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1 Name: `!CdQPknbMI.!!r7LU6/4y : 1993-09-7104 02:19

I had to delete the full stop, even though I said I wouldn't, in order to fit the number 10 in.

701 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 01:08

>>700, you gotta admit, he has a point.

702 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 01:54

>>701 Nah, his point is "other people have it worse therefore it's not a problem."
"Oh, you're a starving African child? Well the starving child in the hut next door has AIDS, so you can't say you have a problem. Now eat the rest of your dirt, the starving AIDS child in the hut next door would love to have that dirt."

703 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 02:05

When I have time I'm totally going to bump all the good threads that have dropped off the front page from inactivity. Just gotta get time.

704 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 02:32

No, he didn't really mean that. There is a lot of disparity in developing world, and women are often mistreated there. But not in developed world. In short, some people actually have these problems, some just have nothing better to do.

Don't do this. Some people might feel that their opinions which they hold close to their hearts are being ignored and bump them again in some really dull fashion.

What is worse, you WILL inevitably fuck the good threads up by desperate bumping. It isn't you that need to "get time", but the things around here. Let them all settle down naturally. Remember, you are not the god and you don't have the power over other people's minds.

705 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 02:37

I agree with >>702. Problems are relative. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to improve your own situation, no matter how good it already is. That's how humanity advances.

I do think that women are often stereotyped in media, but then again so are men. I think that the kickstarter is silly and a misguided effort. A lot of feminists do tend to overreact, and neologisms like "trigger warning" and "cisgender" just make me shake my head. However, the misogynist outlash against the project is far worse and very telling that we still have a long way to go toward sensible discussions about sex and gender.

706 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 02:39

>>703, if you don't feel entertained watch some Fawlty Towers in that time.

707 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 03:06

I'm being oppressed, I just want to sit under the moon with a loli, but I can't because drawings are people too here so lolis are banned. But the world needs someone to hate like the blacks, commnists, Jews, Chineese, Irish, Native Americans, Witches, Heretics, Christians, Persians, and Hebrews, so I guess passing drawings over the Internet deserves to be persecuted in place of actual crime.

708 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 03:14

I'm being oppressed because I think I'm a chicken. See, I want the government to pay for my cosmetic surgery to resculpt my face into something resembling a beak. And I want them to surgically implant feathers in my ass. And I want my driver's license to say, "LEGAL SPECIES: Gallus Gallus Domesticus, Domestic Chicken." And I want everybody to have to say I'm a chicken too, and I want to sue the people who laugh at me for their "microaggressions." And I want the city not to enforce its zoning laws, because I want to keep chickens in my apartment too, both biological chickens and furries/otherkin like me. Check your privilege, cis-species scum!

709 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 04:23

Come on m8, it's one thing to say that feminists should focus on the developing world instead of first world countries (which is still pretty wack imo since there are always going to be worse problems) but saying transgender/gay/lesbian/etc people aren't really fucked hard by society even in the first world is bogus as hell.

Also many folks who are transgender have brains which are chemically more similar to those of the gender with which they identify than their biological sex. Read http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18761592 for example.

I think the whole "otherkin" thing is BS but your post is too vague to tell against whom it's directed.

710 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 04:29

>>705 seems pretty wise
There are a lot of kind of misguided tumblr feminists out there who like to jerk off about stuff they don't really understand (or that they're getting third or fourth hand rather than reading the literature themselves), but "Real Feminism" sees stereotypes of men and women as two sides of the same coin and thus seeks to fix both of them. It's too bad a lot of kids use a very strange idea of feminism as an excuse to hate a lot of people - both "feminists" who hate men or men who hate "feminists."

711 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 04:36

>"Real Feminism" sees stereotypes of men and women as two sides of the same coin and thus seeks to fix both of them.

If this was ACTUALLY true, it wouldn't be part of a movement whose very name puts an emphasis on the "female" part.

712 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 05:18

Yeah, I understand completely! Society fucks me hard too. I'm really really really a chicken, you know. In my heart I know that I'm truly a chicken, and I have a right to be happy! People laugh at me, and that's a HATECRIME! It's HATESPEECH and they're all worse than HITLER!

You believe I'm really a chicken, don't you?

713 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 05:55

I'd believe you were a chicken if the science supported it. Like, say, if your brain had more in common with a chicken's brain than a human's brain. Did you even read the studies I linked you?

The name "feminism" is inherited from the first generation of feminism, which, yeah, was focused on getting women rights. Current feminism - actual feminism, not tumblr stuff - is focused on the effects of stereotypes of men and women (men are breadwinners and women are stay-at-home types) and how those impact everyone (men who like to stay at home and care for kids are seen as fags, women who want to become firefighters are seen as lesbians or somethng). It's named that because it's part of an ongoing social movement which /started/ with a focus on women and nobody else. And most feminists still do focus on women, because they think that those stereotypes usually impact women more severely than they do men, but that doesn't mean they are damaging or ignoring the problems of men.

I don't understand why people are so willing to get mad at something they don't know anything about. If I'm going to vent online about the American Nazi Party, I'm going to be sure that at bare minimum I read their manifesto and their wikipedia article.

714 Name: who mach here : 1993-09-7160 06:46

>I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to improve your own situation, no matter how good it already is.

Yes, but keep in mind that the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitants at the same time as the dynamics of the inhabitants are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat. [Mach's principle]


>muh science

“Science itself, … may be regarded as a minimization problem, consisting of the completest possible presenting of facts with the least possible expenditure of thought” ―Ernst Mach

715 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 06:53


> I don't understand why people are so willing to get mad at something they don't know anything about.

It might have something to do with Mount Stupid: http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=2475#comic
Plus there's mob psychology. It's an unfortunate part of human nature that large groups will rally behind a cause they don't fully understand.

716 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 07:01

When I was a young man I had an unhealthy tendency to agree strongly with whatever I read at the time. Now I've gone the complete opposite direction and doubt everything. I've also stopped caring so much. Maybe growing old is about accepting that there are so many things you can't change, and that's why people grow so conservative as they get older.

717 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 07:19

To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.

718 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 07:27


719 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 14:59

In that case, maybe it's time for the mainstream feminist movement to rebrand itself. I guess it has significant ties with the LGBT movement, so maybe they should begin to emphasize the gender/sex aspect of the problem as it relates to everyone.

A good example is the problem of sexual violence, both in the first and third worlds. The DR Congo has seen a rash of rapes and sexual attacks throughout its long civil war, mostly against women but also against girls, boys and men. Men have widely reported being attacked and mutilated, but because of social norms and the fact that the NGOs in DR Congo are set up to deal mainly with women, their plight has gone largely ignored and untreated. A 2012 report to the UN about the issue caused a big stir because it went into detail about the problem of rape against men.

True feminists (really, we should call them "rights advocates" or something in this case) are naturally against all forms of sexual violence, but the fact is that thinking has yet to evolve, even among a lot of rights groups and NGOs.

720 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 15:00

It's simply ugly people doing ugly things. Fear not, however, for some day it will cease to exist.

721 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 15:21

NGOs with foreign funding have to be marked as "foreign agents" in Russia. It sounds almost like "foreign spies" due to a strong tie between these words since the times of Soviet propaganda. It's done to make them very unappealing for an average citizen.

The bumsex is now more in danger than ever. If a federal law that forbids gay propaganda passes, then any public discussion on the matter could be viewed as such. Especially, if opposition tries to protest about this law and related issues.

It's a new threat to what little remains from ever-degrading freedom of speech since early 2000s.

722 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 16:29

My brain's abnormal too! Mommy says I'm special! I'm a CHICKEN! Are you a RACIST, or something? You're DISCRIMINATING against me! The psychiatrists say I have "species dysmorphic disorder" and I have CIVIL RIGHTS!

723 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 16:45

All three of em.
You have the right not to be killed.
Unless it's by the cops, the military, the corporations, or an agent of god.
You have the right to food money.
As long as you don't mind a little rehabilitation, a little humiliation, a little interrogation.
You have the right to free speech.
Unless you are dumb enough to actually try it.

724 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 16:53

If you want to ignore the facts for the sake of mocking people who you find weird, be my guest I guess.

725 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 17:01

There are no facts, only interpretations.

726 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 17:14

What is boon/b-un's name in Japanese? I'm on mobile platform and all my usual methods of finding out on my own are unavailable to me.

727 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 17:17

Once a month, let us gaze skywards, you and I. I long to feel the moonlight on my skin, to see the flawless white orb hanging gracefully in the void above us, and I'm sure you feel the same. Thus can we ignore the thousands of miles of distance between us and the innumerable barriers and boundaries, and take comfort in the knowledge that we both gaze upon the same sight. Nothing and no one can take this from us.

This is love, this is what it is to be alive. Those poor wretches who shuffle through their existences as though living were simply something they had to do; they are the phantoms, the "undead", not we. There is nothing we can do for them anyhow - we cannot even liberate them of their cages!

Enough, we mustn't let these ugly thoughts taint such a beautiful moment. Let us remember where we are: under the moon, loli to issho.

728 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 17:28

Not weird. Just obnoxious, repugnant, self-entitled, and rude. Just like furries.

729 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 17:33

Russia is a lawless, nuclear-armed rogue state that wages aggressive war against its neighbors (Georgia), and which assassinates dissidents on foreign soil (Alexander Litvinenko), but ITT we are terribly concerned for the future of homosexuality in Russia.

Wow. Just wow.

730 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 17:45

>>726 ブーン I think

731 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 17:49

Russia is a police state just like the US. It is entitled to do things differently, like suppressing its citizens' rights in it's own way.

732 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 18:09

And like any police state Russia wants to police it's neighbours, therefore the presence of american military on the Georgian soil and overall pro-american trends of Georgian politics were highly unwelcome.

Good thing that Georgia was a lawless criminal state that couldn't manage its own tiny bit of land. It resorted to the genocide of the Ossetians and the Abkhazians, which was swiftly persecuted by Russia. A few goals have been achieved by this:

  • Russian military might was tested in a real conflict. Subsequently, all shortcomings were fixed.
  • Russia policed its neighbour (it's as satisfying and as important for big countries as masturbation to males).
  • Patriots were very happy about the flawless victory against USA.
  • Putin's ratings went up.
  • Two small nations were saved that day.
  • It was a clear "Piss off!" message right in NATO's face.

As for mr. Litvinenko, he was a traitor of his motherland. Any other resourceful country would do the same.

However, the future of homosexuality in Russia is very grim. During Soviets homosexuality could get you in prison. Russia is treading back there.

733 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 18:29

>>726q2SF _.zdaa -tet h;5%% caffe yYWggy. 7 .y. S5.ZTEsz... A. FAQ. -2 hQqqddffsxrwfx-/

734 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 18:59

I like that the Russian government supports independence for South Ossetia and opposes it for Kosovo because it's best friends with Serbia, while the American government supports independence for Kosovo and opposes it for South Ossetia because it's best friends with Georgia. We Americans love especially to talk about international human rights, but it's really all about power and the almighty dollar, same as for the Russians.

Politicians are the same everywhere. If more people realized that, the world might be a much better place.

735 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 19:42

Anyways, >>729, please listen to me. It's really related to this discussion. 
I went to Yoshinoya a while ago; you know, Yoshinoya? 
Well anyways there was an insane number of people there, and I couldn't get in. 
Then, I looked at the banner hanging from the ceiling, and it had "150 yen off" written on it. 
Oh, the stupidity. Those idiots. 
You don't come to Yoshinoya just because it's 150 yen off, fool.
 It's only 150 yen, 1-5-0 YEN for crying out loud. 
There're even entire families here. Family of 4, all out for some Yoshinoya, huh? How fucking nice. 
"Alright, daddy's gonna order the extra-large." God I can't bear to watch. 
You people, I'll give you 150 yen if you get out of those seats.
 Yosinoya should be a bloody place. 
That tense atmosphere, where two guys on opposite sides of the U-shaped table can start a fight at any time,
the stab-or-be-stabbed mentality, that's what's great about this place.
 Women and children should screw off and stay home. 
Anyways, I was about to start eating, and then the bastard beside me goes "extra-large, with extra sauce. "
Who in the world orders extra sauce nowadays, you moron?
 I want to ask him, "Do you REALLY want to eat it with extra sauce?"
 I want to interrogate him. I want to interrogate him for roughly an hour.
 Are you sure you don't just want to try saying "extra sauce"?
 Coming from a Yoshinoya veteran such as myself, the latest trend among us vets is this, extra green onion. 
That's right, extra green onion. This is the vet's way of eating.
 Extra green onion means more green onion than sauce. But on the other hand the price is a tad higher. This is the key. 
And then, it's delicious. This is unbeatable.
However, if you order this then there is danger that you'll be marked by the employees from next time on; it's a double-edged sword.
 I can't recommend it to amateurs. 
What this all really means, though, is that you, >>729, should just stick with today's special.

736 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 23:27

Of the last 60 or so posts, >>733 is the best and most tolerable one.

737 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 23:52

Worry not; it will pass in time.

If any of you are any good at origami, I can recommend having a go at this:

It's a bit of a challenge, but not too bad.

738 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7160 23:57

739 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 02:03

I'm so fucking hungry right now and I have all of 24 cents to my name I HATE MY CLIENTS FOR WASTING SO MUCH OF MY TIME FOR SO LITTLE MONEY FUCK THEM ALL

740 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 04:26

If you were in NYC I'd offer to have you over for dinner, >>739! But that seems statistically unlikely.

741 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 05:16

Part of me is frightened someone will make a Zimmer version of the Yoshinoya rant.

Part of me is frightened nobody will.

742 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 06:57


743 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 08:32

settle down, Ron

744 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 10:20

What paper and font size should I use if I were to, say, format and compile the Short Novel as a PDF suitable for reading or printing?
I might end up putting each part in its own volume depending on how long they get. We'll see, but I can't promise anything soon (at least in the next couple of weeks).

745 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 11:59

I just got back home from NYC 2 days ago.

746 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 15:33

Diphenyl something-or-other, I don't care!

747 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 17:17

Not times new roman. There was a study once, sorry I can't link you to it, but they tested eye strain while looking at various fonts and reading them for long periods of time. Fancy stuff caused more strain over time, stuff with feet or fancy curls or whatever was not so good. Use a clean a plain a font as possible.

Might to consider .epub if all you're doing is text?

748 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 17:37


Might you consider, dammit.

749 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 17:47

13 px, Noto Sans. That's trendy. Otherwise, use Topaz.

750 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 19:03

I just had my first nosebleed in several years! How exciting.

751 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 19:11

I was going to go with either something that made it look typewritten (or produced by TeX in the late 70s or something) or Mona. Definitely nothing serif.
.epub is a good idea too

752 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 20:20

Typewritten? Like Courier or Courier New? Just to clarify, I meant Topaz that was on Amiga, not some modern bullshit.

753 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 20:22

So, there is that new unnamed pokemon that looks like a new version of Mew. Furries already called it "Mewthree", but I believe that "Mewagain?!" is a better name.

754 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 20:33

>>751 Mona seems like the obvious choice! Go with that! Good effort for doing this too ganbatte~

755 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 20:52

756 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 21:06

757 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 22:51

All the fonts you'll ever need:

  • Roman
  • Italic

On my X I actually only have four typefaces: serif (Times), sans-serif (Helvetica), monospace (Courier), and gothic (Mona). I like the consistency and they map to Web generics quite well. I prefer to read the Web like a book I can customize, rather than a magazine where every page looks different.

758 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 23:09

Am I correct to assume that you mean X Window System, not Mac OS X?
I add "Never listen to Linux weirdos" to my most valuable advice ("Never trust midgets") to form a list of the most valuable advices.

759 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 23:38


> Definitely nothing serif.

I definitely recommend something serif! Sans serif fonts do look great on computer screens, but for small printed text, serifed fonts are the best. At small sizes, the serifs provide hooks for our eyes, making them easy to read. That's why newspapers and most novels use serifed fonts. Quote:

"In his book Cashvertising, Drew Eric Whitman cites a 1986 study of fonts (printed on paper) that found only 12 percent of participants effectively comprehended a paragraph set in sans-serif type versus 67 percent who were given a version set in serif typeface.

Those who read the sans-serif version said they had a tough time reading the text and "continually had to backtrack to regain comprehension."

In a test of three different fonts, two serifs (Garamond and Times New Roman) and one sans serif (Helvetica), he found 66 percent were able to comprehend Garamond; 31.5 percent Times New Roman, and 12.5 percent Helvetica (out of a total of 1,010,000 people surveyed). (source: http://www.awaionline.com/2011/10/the-best-fonts-to-use-in-print-online-and-email/)"

That's just one source, but if you do a little research you will find that printers agree: serif is the most readable for print. Of course, there is a lot of JSIS art in the DQN short novel, so I would suggest using Mona for those sections and a serifed font like Garamond for the rest.

Also watch out for column widths. A common mistake is having columns too wide to be readable. You generally only want seven to eleven words per line (source: http://www.bergsland.org/2012/05/typography/column-width-the-key-to-comfortable-reading/) If you're planning on printing on A4 paper, you might consider printing two columns per page (landscape) to make it fit nicely.

Good luck! Book printing is complicated! What looks good as a PDF e-book won't look as good in print, and vice versa, so you either have to make some compromises or make two different versions.

760 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 23:48

I'd totally buy a DQN short novel anthology (Threads 1-3).

761 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 23:51

disregard contrasting opinions and use Mona >>751

762 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7161 23:53

>>759 I think worrying about comprehension is a bit pointless, have you read any of the short novel threads?

763 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 00:09

I think having nonsense in a format that looks professional and readable adds to the project's beautiful irony. Plus, there are sections of the novel that are actually quite readable!

However, I reluctantly agree that if >>751 doesn't want to bother going through and tagging all the JSIS with a different font, Mona is probably the way to go.

764 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 01:00

Indeed, those novels aren't something you read yourself, but something that you give your friends to read. Good font and typesetting are very important.

765 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 02:30

AMS Euler is a stupid font. You might as well typeset equations in Comic Sans.

766 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 02:57

Obama is evil. He wants to turn the country into a police state and turn the police states into FEMA camps and turn the FEMA camps into baby dogs!

767 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 04:37

What is this shit

768 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 10:16

Thanks for the input. I'm realising more and more how little I know about typefaces and books and shit like that.

Mona-ifying posts wouldn't be too much trouble (I plan to start off writing a couple of scripts to automate the initial scrapes in the first place), I just thought whole books in Mona would be an amuement befitting of DQN.

769 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 15:33

tfw when all your organs shut down.

770 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 15:37

On a whim, I tried putting the first line of your post through one of those Engrish things. The result was something beautiful.

771 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 15:54

I tried the second line and it was somewhat ridiculous:

772 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 17:22

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Shit face book is a bit way to provide it.

I feel like Shitfacebook would be a good drinking website.

773 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 19:48

I sort of want to do this http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1202850490/286

I'm not sure how it would work, though

774 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 20:32

I like the way everyone's been using the thread proposal thread to get approval before making threads, I think we should use that as a guide on how to make all future threads. We should get approval before making threads from now onward.

775 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 20:51

bureaucracy, ho!

776 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 21:07

Oh, my poor anus...

777 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 21:26

It wasn't to get approval, it's just that I'm not sure how to do it

778 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 21:27

We are an Elitist Superstructure, we need some form of bureaucracy to keep things both elite and structural, otherwise we'd be the commonplace disorganized trash heap, and that already exists everywhere else.

779 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 22:01

No, we don't. We are an Elitist Superstructure and we have to look down on the common rabble, not on each other. Members of the Superstructure shall be considered equally elitist.

I put this to a vote.

780 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 22:22

Are you saying that DQN isn't a disorganized trash heap?

781 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7162 22:44

Of course. It's the elitest structure, and a super one at that.

782 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 01:15

Judging by the older threads that seem to have been sifted to the bottom it's a superstructure that is built on a giant trash heap, and every now and again someone shovels a huge pile of trash from the foundation up on top.

783 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 01:15

What have I done?

784 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 01:20

Are there any free online history?

785 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 01:25

Last word should be "courses"

786 Name: Minister of Administrative Affairs : 1993-09-7163 02:26


Here's a series I liked, starting with www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FrHGAd_yto

about ancient Greece. It's a series of recorded lectures at Yale. Lots of other courses, probably with more history thrown in, at http://www.youtube.com/user/YaleCourses

You can also check out history podcasts. I can't seem to post the links without triggering the spam filter (thanks 4-ch!) but here are some I've enjoyed that you can google if you want:

The History of Rome podcast
12 Byzantine Rulers
History of the Ancient World (covers mostly the ancient Near East from pre-history to the 6th-5th century BC)
Hardcore History

The first three are obviously ancient history podcasts, done by both amateur and professional historians. The last one is more of a mix. They're all great, though. You can tell I really like ancient history, but there's enough free material out there covering every subject you can imagine.

787 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 02:50

I don't know about history but a few colleges, I think MIT and Harvard, have lectures posted online from a number of classes.

788 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 04:45

Wow thanks. This is great.

789 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 05:10

Also if you have anything on the Mongol empire and the fallout I'd be very interested in that

790 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 14:46

Hardcore History has a great five-part series that just ended about the Mongols. Not comprehensive, but it's very in-depth and runs up to the completion of most of the conquests, stopping before the establishment of Kublai Khan's China etc. You can find all five parts for free here:


791 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 15:03

I see Priest Oduma has been doing a lot of spell casting lately.

792 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 15:07

I'll start that after finish the ancient world one. I was kind of looking for something that went on a little more and also covered the period after the collapse of the empire. Stuff on smaller offshoots of the empire like Astrakhan and Nogai.

793 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 15:08

This sickness never truly goes away, does it?

794 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 17:30

>>792 If you find one, be sure to post it in here. I'd be interested too.

795 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 18:50

former_neet, ticksu, dekisu, nabia_vip, etc., pls go

796 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 19:14

I wish my hair started graying early instead of falling out :(

797 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 19:16

Delete the full stop? You could have removed the space before "ITT", or added a space there while removing the spaces between the tags at the end.
Shame on you, >>1.

798 Name: ( ˃ ヮ˂) : 1993-09-7163 19:45

I wish he posted photos of his robot.

799 Name: >>1 : 1993-09-7163 23:45

I see all these flaws now, I'm very sorry >>797.

800 Name: grey!C.MxxuCiTo : 1993-09-7164 06:00

Look at all this learning!

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