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Should advertising be against the rules? (9)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-25 00:56 ID:gvZXZQGp

In my worthless opinion, yes. This site shouldnt just become a giant billboard

2 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-25 01:10 ID:kHitWpzI

Well i agree.

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-25 02:19 ID:hHq33y1u

I think they can be funny in moderation.

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-25 11:41 ID:Heaven

If it's just some guy asking for feedback on his site and it's not copy-pasted over every board, it's not really an issue.

5 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-26 13:52 ID:kHitWpzI

Well yes, but it would be troblesome if bad advertising ruin the site.

6 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-26 18:46 ID:CTv28Jz4

Blatant advertising should be a rule breaker, yes. If some dude has a post log of 0 posts and his first post is just "come check out my VIP quality BBS!" that should be instant ban. If it's some regular posting in general or net or something and wants feedback on their website and incorporates it into a discussion, I think that's reasonable.

7 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-19 02:31 ID:w5PgkKzK

What exactly do you mean by advertising? I see this term abused. "Someone I don't like made a project they want to share" is called "advertising" just as much as the automated spam for penis enlargement pills and such. You need to have a stricter definition of what you want to be forbidden before you ask us if we want to forbid it. I don't like vague rules.

"I know it when I see it!" is NOT justice.

8 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-22 13:45 ID:Emep9Qoh

If Patch spammed his boards here like he does everywhere else, you'd have a different opinion

9 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-23 02:26 ID:z1hkcS2M

Out of interest, what site does he spam?

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Do deleted posts necessarily have to be replaced with a system message? (6)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-16 14:07 ID:qbPZwD1O

Is it done for the sake of transparency or is it a software limitation? If it's the former, then it's just clutter and almost as harmful to the health of a thread as public ban messages on 4chan-based imageboards. It isn't like you know what, when and why it was deleted, only that something used to be there.

Just my two cents, anyway.

2 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-16 15:08 ID:Heaven

This is how most 2ch-like softwares have traditionally handled post deletion. Kareha simply followed Shiichan and 0ch and others which were doing it even before here. It's written firmly in the software I don't even think it can be turned off.

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-16 21:39 ID:Heaven

I mean, 2ch's software is kind of shit. Remember when it was about to go down in the early 2000s until the UNIX board optimized it a bit?

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-18 05:39 ID:PAbB4I17

The software of 2ch is even worse than kareha lol it can't even delete posts, thats why "deleted" posts have all their fields replaced with あぼーん and im pretty sure mods had to do that manually, probably still do? would explain why moderation is so rare

5 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-18 05:57 ID:Heaven

Oh yeah and they have a whole board for reports because they also lack a proper report system

6 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-19 02:34 ID:uhZThS+T

Yes. If you simply delete the post, it affects the message count and the >>reply system. Consider a reply that says >>3,6-8,11. When 7 is deleted, manually updating that >>reply string to >>3,6-7,10 is just a lot of work.

Obviously, you have never programmed a textboard before.

Kareha is public domain software. Why don't you program a report system if you're so clever? It shouldn't be that hard; client-side JS or no.

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[Spam] Moderation requests [Cleanup] (941)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-06-15 12:32 ID:4tY/FN8M

If you spot something that needs moderator attention, post about it here.

Specify the exact thread and post number(s) if possible.

932 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-03 02:08 ID:Heaven

>>928 its either honeypot by governments, or spam by people trying to make money on adlinks. it happens on every board styled forum unfortunately, even the smallest ones.

933 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-10 21:11 ID:Heaven

I think I checked it out once and it was a download to a zip file with a notepad to the website it was advertising.
Can't remember the website or if this was even real.

934 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-10 21:34 ID:Heaven

Never mind, it links to a suspicious page hosted on that links to what I assume are passworded archives of child pornography.

935 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-15 17:13 ID:9p1tscOD

All keyloggers

937 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-23 02:51 ID:Heaven

based goodmin

938 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-23 21:36 ID:Heaven

why is the banner on positioned differently from the other banners?

940 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (Admin) : 2021-10-11 00:08 ID:vLToTP8Y

>>938 No clue, might as well update it to match the other boards.
>>930,931,936,939 Done!
Due to abuse, the TOR block will be returning for a brief period.

941 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-14 21:22 ID:gIn9xaVX

/img/ c-p...

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[Suggestions] [Feedback] New new management [Exciting!] (176)

1 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (Admin) : 2020-10-06 15:42 ID:muTytuBI

BPS has passed the site on to me, as you might have seen. Please use this thread for...

  • reporting anything that seems to be broken
  • any feature requests or other suggestions you might have
  • feedback for my own (and others') proposals and ideas

I'm also going to use this thread as an update log, for convenience.

For anything else, you can reach me over IRC (on #4-ch) or .

167 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-26 05:11 ID:iKSGNOML

Erase and start fresh

168 Name: kuz : 2021-06-09 20:46 ID:ef85vB7W

Add Sexpcode / Lispmark to the site. Both were made by people in the textboard community (Cairnarvon and Archduke)

169 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-06-11 07:51 ID:Heaven

have sexp

170 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-07-03 05:45 ID:iKSGNOML

Bring back 4chan BBS

171 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-08-05 22:04 ID:5PYtD3zI

((●)トェェェイ(●)) is ugly, change it back.

172 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-08-09 13:10 ID:sGeZyIKD

((●)トェェェイ(●)) is great, keep it

173 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-08-09 14:44 ID:HUd5uZkX

((●)トェェェイ(●)) is ugly but perfectly represents DQN, keep it.

174 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-08-11 08:12 ID:kZF3R2S5

((●)トェェェイ(●)) said the N word.

175 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-08-17 16:16 ID:HuQ4rJ2z

Make the next face an image of me having sex

176 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-08-25 18:40 ID:Heaven

I highly doubt such a thing exists!

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Does anyone remember this game? (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-19 04:18 ID:auum9GGd

This is a game I played when I was young a couple times but know can't remember. The game was in a sort of black and white style, but not fully monochrome. It was on the PS2, and you played as this kinda Spy-woman while you did flips and shit and tried to get to the adjective. It was in the third person, as well. Some of the levels took place on this roof of sorts, and I remember getting inside the building before being spotted and apprehended, losing the game. Details on this are very foggy and perhaps false, however.

If anyone has any thought of what this game might have been or what I could be (mis)-remembering, feel free to post video of that vidya.

2 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-19 22:03 ID:Heaven

Not the right board

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-19 22:35 ID:Heaven

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This site is dying (10)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-15 06:00 ID:4dJBNIRw

it was killed by too many zoomers and gen z newfags who dont know about old internet culture and the admin not doing anything about it and letting faguri teens run the site

2 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-15 06:20 ID:mpgGgjcQ

this post is r/mildlyinfuriating

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-15 06:31 ID:DYjdd+1d

You're doing a pretty bad job at pretending to be me nice try OP you're a fag.

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-31 04:41 ID:5HyBWgOK

for teens to be here that would say there are fags posting in the first place

5 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-31 05:35 ID:JrJGAv+7

if you are over 23 years old posting on le anonymous boards you deserve to be launched into the sun

6 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-31 13:52 ID:Heaven

honestly, if you didn't grow up as a privileged internet user before Eternal September, why even bother posting?

7 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-01 12:08 ID:jYjvg+iF

doin backflips over ur lame post OP

8 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-17 19:41 ID:9oXjKstM

kill teens

9 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-08-28 05:16 ID:Heaven

fuck teens

10 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-03 02:09 ID:Heaven

>>5 not all of us have the luxury to grow up.
>>2 go back

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Racism and Transphobia on this site (57, permasaged)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-15 05:22 ID:s67pX4rr

Honestly its just getting out of hand, why wont the admin step in to solve this?

48 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-05 20:48 ID:Heaven


49 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-09 19:54 ID:d+jJevLG

I for one encourage a team of censors like ancient rome baby

50 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-09 21:25 ID:XKknyfzl


51 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-10 20:06 ID:Heaven

>>50 okay, transphobe!

52 Name: Anonymous : 2021-06-10 21:32 ID:3MBWxJqz

its super sad to see how many pathetic assholes they are on sites like these, but im surprised since thats kinda where they're geared.

53 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-06-14 00:03 ID:Heaven

And it's just so typical of the typical violent and misogynist male fantasy! Fucking NEETs.

veri: exige

54 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-06-20 18:50 ID:Heaven

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

55 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-06-22 02:34 ID:Heaven

Based and TERFpilled.

56 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-09 18:05 ID:Heaven

You will never be a TERF. You are a man.

57 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-19 02:32 ID:ngen1W5E

A certain amount of off-color humor is part of what's always made anonymous boards the way they are. But there's a line between spam / trolling / harassment and just enough sass to filter out norms. (Not that 4-ch is exactly a hot destination, but I guess that Wikipedia article on Textboards really draws a lot of people in, huh?)

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Spam Filter Update Requests (12)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-15 18:01 ID:mRjz6wXu

Please filter these urls, they get spammed in every textboard and have been posted here about 30 times.

3 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (fake) : 2021-04-20 03:04 ID:5ZxoCCd/

Cracky stays forever because she's so fucking cute and sweet. Anybody who insults Cracky-chan is banned.

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-20 04:14 ID:Heaven

black penis

5 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-20 08:03 ID:Heaven

black penis

6 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-20 19:01 ID:Heaven

> ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (fake)
> (fake)


7 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-22 10:04 ID:rszCagfy



Go back to 4chan zoomer.

8 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-22 11:46 ID:Heaven

Blow me boomer.

9 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-25 00:39 ID:Heaven

epic toppity 40 keks my friend

10 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-25 08:20 ID:Heaven

To be fair, it could be a Twitch frog instead.


11 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-05-09 19:55 ID:Heaven


12 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-16 05:28 ID:Heaven

praise kek my fellow ebin peperino

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Would admin consider allowing paid banner ads to run on some boards? (18)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-28 18:37 ID:cJFjFtA7

not like juicy ads or some other company, but users could pay to put ads up

9 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-31 04:16 ID:Heaven

  ehehe               ||         lolol
        awesome!    ∧||∧←>>1         haha 
  ∧_∧   ∧_∧      (/ ⌒ヽ      ∧_∧   ∧_∧
 ( ´∀`)  ( ´∀`)      | |   |     (´∀` )  (´∀` )
 (    )  (    )      ∪ / ノ     (    )  (    )
 | | |   | | |       | ||      | | |   | | |
 (__)_)  (__)_)     ∪∪      (_(__)  (_(__)

10 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-03-31 07:09 ID:Heaven

This thread has ended with a peaceful lynching.

11 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-01 12:10 ID:Fh2Tg231

custom banner ads that can be bought by the community is pretty rad. Integrated Facebook/Google/Amazon or any other company is cancer.

12 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-01 13:21 ID:Oa7DDHSr

Nah. Sorry. We all know about the other textboards.

13 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-01 22:27 ID:Heaven

ads = bads

14 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-17 20:43 ID:rM1McROT

ads are shit, but i think they would be very good to keep the site online.

15 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-18 01:53 ID:xJCVvpuu

I've never seen the admin once mention that 4-ch is going through financial issues though.

16 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-19 06:14 ID:Heaven

Why would 4-ch go through financial issues? Hosting is cheap these days, and 4-ch is text-only with a small userbase.

Ads are entirely unnecessary.

17 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-09-03 02:43 ID:Heaven

I wouldn't be surprised if this bbs runs on a $20/year hosting lol

18 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-10-19 02:35 ID:Heaven

How much do you think 4-ch costs to run a month? $300? $500? Textboards are incredibly lightweight. And no, R-ssian, you aren't allowed to shill your product here.

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Big Idea (11)

1 Name: kolyma : 2021-04-06 11:05 ID:EKVUUARn

What if the [bracketed words] in thread titles were given a different color or random colors from a specific pallet? could be cute

2 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-06 13:51 ID:Heaven

I think this idea is a little too big for 4-ch.

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-06 16:10 ID:Heaven

As gay and useless as coloring IDs.

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-06 18:12 ID:Heaven

There was also some guy who suggested sortable subback.html columns; all of these would be great features for a KarehaX userscript or addon.

5 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-06 22:40 ID:Heaven

You could easily make that work server-side without javascript.
Wait, Kareha uses SQL, right??

6 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-07 07:25 ID:Heaven

Nope, only Wakaba does.

7 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-07 17:24 ID:JnVttwua

Surely other textboard software also uses SQL.

8 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-07 18:21 ID:FMwChUuS

Didn't shiichan?

9 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-08 00:35 ID:tOPqgZWF


10 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-14 20:01 ID:g8sbJBTg

I've always thought a cool idea for a textboard software would be to actually use title tags as functional tags that can be searched on a separate page showing all [TAGS].

11 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2021-04-15 15:21 ID:Heaven

That's what Ctrl-F on subback.html is for.

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New thread

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