Tom Hiddleston 4 (1000)

1 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-27 14:03 ID:Heaven

Thread to talk about actor Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston 1:

Tom Hiddleston 2:

Tom Hiddleston 3:

2 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-27 14:03 ID:Heaven

TIFF: ISTL Sept 11. HR Sept. 13
Calgary Festival: ISTL gala (Sept 23)
San Sebastian Festival: HR (Sept 19-26)
Atlantic Film Festival Halifax, Nova Scotia: ISTL (Sept 17-24)
Zurich Festival: HR (Sept 24 – Oct 4)
Austin Fantastic Fest: HR (Sept 24-Oct 1)
Austin Film Festival: ISTL (Oct 29 - Nov 5)

3 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-27 14:16 ID:g7mIS63y

A few tweets coming through about HR being at BFI-LFF, but no confirmation until next week. We shall see.

4 Name: Anon : 2015-08-27 14:37 ID:ACqKSePP

Wow we have buzzed through an entire thread in a month. Anon., remember when you wondered if he would still be with EO by the end of the thread? Well he is. Or isn't. Bwahahaha!

5 Name: anonymous : 2015-08-27 14:43 ID:L5RlQINp


And ... .3 - 2 - 1 ... here come the posts where he is 100% definately not with her that (insert expletive of your choice) hussy from America etc etc etc.

But seriously - only he and his beloved (or not) know.

Facing the facts, his longest and most enduring relationship thus far is with one W. Shakespeare esq.


6 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-27 14:51 ID:Jm4DPMnp

To pick up on the previous actor discussion:

I would say neither BW or ER are good comparisons with TH:

BW is an actor's actor - straight up; boy's got chops! But he prefers small parts - all of his upcoming parts are small/supporting roles - and stage work. That's how he keeps his private life, private - he doesn't play the movie star/fame game.

ER is actually behind TH in terms of 'movie star fame.' Yes, I know he has an Oscar, and his people wrangled an OBE for him because of that Oscar, but he was staring in TV mini-series and supporting parts in movies like Les Miserables and The Other Boleyn Girl when TH was doing Thor(s), Avengers, The Hollow Crown. ER's first major staring screen role just happened to be a big hit - and rightly so - with critics. So, it was like he catapulted over the fame game into the 'I'm a serious actor' job. Movies like Thor and Avengers require an actor to play the fame game - as TH did in S. Korea. Movies like TToE don't. I mean, TH is strutting around in horns with a scepter - he's going to get 'Were you feeling horny?' and 'Tell me about your big scepter.' questions. ER was in a wheelchair for most of his movie, he's not going to be asked to sing and dance or do impressions of Chris Evans.

Neither BW or ER want to or had/need to play the fame game. TH needed to for his movies. And maybe he wanted/wants to in pursuit of attention and approval - two things he likes very much.

What TH needs is a part like ER's in TToE - a part where he doesn't need to do the silly things he did on the Avengers or Thor 2 press tours. I think we thought that was going to be ISTL, but Pap Night '15 may have scuppered that - I don't know. I'm still hoping it - and HR - can earn him some acting cred.

(I hate it when my posts end up looking like book chapters.)

7 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-27 14:57 ID:Jm4DPMnp

>>4 Well, technically, I never said they were 'together' - I've got just as much idea as the rest of us outsiders about that hazy, hot mess of a relationship!

But since she's not in London anymore, and he has to take his books on lunch dates, I guess she didn't outlast the thread!

But I know what did and always will outlast every thread from here to the END OF TIME...Pap Night '15. Never forget, never forget.

8 Name: Anon : 2015-08-27 15:06 ID:ACqKSePP

I've had taxi rides that were a hot mess. That was just a mess.

9 Name: EO, I mean Anon. : 2015-08-27 15:07 ID:Jm4DPMnp

I know from an inside source that he is definitely still with EO!!

Their relationship is getting serious - via Skype and text. He's ready to settle down and have kids and so am I, I mean, so is she.

PS - I've heard really good things about ISTL and EO's performance in it.

10 Name: lex : 2015-08-27 15:25 ID:+/jgLHPZ

>>9 impossible. Audrey was a dreadful singer so is EO. plus this Audrey was a rather nasty bitchy personality so I'm kinda glad they picked a bitch to play bitch lol.

11 Name: anonsy : 2015-08-27 15:26 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>9 You made me laugh so hard I snorted.

12 Name: EO, I mean Anon. : 2015-08-27 15:39 ID:Jm4DPMnp

>>8 I sooo wish those two would have gotten into the taxi like this.

'Yeah, we're going home to BONE - and bone hard - whatcha gonna do?! Laters, haters!'

If EO had done this, I don't think we'd have that pic of TH getting into his own car alone. Girl, you played the wrong cards. Next time, you'll know better.

13 Name: lex : 2015-08-27 15:41 ID:+/jgLHPZ

>>12 only there will be no next time.

14 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-27 15:42 ID:Jm4DPMnp

>>11 I try. But I've shot myself in the foot, because now my name automatically sets to 'EO, I mean Anon.'

15 Name: Anon : 2015-08-27 16:13 ID:ACqKSePP

For Lex. Sometimes links to Torrilla's Weibo don't open for me either so here is the article on tumblr:

16 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-27 16:14 ID:Jm4DPMnp

https://twitter. com/Loki_Page/status/636930160290238465

HR as a BFI Gala Screening.

Wonder why Cannes turned it down? Were they still tinkering with it back then?

17 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-27 16:23 ID:Heaven

>>16 yes, HR was still in post-production and couldn't make it for cannes

18 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-27 16:24 ID:Heaven

TIFF: ISTL Sept 11. HR Sept. 13
Calgary Festival: ISTL gala (Sept 23)
San Sebastian Festival: HR (Sept 19-26)
Atlantic Film Festival Halifax, Nova Scotia: ISTL (Sept 17-24)
Zurich Festival: HR (Sept 24 – Oct 4)
Austin Fantastic Fest: HR (Sept 24-Oct 1)
BFI London Film Festival: HR (Oct. 9)
Austin Film Festival: ISTL (Oct 29 - Nov 5)

19 Name: lex : 2015-08-27 16:38 ID:PLhXPjpJ

>>15 aww thanks a lot!

20 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 06:47 ID:6t4gyPzE

https://twitter. com/reyhabspie/status/637105839447392260
the poster says he is in Toronto. I'm not sure he is...

21 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 06:48 ID:6t4gyPzE

https://twitter. com/LibraGirl024/status/635838215388139521

I can't understand, is it official or based on a stupid joke from G guy back months ago?

22 Name: anonsy : 2015-08-28 06:56 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>20 Yeah, she's probably mistaken. I think it's a little early for him to be there, and there haven't actually been any sightings.

23 Name: anonsy : 2015-08-28 06:59 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>21 For some reason those Sandman rumors resurfaced again, but Neil Gaiman has denied them on Twitter just this week. So no Sandman for Tom.

24 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 07:21 ID:6t4gyPzE

>>23 oh great! I've heard that he wasn't going to be in that movie, so that's why I was so confused. but duh. the article that uses bustle as a reference... the only thing I liked is about Tom and Purseface lol. the only truth (half true) in that.

25 Name: anonsy : 2015-08-28 07:22 ID:vIW3gBsS

Here are a few of Neil Gaiman's tweets about it, for reference.

https://twitter. com/neilhimself/status/634078579287027712
https://twitter. com/neilhimself/status/634049202834812928
https://twitter. com/neilhimself/status/633826325187428353

26 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 15:50 ID:g7mIS63y

>>20 >>22 Oh, we will know. There will be four sightings at Heathrow, a few on the plane, and then plenty from Toronto.

I hope that when he arrives he recreates the pap shots from CP filming - the ones where he was looking fierce in an absolutely unnecessary jacket.

Work it, TH...while, of course, being all about THE WORK.

27 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 16:16 ID:E5uqGJaS

>>26 you mean forgetting wearing his underwear? that's definitely not a fold of the cloth lol. oh, Thomas...

28 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 18:19 ID:E5uqGJaS

ah so there is a new "source" that told them she got there after the Paris fashion week to meet him. I wonder why the Purseface wasn't seen with him immediately and wasn't taken to Wimbledon. not good and smart enough.

people can't get tired of this bullshit...

29 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 18:47 ID:ACqKSePP

>>28 not I think a new source but a rehash of the US Weekly story.

30 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-28 18:49 ID:Heaven

The closer we get to ISTL's first red carpet, the more "articles" of this kind we are going to get. Hardly surprising.
The comments are a must-read.

31 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 18:50 ID:ACqKSePP

>>26 My absolute fave from Toronto is this one of him checking himself out in a window!

32 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 19:13 ID:E5uqGJaS

>>30 sadly some of them are right. I myself know at least ten fans excluding myself who won't see the movie with the Purseface in it, and there are more. I believe Tom was caught in Purseface PR game and there will be no even friendship between them, but it affects him badly. and it's sad.

33 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 19:30 ID:g7mIS63y

>>31 He's probably thinking, 'Geez, I know this was a freebie from Jessica's bf, but it's shite.'

He looks a little ridiculous with the huge jacket and his toothpick-thin leg. Fitted, skinny-boy, fitted.

34 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 19:40 ID:ACqKSePP

>>33 He and casual style are not best friends.

35 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 19:52 ID:g7mIS63y

Anon is correct - Franchise Herald is one of those click-bait,online-only sites that rehash articles from other sources. Others are Venture Post, Christian Daily? - there are a lot of them.

Unfortunately, some people think that these articles = TH or EO PR at work. Not the case. We can debate about US Weekly/Just Jared and even the DM being official mouthpieces, but these sites/articles aren't worth the time.

There are some people who think that these articles are leading up to an engagement/pregnancy announcement. Well, anything is possible, I guess. But either of these are highly unlikely. I know that Cumberbatch last year was a game changer for fandoms, but BC '14 is not the norm.

If there is a sloooowly blossoming relationship (shoulder shrug), we might get an idea of it at TIFF - maybe they'll be seen together outside of official events, maybe they'll walk the carpet together, maybe one will make a comment about actually being in a relationship with the other (shock, gasp!) Maybe, they'll show us if they show up at the Calgary FF - they will wear matching western wear as a sign to fans, obviously.

36 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 19:57 ID:g7mIS63y

I think those pap photos from Toronto were taken when he was visiting a spa...maybe he'll show up there with EO!!

The couple that spas together, stays together - if they're together at all.

37 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 19:59 ID:ACqKSePP

>>35 Pregnancy rumours? God. I haven't seen these. Presumably put about on the basis that it isn't implausible in the sense that they are heterosexual and of childbearing age so maybe it will come true and then they can say they predicted it all along. The BBC says it will rain in London with much the same game plan in view.

38 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 20:00 ID:ACqKSePP

Like Mrs Marcellus Wallace he loves a good foot massage.

39 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 20:14 ID:g7mIS63y

>>37 I think people are thinking that TH will 'pull a Cumberbatch,' which means relationship (BAM), engagement (BAM), pregnancy (BAM-BAM). Did you blink - because you missed it if you did. Thanks to BC, relationship, engagement and pregnancy just go hand-in-hand.

>>38 Do you think they charge him extra for those boats he's got for feet?

40 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-28 20:18 ID:Heaven

He has a thing for spa, but I think the visit in Toronto was on order from GdT, I remember Jim Beaver wrote about having to go too.

41 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 20:21 ID:ACqKSePP

It was a translation error. Someone said that you go to a spa to get your beaver sorted out and GdT misunderstood.

42 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-28 20:21 ID:Heaven

>>36 so I guess the fact that the spa got shut down by the police was a sign that it was never going to work.

43 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 20:33 ID:g7mIS63y

>>41 I ALWAYS go to the spa to get my beaver sorted.

44 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 20:37 ID:g7mIS63y

>>40 And how do I get the type of boss that orders me to go to a spa? Seriously, boy has got it MADE: Jim Beaver, hot and cold running beaver, free jackets - even if they are ridiculous, enforced trips to a spas.

45 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 20:44 ID:E5uqGJaS

>>36 are you joking ( I hope) . my sense of humor dies when something like that is said.

the only one true gf he had was Susannah. all the rest - forgive my French- were expensive prostitutes. the Purseface is one of them.

coach potato, now you can lecture me for harsh words.

46 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 20:48 ID:ACqKSePP

This work spa thang is very overrated. I once went on a business trip to Morocco and got offered a free hammam with a (fortunately female) colleague. We were sitting there in our bikinis when two burly Moroccan ladies marched in. Suddenly we were laying naked side by side on a slab having what looked like builders' gravel rubbed into our titties by people who didn't care about inflicting pain. My suffering was not reduced by the fact that I have now seen a work colleague in the nude. Though I guess TH gets that without having to visit the spa.

47 Name: lex : 2015-08-28 21:23 ID:E5uqGJaS

>>46 you can't be serious about Tom.sleeping with his colleagues. or you read too much of Toby.

48 Name: anonsy : 2015-08-28 21:25 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>47 I think Anon just meant seeing work colleagues naked - he's done sex scenes, there was that story he told Josh Horowitz about seeing Hemsworth naked, and apparently Luke Evans' character in HR runs around naked for a bit.

49 Name: Anon : 2015-08-28 21:27 ID:ACqKSePP

>>47 Get a grip. Who mentioned sleeping with anybody's colleagues? I said I had seen a work colleague naked at a spa. I then said he had seen his work colleagues naked without having to go to a spa. Which in some cases he undoubtedly has done.

50 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-28 23:00 ID:g7mIS63y

>>46 What is it with that? I had the same happen to me in Germany. Hey, Brunhilda, the towel is there for a reason - because you haven't bought me dinner and you don't know my middle name, which means you do not get to look at my lady bits.

>>47 Anon didn't mention Tom sleeping with colleagues. I think Anon made a joke - she's cheeky like that; it's why we love her. We don't know about Tom sleeping with colleagues. He may have. Lots of people have. And we've already talked about how movie sets are places where people become very close - as part of their job descriptions - and share intimate moments and emotions. Their time on the ISTL set is part of the reason why there MAY have been/is something between TH and EO.

>>45 I'm not joking. The couple that spas together does stay together...just ask my wife, Brunhilda.

51 Name: lex : 2015-08-29 04:32 ID:E5uqGJaS

>>50f aha yeah sure. stay together. lol.

52 Name: lex : 2015-08-29 04:39 ID:E5uqGJaS

https://twitter. com/brielarson/status/637435671825661952
I think that's why he was seen in a gym. Skull Island is happening thanks God

53 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-29 06:08 ID:Heaven

You know Lex, I think that not only this is not the place for you, any community isn't the place for you.
You can't go one post without insulting someone.
So, please, go away. Open a tumblr blog or something and rant there.

To everyone else, ignore her.

54 Name: lex : 2015-08-29 06:48 ID:E5uqGJaS

>>53 you know what? it's rather interesting that everyone is slowed to have their opinion except me. everyone is allowed to say what they want except me. I winder why. is it because I have a different opinion then you and call Elizabeth Olsen her real name and say the truth about the status of their relationship? is it because some people here troll me and then I'm the one who is guilty? nice, very nice.

we will see who will laugh in the end. very soon I will remind you about this every thing.

55 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-29 07:04 ID:Heaven

>>54 Elizabeth Olsen real name is Elizabeth Olsen.
And the point is not that you can't express your opinion, the point is that every time you do so you use insults. You seem incapable to go more than 4 words without resentment or vomit.

The truth on the status of their relationship is only known to 2 people: TH and EO. Everything else is an opinion, and opinions are by definition subjective.

Laugh in the end? Grow up, little girl.
There are 8/9 people writing here, I'm pretty sure that most of them think it most likely that there's no relationship, but just because they don't write so at every post now there's a conspiracy against you? This is being delusional and paranoid.

56 Name: lex : 2015-08-29 07:33 ID:E5uqGJaS

be sure that's my last post here.

little girl? lol. think what you want, coach potato. I told you we will see who will laugh in the end, remeber y words very well, because soon you will have it we're you who were wrong. remeber my name. you will hear it. I promise you that. and trust me, you will recognize me.


57 Name: Anon : 2015-08-29 09:19 ID:ACqKSePP

Coach potato?

58 Name: anonsy : 2015-08-29 09:26 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>57 Now all we need is a team name.

59 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-29 11:53 ID:g7mIS63y

Did lex insult anyone? I mean, she insulted EO, because that's what she does, and she jumped to the wrong conclusion - and too quickly - about what Anon wrote, but we've all done that (damn you, internet, for not having a laugh track or being able to convey sarcasm).

And, lex, I genuinely don't think anyone was trolling you. Most of what we write here, as I see it, is very much tongue in cheek. I don't really think that they will show up in Calgary wearing matching tassels and cowboy hats as a way to confirm their relationship - it's a joke.

And....back to TH and The Work.

61 Name: Anon. : 2015-08-29 12:04 ID:g7mIS63y

>>52 I guess she was prepping for SI, Couch. I wonder when TH is meant to join? Is the prep work meant to start in late October or is the actual filming meant to start then, so that he would be required earlier? I guess in theory, he might be required right after TIFF and not be available for some/a lot of the other film festivals. Boooo.

Now I'm in two minds about the 'visuals' of this movie. We might get a built-up Coriolanus bod from TH, or we might get a 'I sweated have my body weight away in a jungle' look. Fingers firmly crossed for the former.

Hopefully, Brie will be good about documenting SI filming on her social media, because we all know someone else won't!!

62 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-29 12:13 ID:Heaven

>>59 if you want her around start a new thread and invite her there. In my thread you don't call people prostitute because they had dinner with the actor you are obssessed about.

63 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-08-29 12:17 ID:Heaven

>>61 the call in Atlanta was for Oct. 18th but I have no idea if TH and the rest of the cast will also start filming that day. But since they are prepping now I imagine filming can't be too far away.
I think after TIFF he will surely be at BFI, other festival are definetely a maybe.

64 Name: Anon : 2015-08-29 13:39 ID:ACqKSePP

>>62 I'm with Coach on this one. Poking a bit of fun at someone because they behaved in a silly way around some paps - ok. Calling some poor woman a prostitute because she was seen with TH - not ok. She's quick to accuse me of reading too much bycycle but that is exactly the sort of vitriolic nuttery that the loonies over there post (for example about Sophie Hunter because she got pregnant before she and Cumberbatch were engaged). Take it elsewhere.

66 Name: anonsy : 2015-08-31 21:00 ID:vIW3gBsS

I have a question, since Tom seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. How do things generally work at TIFF? Do they do interviews and photoshoots during the festival, or is that something the actors would go to Toronto early to do? I'm mostly just wondering when we can expect to start hearing about Tom sightings in Toronto.

67 Name: anonymous : 2015-08-31 21:50 ID:4JQCRxPa

No idea how things work at TIFF BUT to break up the radio silence, I will just say that the weather in London is currently woeful - I imagine that it is absolutely lovely in Bora Bora ;)

He surely has to turn up at Hamlet at some point .. unless he's going to one of the film screenings. It would be terribly rude othewise..

68 Name: anonymous : 2015-09-01 02:55 ID:4JQCRxPa

From the bicycle site:

Sounds like a rumour tacked onto layers of old rumours... a rumour mille feuille...

69 Name: anonsy : 2015-09-01 03:01 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>68 Hahaha yeah, I looked up all the legitimate articles and sources and photos from that night, and neither of them was at the party. Someone at classicalite just wanted to get some clicks.

70 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 06:23 ID:Heaven

>>66 from what I remember of 2013, it's all during the festivals, because you may need all the cast present for photos and most of all some productions may not have the money to pay a long stay at a fancy hotel. I think TH will likely be in Toronto on the 9th at the earliest or the 10th at the latest.

>>69 especially since at wrap-up parties there are always paps at the exit.

71 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 06:27 ID:Heaven
"Sources suggest the Marvel superhero blockbuster would shoot in Queensland early next year, with production beginning in earnest in March.
Both Captain Marvel – the first female led comic book actioner from the studio – and Thor: Ragnarok are the titles being considered to film in Australia."

"The news comes after another blockbuster – Kong: Skull Island – prepares to film at Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast for a six-week stretch.
Although majority of the shoot will be offshore, the Universal and Legendary Pictures production – which stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larsson – will film locally from mid-September."

72 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 06:27 ID:Heaven


That explains the early preparation.

73 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 06:29 ID:Heaven

"September 13th
Today is the best day to see Tom Hiddleston in High-Rise (9:30 PM, VISA Screening Room), because the screening will feature an extended Q&A after the movie."

74 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 09:22 ID:Heaven

We already knew but now it's official, High Rise at BFI London Film festival.

Nothing for ISTL.

75 Name: anonsy : 2015-09-01 09:38 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>74 A couple new High Rise images in that link! Finally, something new! Maybe we will get a trailer soon.

76 Post deleted.

77 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 10:11 ID:Heaven

>>75 yes! I find the one with Irons and kids already creepy.

78 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 10:14 ID:Heaven

79 Name: anonymous : 2015-09-01 11:50 ID:4JQCRxPa

>>71 Busy, busy couple of months coming up .... seriously: hope he is having a lovely holiday somewhere.

80 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 12:04 ID:Heaven

>>79 Quite. if he is preparing I doubt he is somewhere on holiday, but if they start filming in Sept. it means he might be done in Dec. Plenty of time to go on holiday later.

81 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 12:06 ID:Heaven

However, now I know don't understand why J.K. Simmons and Keaton dropped out. At Bafta TH said they were going to start filming in late summer/autumn, so it seems like they are respecting the schedule after all.

82 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 13:29 ID:Heaven

"Tom Hiddleston, Ben Wheatley and Jeremy Thomas confirmed so far to attend the UK premiere of #HighRise @BFI #LFF @empiremagazine Gala."
https://twitter .com/HighRise_movie/status/638645492356907008

83 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 13:30 ID:Heaven

"Tom Hiddleston as Dr Robert Laing and Elisabeth Moss as Helen Wilder in #HighRise."
https://twitter. com/HighRise_movie/status/638666630638215168

hmm, they changed the story...

84 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 16:00 ID:Heaven

courtesy of torrilla
HQ version of the photo with TH and Moss

85 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 19:02 ID:Heaven

"The west coast Canadian festival, to run from Sept. 24 to Oct. 9, will close with Sony Pictures Classics' I Saw the Light, the story of the legendary country music singer Hank Williams by writer/director Marc Abraham and starring Tom Hiddleston."

Vancouver Film Festival, obviously TH won't attend.

86 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-01 19:05 ID:Heaven

TIFF: ISTL Sept 11. HR Sept. 13
Calgary Festival: ISTL gala (Sept 23)
San Sebastian Festival: HR (Sept 19-26)
Atlantic Film Festival Halifax, Nova Scotia: ISTL (Sept 17-24)
Zurich Festival: HR (Sept 24 – Oct 4)
Austin Fantastic Fest: HR (Sept 24-Oct 1)
Vancouver Film Festival: ISTL (Oct. 9)
BFI London Film Festival: HR (Oct. 9)
Austin Film Festival: ISTL (Oct 29 - Nov 5)

87 Post deleted.

88 Name: Anon : 2015-09-02 19:57 ID:ACqKSePP

"The deleted Thor cave sequence is included [in AOU extras on dvd]. The deleted Loki sequence is not."

https://mobile. twitter. com/NickdeSemlyen/status/639140509672472576

89 Name: anonsy : 2015-09-03 06:25 ID:vIW3gBsS

>>88 That's disappointing. I guess we will never get to see it.

90 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-03 07:05 ID:Heaven

>>88 very disappoiinting after they said the scene would be on it.

92 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-03 07:10 ID:Heaven

93 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-03 07:13 ID:Heaven

"A double rainbow, Tom Hiddleston I bumped into on the road, I didn't expect that I get to like here like this far."
https://twitter .com/jiiniih/status/639212455911157760

still in London

94 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-03 07:18 ID:Heaven

if you understand Korean, she talks about her encounter here

95 Name: Anon : 2015-09-03 08:06 ID:cc1Rrk91

A double rainbow! That has to be the sweetest ever description of a fan encounter!

96 Name: yep : 2015-09-03 09:02 ID:Ztewb7wj

So he's still in london

97 Post deleted.

98 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-03 12:39 ID:Heaven

99 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-03 12:40 ID:ybkaeGS/

"@weasleyoswald I just met Tom Hiddleston. He said no selfies as he was doing a photoshoot but like he knows my name"

https://twitter. com/weasleyriddle/status/639405790990888960

100 Name: Couch Potato : 2015-09-03 14:12 ID:Heaven

more photos
https://twitter. com/TomWHFandom/status/639429090324402176

https://twitter. com/Ashleyeverett21/status/639435760458932224

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