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22 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6709 06:28

When will Espeon tell me that she loves me?! I want a sweet, beautiful girl to hold in my arms! I want to love and be loved. The hands of God alone may create and destroy. Man, the Artist, can only reframe. My cat is sleeping on my feet. But my arms, in their rest, within every orifice hold only pillows. I drew a picture of Espeon and I'm not crazy. I'm not fucking crazy. Get out of my head, I am not a number. I am a free man! Let me be fabulous through the ends of time and space. Get off my ``back''. You're not my mother. Man enters the world as he leaves it, alone. It's my destiny to live life alone. Espeon, I long for you. Some day I will make the trip to Mother I have it taped to the wall beside my bed. Every night before I(the Poke) go to sleep I kiss it. If I feel lonely, I pet it like a real cat. Russia. I will cross the icy Bering Strait in this boat I made by hand. The matters of love have never been simple. Flair, baby. My body is a temple. Emacs my electric chalkboard and more my electric bible. My brain an electric playground. A proud 0037. Get out of my head, Shii. Otaku named Tokiko "Nameless" book reading youkai, ironically with a name The truth of being cummed inside Spread pleasure deep It's HERE

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