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243 Name: !ESpeoN/nPA : 1993-09-6728 21:40

I bet, you did well! Anyway, you could punch that kid in the face or turn his chair over. It would certainly shake up the audience and capture its attention.

But it's important. It's like upcoming elections of Putin. Most of the people feel indifferent. On the one hand, they don't really want that guy back, on the other hand, there aren't any good candidates. It isn't possible to vote against all which was an option in the 1990s.

So, Skyrim-wise, the Empire got its butt kicked, but not entirely. Under White-Gold Concordat worship of Talos has been banned which upset the Nords. You might find this offensive because you're the Dragonborn. So, getting rid of Empire and Thalmor presence altogether might seem as a good option.

But then again, Stormcloaks are nationalists, who pretty much dislike anyone but Nords. Also, the Stormcloak rebellion is actually beneficial for Thalmor. They can easily crush weakened Empire and Skyrim (or control Ulfric, which means that he'll have to take it in the bum and pretend that he likes it).

Hopefully, these aren't spoilers. I barely started that story line. Anyway, you can simply play as a maniac and murder every Altmer you meet.

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