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Online Communities (15)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-12 02:18 ID:4s9qssME

For some reason I feel so awkward in online chatrooms, ircs, discords or whatever. I feel just as socially awkward as I do in real life despite my social presence being purely text. I haven't been able to really get into any online community or really get to know anyone due to this. Do any of you have any suggestions on getting over this?

6 Name: Anonymous : 2019-06-26 09:26 ID:X6mEwiNY


>Do any of you have any suggestions on getting over this?

I meditate. It's quite refreshing. Don't try to use online chat things like discord, anything with a name attached is normally a hellhole filed with maymay retards that were born yesterday. It's best to live with your own mind and keep yourself occupied,and use places like this for interaction. If it's too much then do what >>2 said and find something you're passionate for.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2019-06-27 07:51 ID:4s9qssME

Thanks for the help. I guess I'll just continue using various chans and such for now. From my experience using discords and such, the communities do tend to be pretty bad.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2019-07-02 06:14 ID:d9PT1O+5

i cant really function online as well, its almost like i dont exist when i try to communicate. when i do voice chat though, im usually just dismissed as a loud eurofag and then muted.
so, i cant give any good advice, since i have no experience of my own

9 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-19 08:01 ID:uIjB2HFN

have sex incel

10 Name: Anonymous : 2019-09-04 09:43 ID:F/DJsq/3

don't have sex volcel

11 Name: Anonymous : 2019-09-14 22:47 ID:bm8UrnP2


12 Name: Anonymous : 2019-09-22 05:00 ID:X6mEwiNY

XD got em! what a bunch of losers! I too think that losing one's virginity will change their personality for the better!

13 Name: Anonymous : 2019-09-29 23:26 ID:gzKgdLWv

Believe me, if I started having sex there'd be none of ya' left.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2019-09-30 02:57 ID:oFswDTeJ

You will not replicate human connection online

15 Name: Anonymous : 2019-10-02 02:41 ID:bm8UrnP2

>>14 Its close enough, only difference is ease of disconnection.

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Suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks (5)

1 Name: suffering : 2019-07-07 00:40 ID:k4VpSgrK

I'm suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks !! Supersonic terrorisms !!

The supersonic attacker is also in Yamaguchi city.

2 Name: kusohead : 2019-07-07 11:14 ID:Heaven


3 Name: Anonymous : 2019-07-12 17:34 ID:Fk+ljArD


4 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-20 00:35 ID:fgVijRt7

Attack this! shits diaper

5 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-23 00:39 ID:qFVBCHsk

clean it up mom!

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death is the only hope (62)

1 Name: warez otoko : 2007-03-21 11:32 ID:KJnzZezY

I can't take it anymore. I'm so alone, I have no friends, girls don't even look at me. Everybody is having fun, they are full of love, all except me.
I'm a complete failure, 10 years of isolation, I barely finished high school, dropped out of university, and found a stoopid job anyone could do.
There's no way out, I have no idea how people become friends with each other, how they find love. Oh wait, once in 26 years I actually found that.. once in 26.. that means I have to wait another 26 to stumble on a person who likes me, and I'll be old already..
I tried to tell them.. I told them I was alone.. but no one understands.. they think it's some stoopid temporary loneliness.. they are used to have all they want, to find new friends and lovers the same way you download new games from the internet... how could they understand what it means to have no friends, no company, no woman around for the most part of ur life, and not knowing how to find them.
Everybody has a family, friends, a girl, everybody is loved... but me, and I don't know how to get out of this... once you lose all social connections, it's done. It isn't necessary to be a hikki, it just happens, you lose all childhood friends, and zzap you're alone for life.
What I have done to deserve this.

53 Post deleted by moderator.

54 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-09 19:17 ID:Heaven

uhm. I came?

55 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-13 14:02 ID:WldANiVb

dicks out for Harambe

56 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-08 07:57 ID:0CBkwNL9

I feel the same way as OP. There's some useful advice in this thread. I'm going to work on improving myself and trying to strike up convos with people. Thanks

57 Post deleted.

58 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-16 15:10 ID:Heaven

Was it good?

59 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-05 21:22 ID:nAqwikSB

lmao this thread was made in 2007

I wonder how old the OP is now, are you still alive?

I'm 27 myself and have been alone my whole life and a hikikomori since 12.
What you gotta do OP is get over that feeling and learn to find happiness in solitary life.
You'll realize that it's better to be "alone" that constantly around others.
You don't need others for happiness, just find things in life that bring you happiness and joy.

60 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-21 04:49 ID:Heaven

I really just browsed here out of curiosity. I actually might have read this very thread when I was in high school, and forgot about it because it's uncomfortable to hear about people feeling they should just give up on life. These days I can understand how OP is feeling, getting older and feeling like you're just wasting away your life is tough, and feeling like you could be having a more fulfilling social life. I don't get so choked up over a lack of a social life, too much, I have plenty of friends online. It doesn't bother me too much I don't have any friends irl, except one I hadn't hung out in person with in over a year. Crippling social anxiety is a bitch, though. Being so terrified in public that it's exhausting everytime is no fun.
I'm a transwoman and have been struggling hard through my adult life. Only the past 3 years I've been full time. I was laid off work for that and it's hard for me to get myself back on my feet, because I've always dealt with anxiety, worried people just see me as a timid piece of garbage, and now worried they see me as a freak. Deep down I know I'm not a bad looking person and I'm good at socializing casually, at least once I'm comfortable with someone. Even though I know this, it's hard for me to keep myself convinced. I'm only going to cause myself more regret in the future, nothing should be stopping me from progress.
It's really never too late to realize these toxic mindsets are nothing but toxic, and they do nothing but bog you down from at least being proud of the hobbies and so on you do enjoy, even if your life isn't exactly ideal. You don't need to have a great job, be a social butterfly, or fit the ideal beauty standards! Most people I become friends with online don't fit into any of those, but they are still great people I enjoy the company of, with their own unique personalities/experiences. You should want to improve yourself and your life, but don't get bogged down by what you don't have yet, or for not meeting your goals sooner! It's hard to stay positive in this world, and you never really be able to always stay positive. All any of us can do is try, and no one is truly alone on this.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

61 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-06 18:54 ID:Heaven

The idea that there are new human in the same exact position as OP was more than 10 years ago is frightening. The people themselves aren't scary, but the fact that this situation has been constantly recurring for people all over the world without any headway is what is frightening.

And yeah, I think the advise regarding meet-ups with people for like-minded hobbies is probably the best advise. That way, you know that everyone in your vicinity is there for the same reason you are. For example, if you get into WarHammer 40K, once you get your army together you can find a table and wait for someone else who is also looking for a match.

62 Name: Anonymous : 2019-06-16 10:17 ID:M2KNOX3B

OP is literally me but 10 years in the past

10 years have passed but nothing has changed for people like us there's not place for us in this world

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Hikikomoris/Hikikomori wannabes: How do you make money for a living? (219)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2006-10-22 03:49 ID:Heaven

I was going to ask this question to the last poster in the Baby Human topic, but decided I should probably make atopic out of it.

Well, how do you survive? Live with your parents, work off the internet, live with other relatives, supported by girlfriend/friends, still go to school, still go to work, inheritage, participate in money farming?

Post your source of income here, along with your age, if you feel like it.

As for me: Age 21. I live with my parents, but most of my income comes from my community college (still trying to get through it). The rest comes from different things I've done online, like checks from those free Ipod sites and ads on sites I've ran.

210 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-09 12:08 ID:U/C8Wm5M

I am a hiki with zero prospects and an intense disinterest in engaging reality. I need to make some money. I would try to scam people on kickstarter but I am also a coward! Suggestions welcome.

211 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-09 13:03 ID:SjbfUAS5

I am working as part-time prostitute :D

212 Name: Anonymous : 2014-10-10 20:51 ID:gLEyuxJe


Get on welfare dude

213 Post deleted.

214 Post deleted.

215 Name: Anonymous : 2018-11-03 08:18 ID:l5vOnVae

Why was my post deleted?


Just because you don't agree with a post doesn't give you the right to delete it and silence debate like a jew

216 Name: Anonymous : 2018-12-06 08:14 ID:Heaven

What was your post? Why was it deleted?

217 Post deleted.

218 Name: sage : 2019-04-26 16:35 ID:Heaven


Another one was deleted lol

219 Name: Anonymous : 2019-06-16 10:14 ID:0u76vFbT

I can't think of anything and soon I'll end up on the streets

All the doors are barred I have nowhere to go

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hope scottie find's something soon!! :( (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-25 07:22 ID:6W+vTzvS


2 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-31 17:41 ID:Heaven


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Quant (4)

1 Name: Quant : 2013-03-31 12:56 ID:fExASWDX

How do you manage your time between recreation/entertainment and productive work on your priorities?

I am transitioning from breaks when I feel like it, where I blend media, trolling youtube, physical activity and motivational videos slowly into my work.

Break size is usually about 10 mins, but can be up to 30 mins 20% of the time I take breaks. It really varies and I basically do it till I am motivated to work some more.

Work consists of reading material on the internet on philosophy and psychology, asking questions about life on 4chan, performing actions related to email, research companies for where I want to work eventually, writing down ideas for businesses, sorting folders and bookmarks, planning, working on my plans for life. It's stressful!

This happens roughly after 40 minutes after starting my work day. Then, I get itchy to break after another 20 mins or so. Then 10mins...

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2013-04-07 06:08 ID:hCjRxAkR

3 Name: Mr Write : 2013-05-24 06:47 ID:HHNWtiOf

Some personal bits; you may or may not find them relevant:

Currently, I'm motivating by rewarding each math problem done, with a panel of Homestuck. Good times. Or, if I'm doing some reading, I might intersperse every few pages with a quick level in Sonic 2 or something short'n'sweet like that.

Whenever I feel like it, I lie down on my bed to defrag for a few minutes. I've also found that, as much as I like background music, it distracts me too much. Also, I work better on an empty stomach (and think better with good nutrition (read: China Study)).

One of the most important things, is to get away from any constant feeds. Anything that gives you an excuse to open up the browser and check the latest things is a HUGE detriment to your productivity.

Even more important, though, is to always remember that you'll never feel like doing work, until you actually start working; so just get started on it regardless of how you feel.

4 Post deleted.

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Donald Trump raped me (12)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-16 13:21 ID:x0A6rq6j

Donald Trump raped me

3 Post deleted.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-05 13:37 ID:BX7kudt8

dicks out for H@rambe

5 Post deleted.

6 Name: anon : 2017-08-03 12:07 ID:m528pWxm

me too

7 Name: Furp : 2017-09-23 23:15 ID:oNUo9w1G

Furp doesn't want you kill your mommy. Molest your sister instead. Furp out.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-01 19:11 ID:QKsu872X

Dolan is a bad man

9 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-21 02:47 ID:HMyMzxtV

Trump raped that fucking gorilla as well.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-04 22:58 ID:IueSvNhG

"It's gonna be great. Believe me."

11 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-14 06:12 ID:jVD8moV+

I am literally only posting because my capctha is thiche

12 Name: Donald Trump : 2019-02-28 06:58 ID:LIh4XADk

Michael Cohen raped me

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What are you afraid of? What are your phobias? (4)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-01 10:50 ID:rP3rAlIK

Tell about

2 Name: python tamer : 2018-10-01 11:07 ID:rP3rAlIK

I'm very afraid of thunderstorms and I'm not just afraid. It's not enough for me to hide under the blanket to feel protection because it's my real phobia. It was easier for me only the husband who installed the ligth protection , though it did not take away my phobia, it's easier for me to experience any thunderstorm ...

3 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-02 21:15 ID:PkK3fACt


4 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-06 20:00 ID:Sa3KRTWs

I'm pretty sure I have a phobia of bees. When I was walking in the park with my mom and dad when I was little, I was biting/chewing my lip and a bee just happened to fly right into my lips as I was biting. It hurt so much that I will jolt every time an unidentified insect flies near/at me.

If they are on the other side of a glass wall or something, I'm fine but I freak out even if people say it's "the harmless kind" or whatever the fuck. *Every time I tried to just stand still and not move, I got stung anyway. Fuck you, bees.

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I have a plan to stop being a NEET (17)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-06 00:25 ID:457ISoe1

I'm a recovering hikikomori. About which, let's just say I was born into a dysfunctional family.

I'm currently a NEET, I've been one since I last dropped out of highschool years ago, and I've never really worked, except for something very informal months ago and which only lasted a couple of days, because I messed it up.

I have a plan to socially recover and sustainably stop being a NEET. Not that I think one "should" work, I'm critical of work, but I do think it can be advantageous to do so.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2016-10-19 05:19 ID:26kzuYBb

Thank you.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2017-05-11 05:18 ID:FDjgc51A

So how did this all end up? I've been a NEET for 20 straight years now and I want out but don't know how to do it. I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-06 12:13 ID:02McTTrc


20 years? could you write a quick story? what even happened

11 Name: Anonymous : 2017-08-15 08:51 ID:XwP1QyX8

Any tips on staying sane?

12 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-14 02:31 ID:UWW3fMk1

Best of luck, trying to get out of NEETdom myself right now. Fucking sucks but I have to do it.

13 Post deleted.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-26 06:09 ID:O17/tC35

At 13 I wanted to stay at home and not go to school any more so that's what I did. Both my parents worked so everyday I pretended to go to school then come back home once they've left. When I couldn't do that I'd take my bike and ride around the huge park near my house and explore or if I had some money I'd spend it playing some street fighter and house of the dead. Some days when it was nice outside I would catch a train to somewhere I've never been to and explore on my skateboard until it was time to go home.

When my parents found out what I was doing it was too late and I had to repeat the year which I sure as fuck wasn't going to do. So I just stayed home again. After a while when my parents found out again the school sent some counsellor for a chat. I don't really remember what was said because I zoned out through the whole thing but basically my parents said they didn't know what to do with me. Eventually I was kicked out of school and I've been at home doing whatever I feel like ever since.

What do you mean by this exactly?

15 Name: J : 2017-10-26 09:54 ID:Y/F03mnQ

Do you want to go to nice trip for free?
And do you want to earn more?
If you think so , please visit the site below and sign up.

16 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-26 15:36 ID:dJRzryUD


>have to leave the house for a trip
>actually having a job in the first place to be able to "earn more"

Spammer really knows his audience.

17 Name: Anonymous : 2018-11-30 01:07 ID:FGIkqeQq

I enjoyed your story. Brings back some memories of my own.

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On pubic hair. (17)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-19 14:39 ID:sQLWR0ni

How much do you love pubic hair? (Whether yours, or your partner's, or someone else's.)

I've been wondering quite a bit. Seems that these days people cherish a well-trimmed section more than a natural one. Personally, I prefer untrimmed girls. It feels more... well, real, and mature/adult. Shaved parts leave me feeling all weird inside.

Must explain why I love Japanese women -- probably because the majority of their films have their women in unshaved form.

I've also heard that in Korea, women are (sort of) culturally required to maintain their pubic hair. It's a sign of fertility, or something like that. Anyone know anything (or more) about this? I'd appreciate if you could enlighten me.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-30 02:38 ID:x/OLygZU

I can't stand pubic hair!

9 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-01 15:26 ID:Heaven

i like it on the head.

10 Name: cuntcuntcunt : 2007-05-01 16:53 ID:XAJO3WHe

Closet Pedo? Because we don't like hair?

Yeah. Or we are gay?


11 Name: Unknown : 2007-05-02 02:16 ID:/SrYgyXQ

How do you trim a man's hair? I mean I always thought about shaving it all off but trimming it? this is news to me? Is it better and how do you do it?

12 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-02 15:58 ID:3tu+oudB

scissors/hair clippers. pretty obvious i wouldve thought lol i prefer it to be trimmed, it looks nicer and a little bit bigger. i dont like it when its really short though. it can be shorter on the balls, but around the base of the penis it needs some hair, rather than stubble-length kinda stuff

13 Post deleted by moderator.

14 Post deleted by moderator.

15 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-12 14:01 ID:bDrxvoEW

dicks out for Harambe

16 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-13 20:57 ID:4XXdyYXK

I have hairs growing on my balls. It's a pain to trim them and obviously impossible to shave. Is this just shit genes or is this a more common occurrence?

17 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-06 18:17 ID:Heaven

I'm pretty sure it's a common occurrence.

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New thread

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