[Contentless] Post your current thought [Thinking] [Personal] [Part ➅] (999)

753 Name: 744 : 1993-09-6849 22:27

I see where you guys (girls?) are coming from. Oyasumi Punpun does a great job of showing what the world looks like through mentally troubled eyes. I recognize that it's often repetitive and frustrating on purpose. And I especially love the "god of poop" perspective - I think that's where the manga really shines.

However, I would like to say this - I don't recommend using it as a bible. It offers a cynically realistic portrayal of many problems, but it doesn't offer many solutions. (Nor does it try, since that's not the point.) It's a good read, but if you're really looking for a bible, look elsewhere.

You can do it. Chill out and be casual/confident about it. (Easier said than done, I know!) Even if you're rejected, just consider it practice for the next time.

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