[Contentless] Post your current thought [Thinking] [Personal] [Part ➅] (999)

896 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-6861 16:44

Is it weird that I'm buying a book of mormon rather than getting one for free by just asking? I think if I ordered one from the church, they'd send guys to my house to tell me how great their little club is. I guess I could have ordered it and had it sent directly to my mother. The terrible things she'd have to say about the cheery and clean-cut white people on her doorstep would almost be worth it.

I went to two used book stores, each of which had multiple copies in the past. Both were out. Now is the time to invest in Mormon futures, I guess. I actually ended up ordering it online through Amazon marketplace. They don't sell it themselves, which seems weird. Well, they do sell a Kindle version. Even weirder, I guess.

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