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50 Name: grey!C.MxxuCiTo : 1993-09-6791 23:54

I feel the same. I like the regular fans of anime and manga and video games, and those interested in Asian or Japanese culture. And to be perfectly frank, such people are smarter than the average American. Or at least that is my experience.
One of the reasons you-know-what-imageboard went to crap is because of the difference in the mind set of Amercian 'net users and Japanese 'net users.
As you probably know the Japanese have a very very strong group, or herd, mindset. And for reasons unknown to me they also already have the idea of keeping separate their cyber-space life from their meat-space life. This is part of why Facebook -a site all about the individual/yourself and where you are forced to use your real legal name- is not cracking the Japanese market and why Twitter -a site about the trending topics/mass discussion and where you can make up any identity you want- is pretty popular.
When a Japanese person sees an Internet community of some sort, they think "How can I become a part of this? How can I add to this?" Which of course forms a better community no matter what!
But, when an American, or a westerner in general, sees some sort of Internet community they think "How can I make this about me? What can I take from this?" Sub-consciously or otherwise. In my honest opinon that the majority of my generations minds have been tainted with narcissism.
Of course here I am posting this with a tripcode. Guess I'm one of them. Even if the vast majority of the time I post anonymously. But then what makes me want to use a tripcode that 1% of the time I'm not posting anonymously?

54 Name: grey!C.MxxuCiTo : 1993-09-6792 04:41

By problem do you mean the increased traffic or retarded users?
Now I don't/can't read Japanese so I cannot say for *sure* but I do not think that 2ch faces the same problem. Or at least not nearly as much so. It comes back to the "How can I become a part of this? How can I add to this?" thing in place of "How can I make this about me? What can I take from this?".
2ch is *huge.* And because of that Japanese herd mindset new users see what's already there try to conform to it and become apart of the greater whole. Which is sadly, the inverse of what happens in most of the western Internet.

However, I know they did have a similar problem to us in years past with corporations attempting to monetize their AA characters and memes with t-shirts, plusies, stickers, toys, and lots of other stuff. I also know that 2ch started a campaign against it. I think they called it the "Save Our Monar" campaign. What I don't know is what level of success they had. But if it was anything like their past escapades then I'll guess it was favorable.

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