scalp. Worst of all is that I can't touch my head with anything bigger than a point without EXTREME discomfort. I can't lay down on a pillow without feeling like each hair is a tiny needle poking into me. And rubbing against anything is even worse. I can't rub my head, I don't know how sleeping is gonna go, I'm not looking forward to it. It's seeming like I might just have to constantly wear a beanie until I adjust or get a basic head of hair back. Mainly just venting here because there's no way I could go to the people I live with and complain that I regret shaving all my hair off on a fucking whim.

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-09-02 23:21 ID:Heaven

Funny, I did the exact same thing a few days ago. It's cold and it looks bad, but showering is wonderful! And it's going to grow out again soon enough.

3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-09-03 13:04 ID:Heaven

OP here, it seems the discomfort is already over. I managed to eventually fall asleep and when I woke up I didn't feel the pain from putting my head on the pillow. I don't know why it was so bad or why it got better so quickly, but it did and now I'm glad I did it.

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-09-10 06:40 ID:+4cg7EIJ

I shaved my head to avoid brain blasting electromagnetic waves emitted from commercial buzzers barbers use. Unfortunately it e-blasts my strands like a cybercrash. Stay low on the funkwaves, heard it gets better under UV treatment.

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NEET/Hikikomori Thread (52)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2020-09-12 03:22 ID:KMbhUmtI

This thread is for hikikomori and NEETs to discuss personal issues regarding the NEET lifestyle.

NEET (Not In Education Employment Or Training)

The Japanese Ministry of Health, defines hikikomori as people who refuse to leave their parents' house, do not work or go to school and isolate themselves away from society and family in a single room for a period of 6 months or more.

If you are not a NEET or hikikomori don't post in this thread.

43 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-14 07:40 ID:UEpDPTaa


>buying a place

Something sounds very wrong with this.

44 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-14 14:07 ID:Heaven

There are many different countries with different housing prices and bribe amounts. Many disabled people are neets too. I didn't think it would be reachable either.

45 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-26 11:33 ID:sAVnn7el

i've been a NEET ever since i graduated HS in 2022
it's been almost a year now and i haven't done anything with my life, nor do i really know what to do with it
i should eat more
thanks for reading my blogpost :(

46 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-26 20:32 ID:03Br9eSa

Sounds to me like you're terribly depressed, young grasshopper. Are you?

47 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-27 03:57 ID:t8nzof20

yeah i guess so
i know im young but it already feels like my life is over
i have tried getting a job but the one time i ever secured an interview (a phone call because of the covid pandemic), i cancelled out of fear
i don't leave the house ever, and i rarely leave my room
sometimes i debate just leaving my house and becoming homeless, i feel like a burden and a shame to my family :(

48 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-28 03:04 ID:03Br9eSa

I also felt like a burden to my family after I graduated from HS because my graduation ceremony was canceled during the scamdemic and I was too anxious to get a job.

You got a discord tag btw?

49 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-28 05:24 ID:U5ByeqHU

yeah i got one
its 4keplo#2263

50 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-07-19 02:39 ID:qs6bk0hR

I'm a NEET because I got fired from my job. It's comfy. I've missed it. However, there's no tismbux where I live, so I'll need to get a job in a few months. It's an extended vacation.

51 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-07-24 01:50 ID:4MbyTk2Q

The worst thing about being a NEET is knowing you’ll have to work again at some point in the future when you need cash.

52 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-08-04 12:36 ID:dt+kgooS

I work a casual job at a grocery store, and I actually really appreciate it when they give me fuck all shifts after drafting up the roster.

Not only is it great time for me to give mind to the things I enjoy doing, and also work towards achieving personal goals I set out for myself, but it barely makes a difference in my income; the welfare agency in my country decimates your tugboat relative to how much you earn from employers, so there's little incentive for me to try harder and ask for more hours.

Not when the cost is ultimately the decision to neglect my own mental health, peace of mind, and personal development. I guess I could do it if I were a whore for money.

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Are there free rehab centers (11)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-08-05 21:37 ID:RGWYL786

After 14 or more years of alcohol abuse I have finally realized how grave this situation is and I need to quit.
The thing about quitting alcohol though is that after a day or two sober I break out into horrible panic attacks, panic attacks so severe I feel like I'm dying.
Yesterday I took a CBD edible and although this is an illegal state and this should only contain 0.3% delta 9 it got me extremely high, or I was having a terrible panic attack either way I started drinking some booze and the fear went away ... I'm drinking right now as well.

Kids don't do drugs.
Stay the fuck away from alcohol, even if you don't think you'll become addicted.
Watch videos on youtube of alcoholic people living miserably or having severe withdrawal symptoms, that is the true face of alcohol not the jewish lie of people having fun partying or socializing.

ANyways I need to check myself into a rehab center because I think while I'm getting off alcohol I should have my health monitored and be giving anxiety medication.
Are there free places like that?

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-08-19 18:43 ID:RGWYL786

I have been drinking every single day since I made this thread

3 Name: Anonymous : 2022-08-22 07:09 ID:Heaven

relapses a bitch.
easing your way out is hard cuz because you might fall to temptation and just pour more than what you say you would drink.
cold turkey is hard cuz youre cutting out what youve been used to so you feel horrible or like dying.

never heard of a free rebab center.
dont drink cuz everyone i know is in the cycle and will never break free...
best way to win is to not play...
and if youve played youre in for a shitty time...

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-10-12 19:55 ID:RGWYL786

Been sober for several days.
Currently on Librium.

Will report back in another while

5 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-10-14 01:04 ID:3Z1m9MvM

Glad you're doing well, bud. Keep it up, you got this.

6 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-15 21:15 ID:CKgDjeHx

We're rooting for you, anon!!

7 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-20 23:49 ID:RGWYL786

I'm back to drinking but I did go to an AA meeting today

8 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-03 04:17 ID:mvBzNCPP


I too enjoy Drinking. Just buy the really cheap shit and you'll never get addicted--its too nasty.

9 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-04 07:32 ID:9jlovJ5f

I knew a guy who was addicted to PBR and Bootleggers.

10 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-28 19:59 ID:zO4Zgdgg

CBD edibles don't do anything for me. Are you sure it wasn't delta 8?

11 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-07-25 07:19 ID:bHHo+Gvv

My nigga is spouting off about "jewish lies" while considering whether or not he needs to be on anxiety medications

I'm not about to tell you how to structure your worldview (altho you're probably better off not denigrating people based on race and/or creed), but at least be consistent in how you choose to perceive two industries which both thrive on proliferating mind-altering chemicals for profit sold to you on a basis of deceit

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HELP! I am in a relationship and I feel like I'm trapped! (11)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-07 21:19 ID:N3C4AVWT

I've been living with my girlfriend for 2+ years now. We're both worthless NEETs who leech off government welfare. It was really fun for a while, but recently I've been feeling a weird sort of unease. We're both friendless so we've been together for basically 24/7 this entire time. I love her, yes, but I think back to my days of living with my parents and I feel a weird sort of... nostalgia, I guess?
I remember driving out at 3 AM to drink beer in some abandoned parking lot or whatever. Or just masturbating to all my favorite hentai without feeling guilty about it. Now I can't really do anything like that. I feel like a 40-something guy experiencing a midlife crisis.
What do I do to make these thoughts go away?

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-07 23:25 ID:Heaven


3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 00:37 ID:N3C4AVWT


I. DO. Almost every day. And I'm tired of it! I just want to masturbate in peace.

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 05:13 ID:Heaven

masturbate at 3am

5 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 08:11 ID:hhJD0j/k

I came exactly at 3:AM

6 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 18:27 ID:Heaven

Take a short break from each other? Get a job?

7 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-08 22:43 ID:N3C4AVWT

>Get a job?

If you work you die.

8 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-09 00:33 ID:Heaven

>Now I can't really do anything like that

You might if you try.

9 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-05-08 07:57 ID:Bt5tI7rn

Make your GF cosplay as your favorite waifu or something

10 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-05-12 01:10 ID:JhqGC3WP

Why don’t you get a hobby or try making some friends? I’d recommend dunk driving to random parking lots at 3AM to jerk off together aka urban sexploration. Or you could push her into getting a hobby and some friends either way works.

11 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-07-19 02:31 ID:Osudo99n

You should really get a hobby. Maybe smithing, it sounds comfy.

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How do I remain grounded? (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-06-22 08:36 ID:QKNKHS5q

It's not dissociation per se (the DID or desensitized kind). But oftentimes, I find it hard to remain grounded, to be attuned to my senses, and to simply "live my life".

It's not social media overusage. I only use it as a means to an end; to communicate, to collate information, or for entertainment (educational YouTube videos).

It's about knowing a lot of things. Both the good and the bad, and the absolutely horrid (which I don't even want to talk about; my only thought here is, "Anything can happen when no one's looking around"). The propensity and desire to analyze concepts, events, people, systems, and science and break them down to their essential bits. Though I am not necessarily a genius.

My mind is slow, but that is fine for me; I am proud to be a philosophizing human, rather than to be someone who has the skills that a computer can simulate. But I am also not too knowledgeable. It just desire to know a little bit of something about everything. Rather than knowing everything about something.

Being meta and self-aware. And knowing how harrowing human actions can be. And seeing evidence and testimonials of various human hideous acts are oft weighing me down. Both events from the past, events today, events in the future, events that we have heard, and events lost in the darkness and never brought into light. They don't scare me. But they also tend to reinforce my cynicism. I am an idiot, once a naive idealist who wholeheartedly believed in merely doing what I thought was right. "To do to others what you want others to do unto you."

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-06-22 08:36 ID:QKNKHS5q

I can't unsee this. I can't forget this.

I can no longer live a normal life.

I can no longer delude myself in to having a normal life.

My conscious and grandiose sense of self-ware existence cannot accept merely dying as someone born from dust and to return to dust. But I feel alone. That one puny human cannot do everything himself.

I don't know.

I need advice.

I believe that everything is connected. The past lead to me. The past lead to everyone and everything now. And all of we in the now will lead to the future. And that my nonchalance, ignorance, may lead to a terrible future. But even so, as I am not in a position of power, I can never ever overturn the future. Heck, I don't even have the power to overturn Putin right now. So.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-07-06 06:04 ID:2wWcni8E

Haha bro just chill out my nigga
Shits tough out there you just gonna walk around look at the sky and be happy

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Chuuni Fears (10)

1 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-07 16:44 ID:H4s5MCA0

Most of my thoughts seem cynical, mostly due to my own personal history - people, events, experiences, and life lessons - but they are only truly just what I came to expect from human nature because of my experiences, not an unreasonable predisposition to be nihilistic. Some humans are nice and wholesome, which I appreciate and acknowledge. But some humans are greedy, lustful, and absolutely horrid. Those who’d step on others just to feel good about themselves. I am not talking about petty shit like school / university / workplace drama. I’m talking about actual geopolitics, tyrants, capitalism, consumerism, echo chambers of society, and how I fear World War III might just be looming around the corner - as well as other fucktons of impending apocalypse scenarios.

First of all, my fears are not unjustified. As an example, the moment news broke out of the "Wuhan" Virus, I was already expecting of the goddamn "global" pandemic (and it doesn’t take a fucking genius to see that coming - especially with how out of touch politicians are, not to mention cultural aspects of nations and lack of trust in science, and the echo chambers of social media). Need not me remind you, people died because of absolute negligence of those people with "power'.

Then also came the Russian invasion of Ukraine - this happening already shatters the illusion of peace in this world (I know of Iraq and Afghanistan, but this happening to a European country is just too bizarre).

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-08 08:00 ID:Heaven

Chunni Fears.

>Am I crazy?

No. Most people are so tunneled vision and will dismiss what they do not want to hear or believe and will write things off as consipiracy theories or "fake news".

>Am I justified? Or am I just talking out of my ass?

It isn't hard to see the patterns or connect the dots and do some research here and there so most will be true.
However, there are other people who believe and see the same patterns and dots, but start to go cynical and pull things out of their ass and missguide people.
Kind of people who "wake up" and then feel they need to go tell the world about it on YouTube (Google) in a hour long video that could be done in ten minutes.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-08 11:08 ID:fqLAt80b

>...I think the best thing is to pace yourself with how you handle things. ...Doomsday is not too far and yet not too close.

Thank you especially for this.

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-09 18:52 ID:mlQaxrp1

I think you are autistic and worry too much
just live life

5 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-10 03:43 ID:Heaven

Rather than overthink and watch in horror as would be avoidable happenings inevitably happen I just tune it all out. Life's too short for me to believe I can make a difference as a broke neet shitposting on the internet. I just... oh that's gonna happen in a couple years... Okay, guess I'll stock up on some things before they get more expensive... Not much else I can do, I can't prevent it so try to make the best of it by pretending everything is fine. If I die I die, better enjoy the time I have now if that's the case so no time spent worrying, that's not living.

6 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-11 03:13 ID:V7s2KL4g


> Am I crazy?

No. We live in a world gone mad. Where cooperate execs can pay their way into becoming astronauts, cities have more empty luxury skyscrapers than houses, and social media has brainwashed an entire generation. There are no jobs and endless wars.

How do you deal with chunni fears? Embrace them! Accept that you don’t have your hand on the wheel, there’s very little you can do to change the world and it’s out of your control. If your not responsible you can free yourself from any guilt or pressure to do or feel anything. If I can’t stop a war from happening what’s the point worrying everyday about it? There’s an old saying, “you can’t fight fate.”

In Afghanistan, a lot of people love to keep gardens and would keep them despite the chaos of war going on around them. They’d go out amid the shootings and bombings to collect water for their roses. Why? Well, what else is there to do? I have no power over what goes on out there, but I do have some control and responsibility over my flowers. So what if I die? At least I died doing something worthwhile, no matter how small it is. Point being, just let the world take it’s course, embrace the madness, and don’t give a fuck about it, focus on the small things that you enjoy and don’t let the world keep you down.

7 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-11-29 03:02 ID:uyFNN95Z

I agree embrace the chaos anon. Fuck it we’re all gonna die anyway we might as well die with style instead of being worthless fucks.

8 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-12-01 00:41 ID:8GuJM82m

>Chuuni Fears

I wish I could go back to being a stupid middle schooler still full of piss and vinegar and hope for the future who actually seemed to be able to enjoy everything without a sense of dread or a sense of "you're wasting your life!" or a sense of "you'll never be good enough!" looming overhead like the sword of Damocles.

9 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-21 07:20 ID:tgtnKKoM


> You can’t fight fate.

Thank you for reminding me of this.

10 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-06-22 20:05 ID:rrYA1bj4

The apocalypse already happened a long time ago. We're living after the collapse.

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Illegal discord server (7)

1 Post deleted.

2 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-02-09 06:06 ID:Heaven

Discord "community" servers are bad anyways.
You should only ever join a server if it's educational related.

3 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-02-23 09:07 ID:Z04y59y1

Thank you for submitting your report to 4-ch for inspection. Our team will have it dealt with when we get around to it.
Have a nice day and fuck off!

4 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-03-05 03:19 ID:Heaven

If you have a problem with the server, then you should report it to Discord yourself

5 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-05-14 16:14 ID:Y0Dbuaxn

discord some cia shit you all got no clue
well maybe some yall but most dont realize how weird that rabbit hole goes.

just remember gov loves shell shit.
more than one step removed.
its just smart.

6 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-05-15 02:29 ID:gOkohHqJ


>gov loves shell shit

please elaborate

7 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-05-20 18:05 ID:6ts3UJr9


he meant the USA loves oil

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When I was a teenager, I molested someone... (50)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-04-15 00:09 ID:MakfLLq1

When I was 14, I molested my sister. She was was almost four the first time and the second time was just after she turned four. The first time, I actually pulled her pants down and touched her bottom, but the second time was just me taking my time helping her in the restroom. Neither time did I ask her to touch me or even show her my penis.

I was recently recovering from a long amount of physical and emotional abuse from my father, and had previously been molested twice in my youth. I was also suffering from some fairly serious mental problems. I say this not to excuse my actions, but to provide more of an explanation of what was going on then.

As time went on and I have returned to a more normal mental state, I look back upon what I have done in horror and guilt. I don't really know what effects this may have had on my sister (she is still fairly young) but I don't really look back on my molestations negatively. I still feel guilty, though.

However, a larger emotion that I am now feeling is fear. What if she remembers? What if she does not? I certainly remember being that age, but I developed rather quickly. Her linguistic skills have always been behind. What if she remembers and eventually tells someone and my life is ruined? What if.... etc?

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

41 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-09-03 01:59 ID:BC55n3FS

I put my older brother's penis in my mouth when I was 4 lol

42 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-09-03 02:00 ID:BC55n3FS

I put my older brother's penis in my mouth when I was 4 lol

43 Post deleted.

44 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-03-04 13:39 ID:N8uUptZw

When I was 3 or 40 I was at a day care and sneaked in the bathroom with a friend(boy) and we touched tips
It's okay though Jesus Christ and God and Alex Johns and my Mother believe and me and tell me i'm very special. I go to my church every weekend and smoke weed in the parking lot and put cigarette buts out on children :) :p
Please pray for me!!!

45 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-03-13 10:01 ID:tkVI8Z5K

lole the last part got to me. i know you dont do that however ill keep you in my prayers you dumb, dumb man

46 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-03-19 01:07 ID:Heaven

Stay on twitter.

47 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-03-26 18:11 ID:V4eF2pZe

go back to myspace

48 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-15 05:11 ID:ul0sGixk


my brother touched my pee pee and butt in bed when i was around 12 and him 15
Neither of us (to my knowledge) was molested but he had went through a time at that same age where he and a freind jerked eachother off
he also showed me how to fap and nutted in front of me
and in the bathroom he told me to touch his benis and rub it and i did

years later he actually told my mom because he was guilty, I was kinda confused and a bit disturbed at the time but I think it kinda fucked me up emotionally because through puberty i would fap to gay fantasies and it led to me sending nudes to people online as well a bit later

now we're both years older and neither of us are gay or anything, I dont hold it against him we're both dumb kids

Side note, in 2nd grade i saw a girl preschool age on the slide, and when no one was looking i tried to kiss her but stopped, she started crying to i ran away, and her indian babysitter yelled at me to come back but I didnt

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

49 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-15 17:46 ID:epoXz2lL

If I’m still a loner by 40 I will kill myself. There’s no point in turning into an old man and having nobody to care for you.

50 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-15 19:13 ID:Heaven

How old are you now? If it's still more than a decade off, why not try to grab ahold of the situation while you still have time?

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death is the only hope (75)

1 Name: warez otoko : 2007-03-21 11:32 ID:KJnzZezY

I can't take it anymore. I'm so alone, I have no friends, girls don't even look at me. Everybody is having fun, they are full of love, all except me.
I'm a complete failure, 10 years of isolation, I barely finished high school, dropped out of university, and found a stoopid job anyone could do.
There's no way out, I have no idea how people become friends with each other, how they find love. Oh wait, once in 26 years I actually found that.. once in 26.. that means I have to wait another 26 to stumble on a person who likes me, and I'll be old already..
I tried to tell them.. I told them I was alone.. but no one understands.. they think it's some stoopid temporary loneliness.. they are used to have all they want, to find new friends and lovers the same way you download new games from the internet... how could they understand what it means to have no friends, no company, no woman around for the most part of ur life, and not knowing how to find them.
Everybody has a family, friends, a girl, everybody is loved... but me, and I don't know how to get out of this... once you lose all social connections, it's done. It isn't necessary to be a hikki, it just happens, you lose all childhood friends, and zzap you're alone for life.
What I have done to deserve this.

66 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-05-06 20:35 ID:nmQWX8OA


67 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-07-22 04:16 ID:Tq5zuuDS

You guys talk about wanting to die so much, and probably think about it all the time. But lets be logical here. If you really wanted to die, you could have easily killed yourself by now. But you haven't. Something is stopping you, something is making you want to live. Figure out what that is, and you'll understand yourself better.

68 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-07-22 07:31 ID:Heaven

i 795 want to die and 250 want to live and 994207583 want to live good

69 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-09-12 19:27 ID:01lCQ3+g


70 Name: AIam神 : 2022-09-15 16:27 ID:F3YC331u

Death is not guaranteed to end your suffering. If you're unlucky you could end up in a much worse place without the ability to end that experience out of your own volition, so you might as well optimize your i/o system to produce enjoyable feelings during this life. How you do that only you can answer, anyone else can only nudge you towards finding that answer within yourself.

Besides, the grass is always greener on the other side. Even if you obtain all those things you think you're missing, will it make you feel better in the end? For some perhaps, for others it might make their lives even more miserable and for the rest there might be no difference and they still feel that emptiness within.

I recommend studying the repeating patterns in your life and altering them until you find a pattern that fits you. Good luck, may you find your peace and purpose.

71 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2022-10-03 16:51 ID:01lCQ3+g

Row Row fight the power

72 Name: ViViviTexEta : 2022-10-04 02:07 ID:QmBPjX0s

Honestly, I self harmed and was like 6.5/10 suicidal (I wasn't actively planning on killing myself but I'd take really stupid risks and just say "if I die, I die w/e") for like 15ish years. Somehow shit just came together. If you just keep moving forward, half assing shit and drifting through life it gets better. Only thing is is that you gotta grab on TIGHT when you see your opportunity. RNGesus can't hate you forever, you'll trip and fall into a good life eventually.

73 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-01-04 00:32 ID:d8HhA4RJ

In a world as messed up as ours I’d be surprised if you weren’t suicidal? I was suicidal and would spend hours researching ways to die that would be easy and peaceful. There isn’t really a painless way to lull yourself and when I realised that I stopped being so obsessed with offing myself and focused on just trying to live in the world because I got no fucking choice.

74 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-21 08:13 ID:luqObJJn

stfu, asswipe. death is never the answer. if you are feeling lonely and depressed then your choices are wrong. get the fuck out of your comfort zone, and live amongst nature. climb a hill, explore plants, insects, geology, minerals, sit underneath a tree and let your thoughts out of your mind. the world is a beautiful place but not the human society. i'm just waiting for my new bike, once i get it, i'm out of this fucking city.

75 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-04-15 05:15 ID:QTYpNeV9

i just wanna make my parents proud

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how do you make your business profittable? (8)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-30 16:37 ID:V32QAEeB

trying to make 100k a year out of 20$ products.. means i have to find 5k people to buy my shit... where can i get that kind of people and how? with only squiggly art and only 1k to spend on marketting what the f do i do help

2 Name: Anonymous : 2021-02-01 01:47 ID:ahEf6YS1

Market it dummy.

3 Name: vc: jeill : 2021-02-02 05:04 ID:ud4M/Uop

buy $GME

4 Name: Anonymous : 2021-02-08 03:49 ID:q3GqfPdN

pork semen

5 Name: Anonymous : 2021-02-11 13:20 ID:GhX1Dg09

  1. Have a target audience.
  2. Target your advertising to your target audience. If you're targeting hipsters, put adverts into soup and salad places and vegan hot dog stands and such. Same for other groups. If you can give people that come advertisement in hand, some places may be more receptive to you advertising there since their customers get a benefit.
  3. Go into public places to advertise. Put up a garden bench, throw a tablecloth on top, and hang a sign off the front and you have a stand to sell your products from. Don't forget to put your website/online shop on the sign.
  4. Potentially (depending on target audience) be ready to make an ass of yourself. Throw together (or sew) a silly costume that stands out and get a gimmick. Think "Burger King", for example. Something that sticks to people's memory and stands out in crowd.

Also, keep costs down. Cost control is vital in any business.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2021-02-11 19:59 ID:l7qRAdz0

I am financially ruined

7 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2021-03-18 05:50 ID:aiI/RhdJ

I hope you put all your points into LCK.

8 Name: Anonymous Counsellor : 2023-03-21 08:26 ID:oH3l7AdG

sex sells, hire some hot girls to market your products, make a lot of videos and post them on social media, or just ask a gen z kid to help and you might succeed or end up in jail

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