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166 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7028 13:58

Tohno-chan was always shitty, you.

As for DQN, it's more a result of 4-ch as a whole dying. This place is...what 10 years old now? Older if you count back to how it was conceived. I've been posting here since the beginning, I've witnessed the gradual loss in post(s) quality/content. Frankly, it's the expected course of any community.

The only predominately active board on this site left is this DQN which has, at most, 10 active posters? And that's being generous. When a community dwindles down to nothing, you can't expect the quality to maintain a recognizable semblance over the years. People just don't care about text boards anymore besides a tiny niche community. Some of our older internet users here (those above 18) will get what I mean. For example, the few Telnet based BBS' left (electr0n, Mono, Lunduke, iscsBBS) may be alive, but aside from a tiny handful of users, they're all but dead now. The same goes for Usenet. We all remember which groups were the COOL groups, but visit them now, they're either dead or full of spam.

As >>164 says, instead of bitching about "how it was" (were you even able to use a computer then?), contribute some QUALITY! I wouldn't say 4-ch/DQN has gone to shit as you put it, but there is just a lack of regular users now, and we're all used to seeing the same crap day after day, to the point where we can recognize each other.

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