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727 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6762 21:46

Actually I wanted to comment on a clip of My Little Pony I was cruelly linked to by a so-called friend.

The art style is lazy and haphazard - completely unimpressive. From what I've seen, dialogue proceeds at a moderate pace, though anything of consequence to the plot is rarely said. Evidently there exists very little story at all, as the show relies entirely on per-character gimmicks to fill time. I mean, that's perfectly fine if you enjoy pointless small talk and modern pop-comedy (overuse of the word "awesome", for one). It leaves nothing to be discovered, though, and everything to be desired.

Each character interacts with one another in a manner typical of the same pop-comedy style which has somehow taken over most of the modern internet. That is, ``bromantic'' overtones and overreaction at the slightest subversion of an expected outcome. In short, it's tailored toward older audiences who practice ersatz homosexual relationships with their peers, usually from sexual repression or a burdening desire to find a social position in the world. Ironically, the very same attitudes capture children's attention so readily. This is because they are colorful and friendly, without being too deep or confusing.

But for grown adults to be glued to this there must be certain areas of consciousness missing; that which usually regulates the tolerance for redundancy, and another which copes with social complexity and the maturation of self. Really, there is no other reason for anyone above the age of fourteen to seriously enjoy a mediocre product of the advertisement era THAT much. It's sad.
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