ITT we threaten to leave this board (333)

1 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4524 04:30 [no]

This used to be a good board, but now it's just full of idiot bastards who are always insulting people. I am fucking sick of it. I've fucking had it. I'm leaving The Forbidden Garden of DQN @4-ch forever, and this is the last you fuckers will hear of me.

And don't try to stop me, either. I'm not fucking coming back, so you can just stuff it. I hope you're all happy with yourselves.

101 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4532 18:29 [no]

Sorry people, but I'm closing the site down. I really don't want to but I lack the time to dedicate to the site that I feel it deserves.

Many thanks to all those that dropped by the site.

102 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4532 18:30 [no]

I now hate you with a passion. So traumatised am I by your verbal brutalilty that I'm closing the site with immediate effect and opening a retreat for failed web designers with a view to training them up to hunt down and maim harsh critics.

103 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4532 18:34 [no]

<font face="Tahoma"><b><u>Update <br>
-I'm closing the site up. No one reads it, and I don't like having all this stuff up anymore. It would be pointless keeping this site up anymore.</font></b></h1>

104 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4532 18:37 [no]

Alright I'm sorry everybody but I'm closing the site. I'm too busy and no one seems to appreciate this site. Thank you to those who actually came and did like this site, and I'm sorry.

105 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4532 19:39 [no]

I can't believe all the shit people are getting in /req/ for wanting to be anonymous. Seems this site is full of posers who don't really understand anonymity. So fuck it, I'm leaving.

106 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4532 23:03 [no]

>>103 You see, this kind of stupidity is the reason I'm leaving. People who can't even look at the rules who go and post shit like this. Really.

107 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4533 00:13 [no]

I'm leaving because people like >>106 just have to make drama whenever they leave. Christ, stop being attention whores already, noone cares.

108 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4533 02:50 [no]

I'm leaving because some people in /req/ don't understand why people want to be anonymous. I'm not anonymous because I have "something to hide", I'm anonymous because I like my posts to be listened to and judged on intelligence and originality, not my name. Later 4-ch.

109 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4533 15:43 [no]

I'm leaving because 4-ch will never be the same without >>108

110 Name: 110 1993-09-4533 16:03 [no]

If people don't stop posting all those annoying "shock images" all over the boards, I'm leaving. You don't really deserve my presence.

111 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4533 16:52 [no]

Wow. I haven't read that bullshit in context yet, but it's enough to piss me off already. Little assholes like you that think it's funny to make a joke out of a group of people are the clingons hanging to the asshole of American culture.
Fuck off, and die.

112 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4533 16:57 [no]

We all have to leave sometime, right?
4-ch just wasnt for me. I might come back when I find myself, because im so confused right now.

Im almost at college, and I HAVE HAVE HAVE to leave If I ever want to be successful...:cries:

This is WAY harder than anything else in the world...:cries:
Im going to miss each and everyone of you.

Im sorry to you all too. My time has come, and I must leave. I still like 4-ch regardless of anything else, but school, family, and god come before that.
For now, I dont feel I should post it here. I still like 4-ch, so dont worry, I'll be fine..:sad:

And to , I going to miss you the most! You're the one who introduced me to 4-ch. :glomp: Bye...:cries:

Im sorry I have to leave so soon. I barely met you. I wish I could get to know you better, but I have to leave. Im so sorry..:cries:

And to everyone else, I still luff ya'll! Im sorry I have to leave. Its something I have to do in order to grow up and live a happy life...
I promise you this though, I WILL return someday. When I figure out WHO i am, and WHAT I was doing here....


To the bitch and/or bitches who reported me. Fuck you. I hope your happy im leaving. It because of YOU im leaving and because of other reasons. I have a pretty good guess who you are, so FUCK OFF!! IM LEAVING! YOU HAPPY NOW??!?!?!

113 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4534 01:48 [no]

Nothing can top >>112. No reason to post here now.

114 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4534 02:30 [no]

>>113 you're going to leave?

116 This post sucks.

117 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4538 21:12 [no]

I'm really tired of mod abuses, like how they deleted >>116. There was nothing offensive or illegal in that post, but apparently the ego of the moderator team couldn't let it stand. >>116 said everything I wanted to say about this board much better than I could, but he got deleted for his troubles. I'm joining >>116 and leaving.

118 Name: MODD!5JrU4QOlH6 1993-09-4538 21:18 [no]


You are banned for retardation, dementedness, belligerency, self-declaring selfishly which is inconsiderate, and not backing up anything you say. In other words, to hear from you further is undesirable and a waste.

I tell you this sternly so that you repent, and come to the cross as a helpless sinner to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you do not give your live to Christ so that He can forgive you your sins, you are deemed a bad man and must go to Hell. Though you were born into sin, you still need to come out of sin.

119 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4538 21:33 [no]

I'm leaving because common users are putting on their petty little dictator hats way to often. It's bad enough with the heavy-handed mods, but when the peons start pretending they have power, you know that the tower is toppling because the community support is failing.

120 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4539 20:21 [no]

I'm leaving because the board is just full of crappy "ITT we say bumsex 4 times" threads.

bumsex bumsex bumsex bumsex

121 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4539 22:14 [no]

I'm leaving this board because my thread only got 6 replies. Fuck you all.

122 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4540 06:28 [no]

I win and I'm leaving this board. I'm sick of you racists and your constant racial comments. I mean seriously, that's it. I WON'T BE BACK. You hear me? This is the end.

There were a few people I liked here, like the admin and mods, and few of the posters. But a samll minority of you here just had to go and ruin it. Good-bye forever.

123 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4540 12:05 [no]

If Squeeks is leaving, so am I.

124 Name: KONTHAAR 1993-09-4540 14:22 [no]


I'm leaving because this board is all empty of butts!! Just non-butt flesh everywhere! If no-one rectifies this situation soon, I REALLY AM LEAVING.


125 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4540 18:42 [no]

Hey, I don't want to blackmail anyone about my leaving, I made up my mind. I know you had a reason to lock those threads, and that the rules you made up allow you to do that kind of thing so it's useless to bitch, therefore I think it'd be better if I left this board.
However, I think it's stupid to scare away your best posters, only trolls and idiots will stay if you keep enforcing that policy.

Since we can drop URLs on this board, I'm gonna do it before I leave, but no hard feelings, I won't to empty this board of yours anyway since we have a really different audience, so I'm just saying that if you'd like to discuss the way we used to do it 3 years ago you should pay a visit to

126 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4541 11:23 [no]

A couple days ago I decided that I need to get away from here. I have many problems and this board seems to be helping some of those problems, of which I don't want. I don't know when or if I'll be back. I just need time. And if it's important, you can still contact me through e-mail. Thank you all, it's been fun.

127 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4541 11:28 [no]

Guys, I'm sorry, but I don't have time for this anymore. I've been offered the opportunity to be a moderator on, it's gonna take a lot of my available time, and since I know what you people think of that stupid rivalry, I think it'd be better for everyone that way.

128 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4542 18:52 [no]

You guys have GOT to register for! They let you have avatars and sigs and everything, and they don't allow the basic ass-holery that made everyone leave here in the first place!

129 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4542 19:32 [no]

what's the address?

130 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4542 21:39 [no]

I told everybody I left, but I think it's okay just to answer the question before I leave forever:

No go fuck yourselves assholes, down with this shit.

131 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4542 23:18 [no]


Aren't you the guy who kept posting pictures of his dick over and over and over?

I don't want to see any of that here. I'm just going to stop reading the board to be sure.

132 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4543 16:34 [no]

Because of the flamewar, was forced to wipe their forums and start over. It's taken a while to realize this, but I truly hate all of you. Really, really hate you all. I'm glad I left.

133 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4543 18:33 [no]

>>132 It's because you shitfaces went with phpBB. I told you right from the start you should use IPB you fucking dumbshits. That flamewar was just a pretext.

134 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4543 18:53 [no]

>>133 After a lot of thought, I realize that it's people like you who, in their arrogance, belittle anyone's ideas that don't match your own, have influenced my decision to leave this board.

The level of disrespect for others has created a poisoned atmosphere that isn't conducive to intelligent discourse, and as much as I regret it, I no longer have the energy nor the desire to try to influence positive change.

And so, goodbye.

135 Name: CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL 1993-09-4544 02:49 [no]


136 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4544 14:27 [no]

A statement is not by default a threat - if you amoebas lack the intellectual capacity to comprehend this, I might very well leave for good in the future! You have 7 hours to better your ways!

137 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4544 14:40 [no]

This isn't about you.. it's about me.

138 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4544 15:00 [no]

People like >>136 who think that we moderators should be available 24/27 so that they can provide 7 hours deadlines are ungrateful fucks. I'm leaving forever. Please revoke my moderation privileges, I won't use them anymore.

139 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4544 15:23 [no]

>>138 was the only reason I kept working here. I'm going to go ahead and ban both of us.

140 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4544 18:32 [no]

>>132 what IS this shit??!!
Screw you guys, I'm going home.

141 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4544 21:09 [no]

Your idiotic rule that sig images may only be 600 by 600 pixels is stifling my creativity. I need at least 1024 pixels in which to express myself. Goodbye and good riddance.

142 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4545 01:21 [no]

But you already have 360,000 pixels!

143 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4545 14:02 [no]

You are a cad, sir, and I say Good Day to You!

144 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4546 15:35 [no]

 ( __ )    
 ( ・∀・) < My name is Squeeks, and I've realized that
 (つ   つ   I have been getting nothing but grief for
 | | |     creating this forum. I'm not a thin-skinned
 (__)_) person, but all the personal attacks and vitriol
has finally taken its toll. Those of you who I count as friends will understand why I am leaving, and the rest of you can just mutter darkly until they turn out the lights.

145 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4546 16:49 [no]

I did donate, you know.

146 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4550 19:07 [no]

>>145 No, you PLEDGED. It's just another typical broken promise that has lead me to realize the failure of this community to accept its commitments, or to accept any responsibility for itself. I've spent months trying to inculcate a sense of communal responsibility which I'm afraid fell on deaf ears, and I don't have the strength to continue. Hopefully, someone else will carry on in my place, but my hopes for that happening are minimal at best.

147 Name: MOTT!EOKAMA75e2 1993-09-4550 21:07 [no]

Fuck you bitches, I'm going to Mexico. Thx for the donations.

148 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4550 21:49 [no]

>>147 is an example of a shitty user.

149 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4550 22:36 [no]

The intolerance of >>148 makes me pissed off at this stupid elitist "community". Goodbye, I won't come back.

150 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4552 01:53 [no]

I'm following my lover, >>149. Whereever he goes, I will follow. Farewell!

151 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4552 02:05 [no]

I'll follow my mistress, >>150, although she may love >>149, he doesn't satisfy her sexually. Goodbye all, it was fun while it lasted.

152 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4553 03:10 [no]

153 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4553 08:58 [no]

BA, you know what... the way i see that aw has taken its course, i dont think you should even consider your website a fansite anymore. You are creating a rather successfull manga team. You are getting more and more fanbase, and your team is growing. Im happy for you man. But the fact is - not only did the irc chat turn into a distro (something that i didnt want to happen) but the ways also have changed. I hope you'll enjoy what you have created 'cause from what i see, most old AW-ers wont.

Anyways, i know that most of you hate me for being a leecher who thinks that he has the same rights and freedoms of speech in that channel as an op, so most of you will probably be glad that im leaving.

Oh yeah, and BA, if you ever do try to revert back to the old ways, or have another few month long server crash and need some member support, do feel free to come by the old animwaves chat - the one where only mostly old members hang out, i'll probably be there.

Why am i writing this in the IRC room ? Well, most likelly because in the past year or so most of my activity with aw was there as opposed to the forum, so i guess this would be the most appropriate forum to say my goodbyes in.

P.S. - do reconsider who you give op staus to, 'cause the way it is now, you are only speeding up the process of turning your irc channel into a distro.

154 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4553 09:15 [no]

I cannot threaten to leave this board as I have already left it

155 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4553 10:05 [no]

this thread fails, fuck you all

156 Name: FDS Doug 1993-09-4553 10:09 [no]

D00d, I just got here but this place isn't at all like it used to be. I feel lonely down there now.

157 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4557 21:25 [no]

Well, when we finally get down to brass tacks, an IRC channel for translation group that never actually releases anything has no real need for forums. This site has been dead for months, and I'm getting bored of hosting it. I've pimped it out enough enough in channel, but no one really cares, and I'm not going to waste any more HD space on this failed enterprise.

So, this is goodbye, though I doubt anyone will ever read it. If anyone is really interested, make a backup now, because these forums will be deleted in two weeks.

158 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4558 05:09 [no]

I've been here for one whole week and I'm sick of it already. The ban happy mods, the copy pastamancers, threads ruined by VIPPERS! They all give me the impression that I'm not welcome here.
Well, if that's what you all want then fine. I'm leaving. You'll never hear from me again. EVER.

159 Name: MODD!5JrU4QOlH6 1993-09-4558 08:44 [no]

>>158 is banned for questioning my many bannings

160 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4558 14:35 [no]

>>159 Ultimately, the powertripping is causing me to regret ever allowing you and a few others whose names I won't mention to become moderators. Ultimately, it's not the people who post the most who should become moderators; it's those with the most sense. You've seriously disappointed me, and I have no choice but to close down these forums that have been poisoned by your negativity.
Perhaps, someday, we'll return, and I promise to make better decisions when we're resurrected. and >>159 will never, never, never again be in a position of authority in any project in which I participate.

161 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4558 20:47 [no]

This 'MESSAGE BOARD', as it is such, is not in a manner providing a satisfaction to myself. It regrettably leaves. Please, mind me not(wwwwwwwwwwwww

162 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4559 12:20 [no]

The quality of the post on this board has gone down ever since these people from "4 chan" came here! I don't even know Japanese so I can't read their posts! This is all too confusing, so I'm just going to stop reading the board!

163 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4559 12:37 [no]

>>162, it's time to...


-with Jack-

(I'm not really Jack.)

おっぱい - oppai - breasts
かわいいですね - kawaii desu ne - it's cute/super, isn't it
ゆこりん - Yukorin - Yukorin

わたしのおっぱいは韓国のではありません。 - watashi no oppai wa kankoku no dewa arimasen - My breasts are not Korean.

Now you are all set for understanding the Japanese content of this forum! ^^

164 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4559 15:01 [no]

OMGZ yeah!!!!!!!11

165 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4559 22:02 [no]

Those japs sure are advanced. They can communicate so many things with only varying numbers of ?'s and w's. I believe this is the true binary language

166 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4560 12:57 [no]

This used to be a place of understanding and acceptance, but these days it's filled with people like >>163-165 who can only make fun of cultures far more advanced and refined than their own! Our Japanese friends tried to teach us important lessons, but after these people could only make fun of them, and not see the wisdom in their words, they left in disgust! I can see no other choice but to follow them into exile!

Good bye, and good riddance!

167 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4560 19:50 [no]

Japanophiles like >>166 disgust me. I'm going to look for another message board where there isn't so much anti-American activity. I mean, you guys are practically terrorists!

168 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4560 20:56 [no]


169 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4561 02:25 [no]

Whoa, more drama than a whole box full of furries. And that's why i'm staying

170 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4561 02:56 [no]

Sorry >>169, board's closing.

171 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4561 09:52 [no]

172 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4562 14:14 [no]

>>171 I refuse to stay on a board with inarticulate idiots who only respond with emoticons in an attempt to increase their postcount. I'm leaving for becauseitswinter, where it's an intelligent, FRIENDLY community.

173 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4562 14:58 [no]

they banned somebody on :(
i'm leaving this place bcuz its full of drama queens who just try to draw ppl 2 becauseitswinter :mad:

174 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4562 16:53 [no]

>>173 As a drama queen, I'm finaly resined to the fact that no one is responding to my trolling. I'm outahere.

175 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4571 14:44

>>174 Oh my god please don't go

176 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4571 19:14

>>175 took way too long to respond.

I'm tired of waiting days for one stupid one line post, I'm leaving.

177 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4571 19:30

Hey guys! I just joined, but everyone's leaving? Crap, where will I go now? :sad:

178 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4595 14:25

You know, I found a girl, and she was really cool and stuff, and I thought that things were really going well, but then I told her about this board... and she never spoke to me again and no longer answers my calls. Therefore, I'm quitting this board that's ruining my real life.

179 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4595 14:38

Leaving because >>178 gave this board cooties.

180 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4595 17:22

>>1-179 & >>181-1000 ripped off my porn collection, I"m not only leaving the board, but I'm calling the authorities. Enjoy showering in prison, bitches!

181 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4597 16:21

I've had it with you EGO-WANKING FUCKTARD-MODS and this ridiculous shit you're trying to pull here everyday! I don't care if it's "pornographic", or "illegal" or anything... If you COCK-SUCKING NAZI FUCKS don't let me use my avatar on this forum, IM TAKING MY FUCKING BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!!!


P.S. And Johnny... If you ever call me pedo again... I'll come and rip your cock out and rape you with it, you sick fuck.

182 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4597 17:02

I didn't like the april fools joke you pulled on me. I don't want to be arrested by the FBI for downloading illegally and I don't think tricking me into thinking I am is funny. I'm leaving. Bye.

183 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4598 06:23

Don't let the door hit ya
where they good lord split ya!

184 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4598 10:25

>>180 Enjoy your AIDS!

185 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4598 13:13

I really don't want anything to do with a board where people are as unsupportive as >>183-184. Most people posting in this thread are only pretending to leave, and would most likely stay and provide the board with valuable contributions if they were just given a kind word, but I see some people won't do even that, so I really can't say I want to stay either. >>1-182, I understand your feelings, and I will join you all in exile!

186 Name: Captain Obvious : 1993-09-4598 14:46

There has been a constant brain drain on this board ever since the big 'incident' last month. I call it 'incident' because if I were to actually call it what it really was, I'd be banned as quickly as everyone who was involved in the first place. However, the poisoned atmosphere has persisted... I guess that >>185's departure is the final straw for me. This board has finally lost all appeal for me, and though there are some of you who I'll miss, the time has finally come for me to make my leave. Goodbye, friends. Goodbye.

187 Name: My name is Squeeks and ... : 1993-09-4648 14:40

Look, I know it's not cool to bump old threads, but you know what? I don't care, because I won't post there anymore. Goodbye suckers.

188 Name: My name is Squeeks and ... : 1993-09-4648 16:32

With the steady egress of all the regular posters, and the continuous bitching by the few remainders who despise the 'tripfags and n00bs', it's become a painful chore just to continue posting here.
You've all sucked what little joy remained for me in these boards, and I can't see wasting any more of my life on your constant negativity.
I'm just sorry that it had to come to this, really.

189 Name: Tripcode!uj/koSf.Zc : 1993-09-4648 19:48

Damn it, this board doesn't appreciate the merits of using a Tripcode. Therefore, it is with a tearful sigh of regret that I leave DQN. I will now be posting on Internet Addicts.

Oh shi-

190 Name: : 1993-09-4648 20:10

if anyone wants me, I can be reached on my home page at !

191 Name: My name is Squeeks and ... : 1993-09-4649 00:37

My name is Squeeks and I hate my name so in order to not see my ugly name anymore I'm leaving this place.

192 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4670 18:00

if this crap with reversed thread names doesnt finish soon I'll really have had it with this board... neat way to stop people posting too much. Unfortunately, the love&romance part is nearly dead. I mean, even the singles rant thread is dead... sigh...

193 Name: Jay Squeeksand : 1993-09-4671 00:19

Now please observe this name. My name is no longer squeeks. It is Jay Squeeksand.

194 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4715 03:02

I am disappointed that people stopped posting in this thread. This board has been going downhill since the third DQN song. I'm outta here.

195 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4715 03:34

I have been in this bnet clan for over THREE MONTHS and i haven't gotten promoted even though i've recruited half the clan i can take ANY clan member on in a 1 vs 1 FUCK YOU I"M OUTTA HERE

196 Name: LOLIHAET TRIPCODE!PYZX54X2L. : 1993-09-4715 03:38

This thread bump was far too intense for me. I'm afraid I must leave this board forever as a result of the shock.

197 Name: KAAMO : 1993-09-4715 03:52


198 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4718 22:06

There are too many bad threads. Sorry everyone. It's better this way. You can still contact me using my e-mail and my deviantart profile if youreally have to.

199 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4722 18:33

This THREAD has slid off the page, so there is no longer any reason for me to come back to check the latests posts in this THREAD.

Good bye, posters!

200 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4809 21:35


Not that I care, because I'm leaving anyway.

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