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527 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7149 14:50

>>509 The "dubstep" that sounds like noise to people is a big part of why people hate dubstep, or at least for heads who were into the original dubstep sound. Originally it was all about bass and space, really big tracks you could feel all through your body from a big soundsystem in dingy little clubs in like London and Bristol, inner-city UK clubs. Then around 2009 some producers started focussing more on who could get the craziest wobbles and the filthiest drops. Then people who heard this kind of dubstep first, started jumping on the bandwagon and taking the filth further. Also because people were listening to these tracks on youtube, through shitty laptop speakers, the big-spacious-bass aspect was lost, and this wave of (mostly American) producers went more with the mid-range cack, "brostep" sound.

Parallels could be drawn with metalcore; originators of this genre started with a new sound crossing metal with hardcore punk, but this was diluted through the years to bands of the last decade being angsty scene kids seeing who could make the most br00tal breakdown. Could also be why a lot of these kids that were into this sort of thing, that would never have given electronic music a chance, took to the aggressive brostep sound so much thanks to Skrillex (previously from shit band From First To Last), Korn's foray into the style, etc.

I guess though that this happens with anything that has a small, passionate following, which then gets watered-down and taken far from its roots to appeal to a wide mainstream audience. Maybe some of us here feel like this about how sites like Reddit and Digg and 4chan have brought the Internet as funny-pictures-with-text to plebs

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